Tomb Tips _ Feiding

Li Yi shovels a few paces to run over, the hand rises knife falls, «bang» the arm that cuts off that fat person. Chen Tuozi slipped down from the wall and coughed desperately. Fatty Cheng waved his broken arm, and the red and green blood spurted everywhere. Although Chen Tuozi has been pinched this gas has not been breathing smoothly, but still hurriedly pulled Li a shovel, two people hide in the back of the coffin. Li Yishou was so nervous that his heart almost stopped. «Master, are you afraid..» The corpse worm? Chen Tuozi rubbed his neck and said, «Yes.». This kid is now the host of the corpse bug. Li Yi shoveled his head out and saw Fatty Cheng lying on the ground, twitching all over, and streams of green blood flowing down the wound. He shrank back and said, «Master, I'm afraid the fat man is dead now.» Chen Tuozi looked at it with a lingering fear: «Wait and see.» «Master, how did the fat man find his way here?» Asked Li Yishou. Chen Tuozi leaned against the coffin and his chest rose and fell very badly. He kept gasping for breath and said, «It was the corpse worm that drove him here.». My hypothesis is that Cheng Fatty and Zhang Shouzi accidentally came across this pond where corpses were kept, and then Zhang Shouzi was infected with the poison of corpse gas, and this fat man was more serious, with corpse worms in his body. Insects have the instinct to find a nest to go home, and the nest of this corpse insect is this female corpse. When the corpse worms get into the fat man's head, they can control his behavior and drive him back to the tomb to continue to be eaten by the corpse worms. Li Yishou was suddenly enlightened. He swallowed his saliva and said,mobile racking systems, «This sorcery is really evil.» Chen Tuozi said, «This sorcery of raising corpses is similar to the river of corpses we met in the tomb of heaven, and there must be a great connection between them.». A shovel. Give me your hand. Li Yishou suspiciously handed his left hand to his master. Chen Tuozi put his hand on his pulse and felt it carefully for a while: «Yishou, the poison on your body has been untied. It's all right.». Let's get out of here. It's not a good place to stay. But before you go, do one thing. As he spoke, his eyes fell on the coffin. Li Yi shovel understood what he meant, this is to burn the coffin to destroy the body. Chen Tuozi took out the flint and said,warehouse pallet racks, «You can't keep such an evil place. We can't touch it. Now that we have met it, we must do justice for heaven.». Shovel. You go first. I'll burn the grave. Li shook his head as soon as he shoveled: «I won't go.». Master, if you want to burn, let's burn together. Chen Tuozi looked at him and said in a deep voice, «a shovel. You are a poor swimmer. I am afraid that the fire will not be controlled after the tomb is burned. You will not be able to walk even if you want to.». It's easy for me to do it myself, and you will make things more difficult. Be good and go. Li Yishou thinks about it, and he is also adding to the confusion. He opened the bag on the ground, took a look at the master, and plunged into the water. Li stepped on the water with a shovel and soon rose to the surface. As soon as he poked his head out, he was startled. At this time, not only the water surface of the pond was frighteningly green, but also the air was a misty green fog. Almost all the corpses opened their big mouths and kept spitting out the corpse gas. Li shoveled away the body in front of him and swam to the shore. Time is not long, finally landed. As soon as he stepped on the ground, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, his heart was put down. Li Yishou knew that the green fog was the corpse gas, which was highly poisonous. He hid in the grass, tore off a strip of his clothes, wrapped it around his nose, and looked nervously at the water. The water surface was very calm, and Chen Tuozi never swam out. Li Yishou waited anxiously, holding the earth on the ground tightly with both hands and pinching it into a ball. I don't know how long he waited, but he couldn't wait any longer, so he was ready to go back into the tomb. At this time, the surface of the water suddenly issued a loud «bang», the waves flew more than twenty feet high, and the pool water all over the sky was like rain. The floating bodies in the pond began to catch fire, and the fire spread rapidly on the surface of the water, and a putrid smell came over them. Li Yi knelt on the edge of the pool with tears on his face and shouted, «Master..» Master. Hearing the sound of «rushing» water, a head appeared on the surface of the water. Chen Tuozi climbed out of the water wearily and lay panting on the shore. Li Yi picked up Chen Tuozi with a shovel and cried, «Master, are you all right?» Chen Tuozi laughed: «How can you be like a woman? I'm not dead yet.». Damn it, I was attacked by the fat man in the tomb just now, and this old man was almost buried in it. Shovel it! Let's go! There are corpses everywhere! It's too dangerous! The two men supported each other and ran out along the path. Not far away, Li Yi suddenly felt that his ankle was caught, looked carefully at a naked corpse on the ground and opened his eyes, and the swollen fat hand held him tightly. To his surprise, all the bodies around him began to move and slowly got up from the ground. Chen Tuozi said in a deep voice, «a shovel. This is a fantasy seen by the corpse gas. Don't think about anything. Run with the master.» Li Yi broke away from the body on the ground and ran after the master desperately. All the corpses around him stood up, with a «cough» sound in their mouths and a «quack» sound in their joints, staggering step by step around the master and disciples. No matter how bold Li Yi was, his legs were weak when he saw this scene. Almost tripped several times, he followed closely behind Chen Tuozi, running, suddenly in front of Chen Tuozi stood still. Li Yi put his hand on his shoulder and panted. «What's wrong with Master?» Chen Tuozi turned around and stared at him. «With a shovel, kill me with the dagger in your hand.» Li Yi was frightened. «Master, are you kidding me?»? Are you too deeply poisoned? Let's just go out. Chen Tuozi shook his head with an indifferent expression: «a shovel, when I was in the tomb, I was infected with corpse worms, at this time...» Said, he «wow» to spit a mouthful of green blood, «by this time, they have climbed to my neck.» Li Yi supported him with a shovel. «Master, no matter what happens, let's go out first.» Chen Tuozi grabbed him and snapped, «With a shovel,mobile racking systems, I must die.». If this corpse worm crawls into my brain, I won't be able to control myself. A shovel, kill me. 。

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