The new net king is on that distant mountain

The challenge continues. After Maori's successful promotion, the scene of eyebrows and eyes gently nestling around Yuezhi has attracted many people's attention. So how many people have heard that «Yuezhi fell in love with a first-year student at first sight and wanted to play doubles together», they all know that this first-year student with a red curly hairstyle is the one that Yuezhi took a fancy to. Well, it's quite suitable. Next to Yue Zhi, who is 226 in height, the picture is also quite pleasing to the eye. They have a somewhat tolerant attitude towards the first year students. No matter how bad the lines or behavior are, I actually know in my heart that every year I can play in the first round is the «light of hope» for U17 in the next two years. And this one-year-old has a good personality and looks likable. The partner who was going to challenge also took a look at Yuezhi and Maori who were standing together. He turned his head sideways and asked Ida, «How is it going?»? Do you want to try and challenge them? «Come on, the first year student just finished the game, so don't take advantage of others.» Ida twirled his racket and said, «There's no need to work so hard for these two or three positions.». Pick an opponent you like. «Are you not interested in them?» The companion also asked strangely. Ida sneered: «Even if the rumor sounds good, it can't change the fact that they have been partners for less than half a year. It is estimated that there are not many opportunities for actual combat. Playing doubles may not be as good as their respective singles.». The First Army Challenge is such a good opportunity to find a better opponent, who usually has no chance to play the game. It's not too late for those two people to challenge again in the next challenge. There are plenty of opportunities. «That's right.» The companion also nodded. «What about your proposal?» I'm a little interested in Kimishima,tile profile factory, but I don't want to fight Tono. What about you Ida asked casually. The accompanying force also hesitated for a long time, spits out a name: "." Watanabe? «Whew, you have a lot of courage.» Ida smiled, stopped the racket and clenched the handle with a snap. «Then Watanabe.». Do you think he will find a partner? «Ha, I don't want to face the boss.» Watanabe looked a little surprised when his name was called,stainless steel tile edging, and then changed back to a gentle expression. He made a gesture of invitation to the Equality House, which turned its head and ignored it with a cold snort. So Watanabe went down the steps and walked to the side of Tanjima. «Play doubles together?» The dark-skinned teenager was sitting cross-legged on the steps when he heard this and raised his head in surprise: «Me?» «You.» Watanabe laughed. «Do you want to try?»? Maybe I'll play better than Daqu. «Really, don't drag me into the water at this time.» Daqu, who was right next to Zhong Dao, curled his splayed eyebrows. Tanejima blinked, thought about it for a while, and then suddenly pulled a smiling face: «What you said seems to be reasonable.»? Then try it? If he plays better than Longji, I'll kick him. «Hey, hey, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless tile trim, hey, I'm still around. Please say that when I'm not there.» The range of the splayed eyebrow of Daqu is getting bigger and bigger. Tanejima pulled out his tennis bag from behind him, pulled out a racket, stood up and waved to his side: «No need, you won't be angry even if I say it in front of you.». Are you angry? “…… It's really troublesome. Daqu looked at the face of the dark-skinned teenager and sighed helplessly. The result of this game is self-evident. In the middle of the game, Tanejima simply sat cross-legged near the baseline of the backcourt, and Watanabe, who was in control of the front court alone, was happy and not angry. After they played two games, they were just a thin layer of sweat, and it looked like they were just running in the sun in this hot weather. Tanejima sat back in his original position, leaning on the side of Daqu and lengthening the tone with Kansai accent: «It's just a warm-up. I don't know if anyone will challenge me later.» Daqu glanced at him in silence. «Don't lean on me if you're sweating. It's very hot.» «Do you dislike me?» “……” Daqu curled his splayed eyebrows and twitched at the corners of his mouth: «How dare I dislike you?»? Namely One side of the sleeve is wet and the other side is not wet, which is very uncomfortable! It's killing obsessive-compulsive disorder! After that, No.11 Ironman chose Kaji as his opponent (he probably thought Kaji's badge was given to him by a ghost). Of course, Kaji defeated the unbreakable Iron Man in a crisp way. «Do you think I'm a soft persimmon?» He snorted coldly to the unbreakable iron man sitting on the ground in front of the net? Take a good look at your own strength first! «How..» How?! My eyes are clearly reflected in the mirror! The unbreakable Iron Man asked in disbelief. The same little curly hair but never willing to admit that he is a natural curly value, simply do not bother to answer such a question. He turned his head and thought, «Your mental skills are really great.». But this kind of thing. Everyone's biggest opponent is himself, and only by realizing this can we keep moving forward. It is a good idea to use this principle to develop tricks, but if the level is not up to it, it is just a parody! Next is Tian Izo, who dropped to the 14th place. Not long after losing the game, he was still a little depressed, but he had no intention of returning to the No.10 position. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Maori will choose the No.10 challenge because the more he knows it is No.9, the older and the younger people love each other, so he should not be disliked. Besides, the probability of winning again is about. It's not 50-50. As for choosing the unbreakable iron man who just finished the game. That guy does have some publicity, but is it too bad to find a person who has just finished the match as an opponent? Point soldiers point will be, field simply pointed to the more know. And then quickly lost in a spiritual assassination. Being challenged is the opportunity to challenge oneself. The more I know, the more I regret that I can't face a strong opponent with complete strength. He likes the ranking of No.9, but he also cherishes every opportunity to challenge the first army. Because, in an army,metal trim manufacturers, has several people, may not be usually put forward the request to be able to obtain plays the competition the opportunity. With this in mind, he simply named the island.

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