Crown Princess Salted Fish After Rebirth [Entry]

The prince frowned and touched her for a moment, but could not tell whether she had a fever or not, so he sent someone to invite Tao Fengyu and arranged for someone to pass on the meal, without any intention of leaving. Shen Yiqiu had no choice but to say, «Your Highness, please move your car so that you won't get sick.» Wei Chi Yue «Tut»: «Who can you give this disease to?» He paused and said, «You are just too weak. That's why you catch the cold easily. You never stop practicing martial arts every day. Have you ever caught the cold?». When you recover from your illness, don't sleep late and practice martial arts with Gu. The author has something to say: Fish balls: meow meow meow?? Your nutrient solution can be stored for a few more days. Don't fill it too fast. If you keep adding it, you will get bald. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-14 18:09:53 to 2019-11-15 00:22:23. 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Past events Since Shen Yiqiu's rebirth, he has not been happy with things, nor sad with himself. When he encounters any obstacles, he can face them lightly. Hearing this, for the first time, fear comes from the bottom of his heart. She stepped back unconsciously and managed to squeeze out a dry smile. «Your Highness is joking..» Wei Chi Yue said this without any narrow-mindedness, he really thought that Shen Yiqiu's body was too weak. This Dynasty advocates abundant health, and many noble women often wear Hu clothes, wear muddy hats, and show their faces in public. However, Shen Yi-chiu was born in a family with an old family name, and he never went out of the door, so he was not diligent and weak. Wei Chi Yue didn't mean to tease the Crown Princess, but when he saw her at a loss, he seemed to scratch the itch in his heart. He became more and more interested. He said with a straight face, «How can you joke? It's almost winter. You'll have a harvest if you follow Gu to practice for a winter.» Shen Yiqiu remembered that every day he would come out of the warm bed and go outside to blow the cold wind. He was so frightened that his face was discolored: «Your Highness wants to practice martial arts, and my concubine will only hinder your Highness..» In fact, the concubine is not necessarily infected with the cold, may be sweet to eat too much, some throat discomfort. Wei Chiyue narrowed his eyes slightly, and a trace of narrowness flashed across his face: «It would be better if I didn't catch the cold. Tomorrow I can go to the school yard with Gu.» Shen Yiqiu almost did not cry out, hurriedly covered his mouth with a veil and coughed twice: «It's probably still a little cold.» But some minor illnesses, rest in bed for a few days, take a few medicine will be good. She would rather drink bitter medicine than go to the school yard early in the morning. Wei Chiyue lifted his eyelids and said, «It's the same for the lonely one. The Crown Princess looks bad. Naturally, she has to take medicine to rest these days. When she is well, she will practice martial arts with the lonely one. The lonely one will teach you how to ride and shoot.» Shen Yiqiu wanted to cry without tears, but also wanted to struggle. Yuchi touched the back of her head and said, «That's settled.». ” Then he turned to Lai Yuxi and said, «Go to Neifang and tell her to make some Hu clothes for the Crown Princess, and then prepare swords, bows and arrows for women.» When he said a word, Shen Yiqiu's face turned white. Yuchi Yue thought for a moment and then ordered, «Tell them to make it more exquisite and beautiful, embroider some flowers and birds, and inlay some real jewelry and things like that.» Shen Yiqiu is speechless, does she care whether she looks good or not! Although she had to admit that it did ease the pain a little. As soon as the prince made the final decision, there was no room for the matter to turn around. Shen Yiqiu was disheartened and was unwilling to eat a dinner. When Yuchi saw him, he said, «The Crown Princess has a bad appetite today. She seems to be ill.» He immediately ordered the palace people to say, «Go to the Dian Shan Suo and tell them that the meals will be lighter these days, especially the sweet and greasy dumplings. Don't send them to the Chengen Hall.» Shen Yiqiu grinded his back teeth and said with a dry smile, «Thank you for your concern. I can't repay you.» Wei Chi Yue said, «The Crown Princess doesn't need to see the outside world. Your early recovery is the best reward.» After dinner, the palace people had just removed the food table, and Tao Fengyu had arrived. The old medical officer examined Shen Yiqiu's pulse. He nodded and said, «The empress does have some signs of cold entering her body. She still needs a good rest.» Then he picked up his pen and wrote a prescription. As he wrote, he said, «Don't make the charcoal basin in the hall too hot. Otherwise, if it's cold and hot, it's easy for wind and cold to invade the body. The empress has some deficiency-cold symptoms, so you need to be careful.» Shen Yiqiu immediately kindled a faint hope: «The meaning of Fengyu, but not suitable to go out?» The old medical officer shook his beard, shook his head, and poured a basin of cold water over his head. «Otherwise, the empress should go out and walk around more. As long as she wears warm clothes, it won't matter.». To tell you the truth, your Highness and the empress have a weak constitution, which has something to do with staying indoors. Women who work in the fields rarely have this disease. Shen Yiqiu was dumbfounded. Wei Chiyue didn't know what she was up to. Seeing her head drooping at the moment,shuttle rack system, he couldn't help smiling: «I've been taught. It's very true what Feng Yu said.» When Tao Fengyu finished writing the prescription, he took his leave, and Yuchi Yue walked with him to the porch.

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