Piaomiao's Journey (Complete Works) _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise

The silver spots falling from the sky suddenly disappeared, and a little bit of white, red, purple, blue and yellow gradually appeared in the green bushes. In the blink of an eye, the green was submerged in the colorful world of flowers. Li Qiang clasped his fingers and said, «Colorful butterflies are flying.» Large groups of colorful butterflies suddenly appeared, a gust of wind, petals flying, people can no longer tell whether it is colorful butterflies or petals flying. With the strong fragrance of flowers drifting in the wind, Li Qiang asked, «Niu Niu, are you satisfied with this?» Mei Jingjing is crazy, Hua Mei Niang is crazy, and all the practitioners are crazy. After a while, Hua Mei Niang sighed, «This is the real sea of flowers!» Mei Jingjing suddenly let out a cheer and flew down the hillside, and the female practitioners screamed and fell. After a while, Mei Jingjing picked a large bunch of flowers, and she noticed that many of them had never been seen before. She flew back to Li Qiang and handed the flowers to Li Qiang, saying, «Brother, I like you so much. Thank you, brother.» Zhao Hao and others looked at it foolishly, it was so amazing that they could not understand the mystery. Zhao Hao asked,ceramic bobbin heater, «Master, is this an illusion?» «Do you think it's an illusion?» Asked Li Qiang. Zhao Hao didn't know how to answer. He hesitated for a moment, flew down to the hillside, looked at the flowers over and over again, picked some more, and flew back to Li Qiang. He said with a wry smile, «I can't see it. Master's technique is too clever.» He's learned to kiss ass, too. Li Qiang himself is a first-class flattery expert, and naturally he is not moved. He smiled and said, «It's not my skill. Everything in front of you is real. It's not an illusion,10g Ozone Generator, because it's in the original world.» Liu Datie has not spoken much, the original world of sufficient aura so that he is very obsessed, just a scene is to shock him. He said, «Little Martial Uncle, I have received some disciples on Earth. Some of them are very talented, but they have not made much progress on Earth. It is hardly suitable for practitioners to practice there. If possible, I would like to bring them to the original world.» He was tempted, too. Li Qiang nodded and said, «Darong, next time you come to the original world, you can take them with you.» Hua Mei Niang looked at the flowers all over the mountains and knew that Li Qiang was doing this to make her happy. She suddenly sighed, «It's a pity that you, Brother Fu, can't see it. If only Brother Fu had practiced in the original world.» As soon as Li Qiang's heart moved, he hesitated for a moment and said, «It may be possible..» He is now a disciple of the Qing Emperor, asking for an immortal from the ruler of the immortal world, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin element, and he is an immortal who has just ascended to the immortal world, so it should not be a big problem. Hua Mei-niang thought Li Qiang was comforting himself casually, but she didn't care too much. Then she said, «Brother Wu, you really have great powers now, but where do you want us to live?»? There are no houses to live in, only flowers. She looked at Li Qiang with a smile, meaning: Can a house grow out of the ground? Li Qiang asked, «What kind of house does Sister Hua like?» He said it was a house in the original sector, and it was not difficult to build a palace. Qiao Yuhong just flew back. She hugged Hua Mei-niang's arm and said in a charming voice, «Sister Hua, I like the cabin by the lake.» With these words, he took out a picture with a lakeside villa background and showed it to Hua Mei Niang. «Then let your brother build one for us,» said Hua Mei-niang with a smile. Zhao Hao couldn't help saying, «Shigu, is this too difficult?»? You can't have a house out of nothing. Li Qiang said with a smile, «Sister Hua has orders. How dare I disobey them?» He looked at the picture, asked casually about the structure inside, pointed to the small lake and said, «Is it good to build it by the lake?» Hua Mei Niang eyes flashed a trace of disbelief, the house and natural changes are completely different, she can not figure out how Li Qiang will build. Li Qiang once built a huge palace. At that time, he finished it by accident. This time, he was a little embarrassed to build a villa, because he could only build a house, and he could not make the supplies inside. After all, he could not do everything. He thought about the villa in the photo, pointed to the open space with his hand, and said softly, «Get up!» The hillside of the small lake quickly sank into a flat ground, a flash of white light, a small white building has appeared in front of everyone, the speed is like magic. Hua Mei-niang sighed, «Fifth brother, the elder sister is convinced of you.». OK! Let's go and see this beautiful little building. This is a small building made entirely of white jade, as if it were carved from a huge piece of white jade, without any trace of splicing. What is exquisite is that each room is made of different colors of jade, with a variety of colors. Some rooms are light yellow, some are light green, and the ground is dark blue with little stars shining on it. Hua Mei-niang could only shake her head and sigh, «Hey, fifth brother, this house is unique, but it's too fancy.» Li Qiang said with a smile, «I know. After all, it's the first time to make such a thing. I'm already very satisfied that Qiao Yuhong can make it like this. She walked around the house happily. She suddenly shouted,» Oh, there's nothing here. Brother, this is an empty room… " Li Qiang laughed and said, «You have to arrange the things in the room by yourself. I can't do it.» Hua Mei Niang then felt relieved, if Li Qiang can do anything, it can not be regarded as a person. Hua Mei-niang said with a smile, «Where are Zhao Hao and the others?» Li Qiang said, «I will ban this place and use it after Sister Hua comes back. Zhao Hao's hidden place is very close to here. As soon as you pass it, you will leave immediately after looking at it. I will take you back to Earth. There are still many people waiting for me in Fengyuan Star.» Hua Mei-niang knew that he was very busy. «Let's hurry up,» she said with a smile. «This is our sister's hidden place.» A bell suddenly rang on Zhao Hao. He took out a walkie-talkie from his pocket and asked,Ceramic Bobbin, «What's the matter?» The voice in the walkie-talkie was very urgent: «Please come over, Master!» There was a clear explosion inside. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Piaomiao Journey Chapter 3 Transport Array T. Xt `Xiao ~ Shuo ~ Tian ~ Tang The explosion surprised everyone. Zhao Hao asked hurriedly, «What happened?» 。 global-ceramics.com

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