The Chinese parasol tree lacks the moon

In the field, the opportunity that Hsu Wen-lin had waited for with great difficulty was lost again. Without any hesitation, Wang Tianyi twisted his body and stabbed Hsu Wen-lin, who had flashed to one side, with a straight sword. The whole body of Hsu Wenlin, a «fairy with iron feet,» seemed to be broken again. He leaned back from his knees to be parallel to the ground. Wang Tianyi's sword was empty, and his body was confiscated. The strong inertia made him continue to rush forward. The long sword and the upper body were already above Xu Wenlin's body, and from Xu Wenlin's eyes he saw that the tip of Wang Tianyi's sword had reached the top of his abdomen. He's starting to slow! Mu Qiushui frowned. Wang Tianyi did not change his sword as quickly as before. After a little meditation, Mu Qiushui immediately knew that Wang Tianyi had begun to be tired. The thunderous attack could not last long. Either the internal force was exhausted or the muscles were tired. At the moment, Wang Tiayi had begun to be tired, and the sword in his right hand began to slow down. Ha With a loud roar, Xu Wenlin's left foot suddenly bounced up from the ground like a cobra, hitting Wang Tianyi's right wrist holding the sword, and the sword dropped! And his body is still parallel to the ground, which is the terrible thing about the iron whip leg method. Watching his opponent's wrist being kicked up high, the long sword was still in a straight forward position at a height of two feet on his body. Because it was out of the grasp of his hand, the sword seemed to be hanging in the air out of thin air for a moment, and then it began to fall. Xu Wenlin's waist was strong, but his whole body was still parallel to the ground. It was really like a python rolling from left to right. Relying on this strength, the knife in his right hand drew a graceful arc and rushed to Wang Tianyi's left rib, where the door was wide open. Without any hesitation, there was no Qingcheng without Qingcheng. Such an opponent must be hacked to death. For a moment,Teardrop Pallet Racking, as if time had slowed down, Hsu Wen-lin clearly watched the knife he was holding tightly in his right hand slowly approaching the left rib from the ground. The distance was three inches, two inches, one inch. Suddenly, a white light seemed to flash before his eyes. His knife and right hand suddenly disappeared, while his body was still turning over, from facing the sky to facing the ground. A sudden sharp pain hit him. So that he lost control of his body and fell headlong to the ground. «Ah, ah, ah,» Xu Wenlin screamed, rolling on the ground. His left hand held his right wrist tightly, and blood gushed like a spring. From there, industrial racking systems ,warehousing storage solutions, he was cut off by his wrist. The whole Sihai Inn now had no sound except Xu Wenlin's cry, and everyone froze, including Mu Qiushui and his entourage. Just now, Wang Tianyi rushed too hard, but he couldn't pull back enough. Xu Wenlin's iron whip kicked his right hand away from the sword. Mu Qiushui sighed and knew that Wang Tianyi would die. Then he watched Xu Wenlin turn over a python and cut Wang Tiayi's left rib with his right hand knife. After getting rid of the sword, Wang Tianyi's body did not escape, but his left hand stretched forward to catch the falling sword in the air. This is why Xu Wenlin saw Wang Tianyi's left rib door wide open. He waved the sword with his backhand. The strength and speed were no different from that of his right hand! He cut off Xu Wenlin's right hand against the trend in the air. I didn't expect that his left hand could also use a sword! Mu Qiushui was really surprised. You should know that it is very difficult to practice swordsmanship. Few people can open the bow left and right. Sometimes when a swordsman wants to abolish his martial arts because of the enmity in Jianghu, he only cuts off the fingers of his right hand. He has never seen the fingers of his left hand cut off. This man must make a good investigation! Mu Qiushui made up his mind. «Yes, Childe.» Uncle Yu came to his senses from the surprise on his face. Ok «Qingcheng is so awesome!» Only then did the people around him come to their senses and cheer one after another. Wang Tianyi has been silly, left hand sword, because when he was training, his left and right hands were practicing together, when his right hand was out of hand, he subconsciously grabbed the sword with his left hand, and then won with a sword. He felt like a beggar being led to a palace and told that this was his home. He never thought about winning or losing. Now he felt dizzy and did not know where he was. He stood still until he saw the knife on the ground next to him. On the handle of the knife was a severed hand covered with blood. Then he heard a crying moan. Then he saw the fanatical expressions and cheers of the spectators. Wang Tianyi did not know what expression he should put on. His face seemed to be crying or laughing. At this time, Wang Tianyi saw the servants and doctors around him who wanted to come forward but did not dare to come forward, and their faces were full of fear. He looked back at Xu Wenlin, who was rolling on the ground, and nodded. «Wow,» a large group of people surrounded their son, stopped bleeding, bandaged the wound, picked up the broken hand and knife, and then carried them to the cart outside the door and pulled them away. The cart was originally used to pull the bookkeeper, but the bookkeeper could not ride a horse, so he had to limp with the cart. Fortunately, the road was not far. Tianyi, are you all right? What's going on? Zhang Chuanxiu had already run downstairs, put his arm around his shoulder and said that his eyes were red and swollen. Zhang Chuanxiu never went out to see Zhao Ganjie since he put him on the bed. He closed the door tightly and held Zhao Ganjie's hand and cried like a child. He did not have the courage to see his classmates defeated, he blamed himself, he was ashamed, he no longer had the courage to bear even the failure of others. If they start clamoring for the villain to win, I'll hurry down and take care of Tianyi! Tianyi must not have an accident! Zhang Chuanxiu thought silently in the room and shed tears for a while. He began to worry about Tianyi, but those who watched the scene of bustle did not make much noise, only exclamations again and again. He was very strange, but he did not have the courage to go out and see for himself. He paced repeatedly in the room. Later, the feeling of anxiety was too unbearable. He even thought that Tianyi should lose quickly. Very not easy, everybody clamors, he hurriedly runs out,shuttle rack system, in front of is the incredible scene, Xu Wenlin is holding a broken hand to roll, but the day Yi unexpectedly stands well in the field center! I. I Tianyi didn't know what to say. He told the truth and didn't understand the situation. Just now he was like a mad tiger. The victory was unexpected. He was stunned when he asked questions from his classmates and didn't know how to answer.

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