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At this time, the crowd watching did not know who started to sing Andy Lau's «People». Five thousand years of wind and rain, ah, hide the number of dreams, yellow face, black eyes is the same smile. Eight thousand miles of mountains and rivers are like a song, no matter where you come from and where you will go… After this voice gradually grew, Lin Yu felt that an inexplicable force filled his body directly. Chapter 313 Benevolence is invincible. Hundreds of people sang «Chinese» together, which was very powerful and exciting. Lin Yu, who originally wanted to win by defensive counterattack, gradually launched a fierce attack in the loud and orderly singing. Because he felt that if he did not attack in this kind of excitement, he would be sorry for the people. In the case of boiling blood, Lin Yu began to use the characteristics of his own strength to launch a tide-like attack. I don't know whether the current «People» is particularly exciting or the sense of national honor is particularly strong. Lin Yu is almost crazy. Echoing each other, the more vigorously he attacked, the louder the audience sang. Some people even broke their throats, hoping to cheer for their own people, hoping that the Chinese people could beat the professional Korean players. When Lin Yu suddenly changed his conservative routine and attacked all the way, Zheng Mengjun, who was particularly confident in his own strength, was immediately caught off guard and a little unable to support himself. Especially when Lin Yu found the right opportunity to slap the audience in the face, it also deeply hit the morale of the other side. Am I not as good as his beating? In the panic, Zheng Mengjun's state of mind fluctuated. In fact, he is too confident that Taekwondo, a highly ornamental fighting technique, is not suitable for actual combat. Some gangsters with outstanding fighting experience can even single out the master of the fifth black belt in Taekwondo, which can fully explain the problem. And Lin Yu began to keep up and down with the attack, the top is a false shake to attack each other's knees. Modern Taekwondo and other boxing do not pay attention to standing piles and do high leg lifting and one-legged movements, resulting in 9 knee problems in 10 Taekwondo learners. As the saying goes, if you don't practice boxing,cordierite c520, it will be all in vain. «If you don't practice boxing, you will be too old to practice.». Taekwondo that does not practice piles is nothing but a trick, and this kind of Taekwondo player's knees are basically useless when he is old. Lin Yu, who has practiced Taekwondo for several years, naturally understands that the knees of ordinary Taekwondo players are absolutely weak. How could it be like this? Zheng Meng, who was losing ground, must have really begun to panic. But his nightmare has just begun. Lin Yu, who gave up his conservative routine, began to take advantage of the huge weakness of Taekwondo's inability to fight in close quarters after kicking his opponent's knees. Just now, under the guidance of Dou Sihai and Chen Hui, he learned to write the routines of Brazilian jujitsu and Chinese wrestling. Under the rules of UFC, these tricks are like fish in water. Soon, Zheng Mengjun was entangled by Lin Yu and could not throw away half a step. In this way, his ferocious and gorgeous legs simply became useless, alumina c799 ,steatite c221, just like the warrior in World of Warcraft who was controlled by a mage at a distance of eight yards. He could not play his advantage at all and could only be nibbled away. Lin Yu suddenly occupied an overwhelming advantage from the passive situation of being suppressed, and the enthusiasm of the audience at the scene was completely aroused. The loud chorus of «People» can simply penetrate into the sky and shake people's hearts. After waiting for Lin Yu to seize the opportunity to control Zheng Mengzhun with a choke hold, the decibel of the song reached its peak, and now the atmosphere is completely bursting. About ten seconds later, Zheng Mengjun, who could not stand it, was afraid that he would suffocate and die, so he could only beat the floor and admit defeat. Everyone did not expect Lin Yu to be able to so easily KO opponents, and the strength of the strong Chung Mong-joon did not play 30% of the level was suppressed, which makes many people feel puzzled. In fact, the young people who are learning taekwondo do not understand that the most suitable boxing for future UFC competitions is Brazilian jujitsu, Thai boxing, kickboxing, Japanese karate and so on. As for taekwondo, there is no fighting power at all. Therefore, in this rule and the opponent's duel, Lin Yu can be said to use their own strengths and weaknesses of the other side to win the battle is also reasonable. His key to victory is actually wisdom. It was by taking advantage of his opponent's arrogance and choosing the rules reasonably that he was able to win so easily and hurt his opponent's self-confidence. Because both sides have an agreement that the one who admits defeat must kneel down to the other side, so after Zheng Mengjun got up and recovered for a while. The audience began to shout in unison: «Kneel!»! Kneel! Kneel! Dou Sihai, the owner of the dojo, showed an imperceptible smile on his face. As early as Lin Yu said that he would use UFC rules to fight a duel, he felt that the boy should win, and the result was really like this. Now that brother Meng Zhun has lost, let's go back. Kim Jong-hoon, who had always been very flamboyant, said weakly. Unexpectedly, Zheng Mengjun would lose and would lose so badly that he could not accept the cruel fact mentally. Even he began to wonder if Taekwondo was the kind of boxing that was only suitable for performance. Zheng Mengzhun, with a gloomy face, shook his head and said, «Since I lost or admit defeat, I have to kneel down to the other side and then send 200,000 RMB to leave.». This is my last dignity as a warrior! «Brother Mengzhun!» Kim Jong-hoon, who felt the suffocation of the other side, almost cried. Li Dongmin, who was silent beside him, also suffered a great mental impact. He couldn't help thinking of a person, that is, Bruce Lee. Although the audience has been heckling, but when Chung Mong-joon really knelt down, out of respect for the warrior, the scene suddenly quieted down, and then came sparse applause to the final thunderous applause. Hearing the applause from the audience, Zheng Mengjun, kneeling on the field of competition, could not help crying. At this time, Lin Yu, who easily won the victory, said with a cold face: «Get up.». The reason I didn't stop you from kneeling is because you people are a little extreme. He thought that if he lost the duel,Kamado bbq grill, he had to find a better player than the other side to take revenge. But have you ever thought that there are people outside the sky and people outside the sky. There is no absolute invincible existence. Reflect on yourself and think about what kind of purpose you had when you just practiced martial arts. As for the two hundred thousand, I won't accept it. After that, Lin Yu raised his right hand and walked around the competition venue before stepping down and coming to Dou Sihai and Chen Hui. global-ceramics.com

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