Splendid Heroes (Part 5) Fighting for the Front in the Angry Sea + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain

Lexin told me that at this time, it was winter when I was shooting outdoor scenes, and it was cold to death. Yeah, I went looking for her. From the movies. Her story is the dream that can't die in the world. I filled the huge gap after the withdrawal and brought a small animation team. The movie's not slow. I'm just going to shoot the battle scenes. Jiang Yang tells quietly, as if everything happened more than ten years ago, although he is the protagonist, he has been able to stay out of the way, objective and calm. To be honest, I really want to come back after shooting, but I know that the network meeting needs me to show up as a lieutenant general. Cheng Yihan's eyes flashed. Everyone has worked hard. Jiang Yang raised his glass, the best Pu'er, mellow, he took a sip, but did not taste the sweetness of happiness. It was deep winter, and the first snowflake of the year fell from the border base of the Bujin Empire. End of this chapter A lover in the army Su Chaoyu looked at Jiang Yang and said, «Hold me tight.» Jiang Yang did not. He bent down and tried to use artificial respiration to continue the passing life. Lips to lips,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the heat slowly faded. He said in a panic: «You will be all right. Help is coming soon.» Su Chaoyu's eyes were misty, and he vaguely felt Jiang Yang's fist hitting the snow. The snow foam splashed, and it was freezing cold. He moved his lips, but there was no sound. Jiang Yang seemed to hold up his body, but he could not feel the full embrace. He heard someone calling «Sir» in alarm. Sir, he's dead. He's dead? He's dead! Su Chao-yu woke up with a start from a dream. There were water marks on his cheeks. He lay quietly for a while, with only the sound of the star's breathing around him. He curled up like a puppy and slept on a blanket in the corner. For a moment,heavy duty cantilever racks, he seemed to be chewing something, and for a moment, he kicked his legs and feet. He was also dreaming. Su Chaoyu took a deep breath, lifted the quilt and got up to look for a drink. At four o'clock in the morning, the sky was dim, and the courtyard of the special action team was very quiet. The sentry was changing the guard for the last time tonight. He sat on the terrace for a moment. There was still a chill in the spring night. He pulled a blanket on it and dialed Jiang Yang's phone to play. At this time, private phone calls were all messages. The lover said with a smile over and over again, «This is Jiang Yang. It's not convenient for me to answer the phone now. Please leave a message or call the adjutant. I'll reply as soon as possible.» Su Chaoyu wrapped the blanket tightly, but the cold beer was warm in his throat. He smiled at the corners of his mouth. Tomorrow is a holiday, my Jiang Yang. Jiang Yang always knows that his Su Chaoyu is a person who likes to be lively and gregarious to a large extent. He likes to be a big brother. He likes to drink with his brothers, play and do all kinds of crazy things. So he never interferes, heavy duty cantilever racks ,asrs warehouse, let alone tries to occupy all of Su Chaoyu's private time. The day before the weekend, the commander's office received a large package from the shopping website as usual. The person who signed for it was Cheng Yihan. He sent the package that had passed the security check to Jiang Yang's office and picked out what he liked while drinking coffee. Why did you change your taste? Cheng Yihan turned out a few typical high-tech blockbusters, as well as the classic works of several famous erotic masters, can not help but be very strange, compared with the order form for a long time, to confirm the correctness before asking. Jiang Yang closed the last document, turned off the computer and answered: «Su Chaoyu likes it.» Cheng Yihan laughed. Jiang Yang explained with a smile, «The way he fights hard to accompany me to watch art movies is really..» Although he sleeps happily and lovingly at the end of every time. «Your classmates will be quite surprised.» Cheng Yihan took away several detective novels. «I'll go camping with Xiao Mu tonight and come back on Sunday night.». I heard that Major Su Chaoyu was not at home for the weekend? «In fact, I have long been tired of those art films that pretend to be profound under the guise of philosophy or human nature. Who dares to criticize me?» Jiang Yang nodded and put the DVD and books into his briefcase and answered, «It's said that the team is going to record the repertoire of the festival. I called him in the middle of the night last night. I called him in the morning, and he turned off his phone again.» «Answering personal phone calls during training time, I'm afraid a commander will scare people again.». «Cheng Yihan teased and pulled out an erotic movie. The woman on the cover had honey-colored delicate skin, soft and affectionate back lines, and black hair like clouds.» So is this? " Jiang Yang laughs: «His brothers like it. A group of guys gather in his dormitory to watch movies. The most popular ones are either robots fighting and bombing buildings or beautiful girls taking off their clothes.». By the way, I want to change a high-definition rear projection for him. Cheng Yihan gave him a sidelong glance and waved his hand lazily: «Don't tell me if you don't need the national budget anyway. I don't care.». Okay, I'm going on a date. Have a good weekend with the Supreme Commander alone. As usual, Jiang Yang practiced his physical fitness for two hours in the senior officer club downstairs. At the same time, he had some kind and moderate high-intensity talks with three middle and senior officers who had made an appointment. Then he took a sauna and drove home by himself. Home empty, before for two people's world, specially let the orderlies have a holiday, Jiang Yang wry smile, all the way from the hall to the bedroom, press the switch more than a dozen times, or feel that there is no popularity in the house. He can not help but miss Su Chaoyu's single dormitory, casually turn on a light, the room is full of orange light, bright and warm, food is also hot, simple and delicious. I really want to find him. The idea was fleeting, and Jiang Yang knew that no matter what program the team was doing on the weekend night, he could only be disappointed in the past. The audio-visual room was also empty, and it was still a little cold in spring. Holding tea in his hand, Jiang Yang didn't want to watch a movie alone, so he turned on a book lamp and turned over his past notes and scripts. Time is a wonderful thing. The handwriting of ten years ago seems to be no different from that of now, as if those dreams were yesterday. Close your eyes, and many stories are still as fresh as yesterday. He felt sad and happy, so he turned the pages one by one, and time went against the current. He just wanted to look for the films he had made in the past,drive in racking system, but he noticed that there was a pile of videos returned by Su Chao-yu on the rack of new films at the door. He flipped through them at random and found that one of them was called «Lovers in the Army.». Jiang Yang's heartbeat and breathing were suddenly a little rapid. He quickly changed into civilian clothes and drove to the special action team house. There were some things and some things, even if he looked at them through time, they still shocked him. jracking.com

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