Immortal Evil God

He pointed to the clay statue of the Duke of Zhou in the main hall and answered leisurely: «My surname is Guo. I worship the Duke of Zhou here. It's not a clay Bodhisattva. This is my private property. It's not a temple where ten people often live. Monks are not allowed to register. Be my guest.» High hunting strange smile, from the bosom out of the small ingot silver, placed before the incense table, then extract three columns of fragrant candle blowing out way: «I've asked the farmers nearby, and they all say that Mr. Kuo specializes in the'law of astronomy 'and teaches the farmers how to make agricultural products for the solar terms. He is very popular. Would you like me to visit him?» When he had finished, he worshipped the incense and turned around. Guo Shoujing angrily picked up the silver ingot on the incense table and stuffed it into the hands of the high hunter. He pushed his body and did not move. Knowing that he was a martial arts master, he felt cold in his heart and pretended to be unhappy. «Go!»! Go! Go! The old man is studying and writing a book. How can he allow irrelevant people to visit the astronomical phenomena that are scattered all over the place? It's simply outrageous! Although the high hunting heart is not happy, but can respect and understand this lonely old pedant, hurriedly bow to accompany a wrong, then turned to leave. Guo Shoujing hastened to «touch the temple gate!» Shut it with a bang. It is a kind of rude and excessive behavior. Relying on the dignity of a faction, Gao Hunting did not care about it, but he caught a glimpse of a pool of solidified blood in the lower right corner of the Zhuhong Temple Gate, which he could not have seen if he had not been sharp-eyed. High hunting look excited muttered: «What a slippery little monk! If you get hurt in the palm, you won't believe that you will fly to the sky and disappear without a trace. It turns out that you are hiding here to hide from the temple!»! Wait for the night to pick you up. Then he went straight away. At sunset,ceramic bobbin heater core, it's time for dinner. Guo Shoujing came to the kitchen and found that the remaining vegetarian dishes and a pot of porridge that the old monk had eaten yesterday had been stolen to see the bottom of the pot, laughing and scolding: «The mouse is so greedy that he eats up all the tasteless vegetarian food.» He cooked noodles by himself, fed the temple of the five viscera, and went to the «Star Observatory». Guo Shoujing hurried through the courtyard, in the shade of an old pine tree, suddenly flashed out a young monk,ceramic igniter electrodes, his chest covered with blood, his robe ragged and discomfited, suddenly stretched out a finger to restrain him, and said with a look of surprise: «The name of the poor monk is Taigu. He has no evil intentions. Please don't shout in case of an accident. Is there anything unusual in the temple all day?» Guo Shoujing was scared out of his wits. After a while, he felt relieved when he saw the young monk with a pleasant face. He was so frightened that he muttered in a low voice: «Why is the old man stiff and unable to move.» How did the monk become a gentleman on the beam? There is no money in the temple. Let me go! The ancient monk picked up Guo Shoujing's body, placed the trunk in a back lying posture, and comforted him softly: «Sir, be relieved!»! The acupoint will be solved in an hour. The poor monk was chased and killed by a strong enemy before he fled here to avoid the limelight. He acted recklessly because he didn't want to involve you. He will leave at dawn tomorrow morning. Please be wronged and don't panic to attract a strong enemy. Guo Shoujing swallow saliva foam calm way: Look at your clothes. Are you a monk of Shaolin Temple? How can a monk be hunted down and killed when he is at peace with the world? Whoo! You ate that pot of porridge secretly. Would you like me to prepare more vegetarian dishes to satisfy your hunger? The ancient monk laughed awkwardly: «One meal is enough for the poor monk's solar eclipse. Sir, tell the poor monk if anyone has asked me about my whereabouts during the day.» Guo Shoujing recalled blurting out: «Yes!»! There was a middle-aged man with a pink lotus crown and hair tied in a bun. Right! His gold-inlaid precious stone sword was very eye-catching. He claimed to be surnamed Gao and asked the old man to find a young monk. Isn't that you? The ancient monk's face suddenly changed and scolded: «Damn Amitabha!»! It must have been the son of a bitch who told his teacher Gao Hunting that I had a secret book, so the hypocrite came to rob the treasure of Shaolin with his face covered. ” Guo Shoujing surprised way: «Oh!»! The graceful man's name is Gao Hunting. The old man saw that he was a superior man, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,7g Ozone Generator, not like a wicked man. How could you rob a monk? The ancient monk rubbed his cheeks and said with a wry smile: «Gao Hunting, this old boy, is the head of the Kongtong Sect. He was originally a running dog of the yuan people. When he saw that the situation was not good, he submitted to the Han people. He is really a capricious villain who forgets righteousness at the sight of profit!» Guo Shoujing loyalty awe-inspiring way: «So it is!»! I hate the yuan people most, and I hate the traitors even more. How can I help you? The ancient monk shook his head and sighed: «Sir, I appreciate the righteousness of the poor monk. The traitor Gao Hunting's martial arts are very powerful. The poor monk has been attacked by him successfully. He has been forced to go nowhere for several days. As long as he doesn't drag you down, Amitabha will suffer. How dare I ask you for help?» Indeed, Guo Shoujing had butterflies in his stomach. He was really afraid that the young monk would involve the transformation of the old monk in the «Star Observatory». If he destroyed the holy monk's foundation, he would not be able to pay for his life. The two men looked at each other, each with his own concerns, and did not know how to go on. From the top of an old pine tree five feet away came a grim sneer, which frightened the ancient monk to hide Guo Shoujing's body behind the tree and rush out of the courtyard to avoid the disaster. The moonlight is bright. A big man with a mask and a strong robe stepped on a pine branch, calm and relaxed, as light as cotton wool, showing excellent flying skills, as if he had been here for some time. The ancient monk shivered, stroked his chest and looked at the masked man with a sharp pain, knowing that he could not escape the evil hands of the other side, so he had to fight to the death, but it was hard not to involve Guo Shoujing. Chapter 7 Relic yuan Ying I picked up the head of the broken sword, but I don't know the reason. Grasp the green snake tail, several inches of Bifeng head. It is suspected that it is a whale salamander, or it will stab Jiao Jiu. Missing in the soil, abandoned and no one receives. I have a contemptuous nature, which is good for hardness but not good for softness. Do not break the sword lightly and straightly, it is better than the whole hook. Wide-robed masked man, if the feather falls lightly in the ancient monk eight feet apart, his eyes are bright, full of killing, holding a handle three feet green front shake point cold but way: «Little Monk, hand over the'Bodhidharma Blood Chapter '!»! If I don't have to kill you, why should I implicate an old pedant who doesn't know martial arts? Archaic monk sniffed: «The child never leaves the mother, and the melon never leaves the seedling. The Shaolin Temple relies on this'Bodhidharma Blood Chapter 'to revive its prestige. The poor monk's head can be broken, and his blood can flow. He would rather die than live. He just can't give this treasure book to you,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, a shameless and capricious hypocrite!» The masked man's eyes were more intent to kill, and his wide robe was windless, but he was hunting and flying wildly. He looked up and laughed wildly.

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