Parasitic lies

Xu Shuo choked, «that's almost the same.». Are you hypoglycemic? Gu Yao ignored him directly. The atmosphere was awkward for a moment, and neither of them said a word until they walked out of the branch building. Until in addition to the door, Gu Yao at the foot of a sudden meal. Xu Shuo also stopped and asked, «Are you dizzy again?»? Look at you. Who knows the next second, Gu Yao «shush» him. Xu Shuo choked again, and just as he was about to defend his good intentions, out of the corner of his eye, he took aim at the man and woman standing outside the building. The man was Xia Ming, standing in the sun, more tired than he had just seen in the room, and his expression was serious, even impatient. Judging from his body movements, it was not difficult to judge that the woman came to him on her own initiative, not that they had made an appointment. He was reluctant but had to come out to deal with it. And the woman standing opposite Xia Ming is. Du Tong?! Chapter 71 chater 71 The woman standing opposite Xia Ming is actually. Du Tong?! Xu Shuo's face changed briefly and subtly. «How did they know each other?» Gu Yao is also pondering, «the person who informed Zhu Shengxi that I was in the police station yesterday is Du Tong.» That is to say, it was Xia Ming who told Du Tong the news. Xu Shuo sneered slowly, «Your boyfriend is so resourceful that even the Southern Branch can nail him in.» Gu Yao slanted him, «do you mean that Xia Ming was bribed by money?» «That's not necessarily true. If it's so simple, how dare they stand here brazenly?» Xu Shuo words fall, directly open feet, Gu Yao wanted to catch him but pounced on an empty, only to hear him say, «want to know the truth,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, listen to the past is not over?» Go over and listen? Gu Yao quickly caught up with them. «Do you think they are blind? Who can't see if we go there like this?» Xu Shuo said, «That's better than standing here foolishly. Don't you want to test it face to face?» Gu Yao did not take over, but his feet quickened a few steps. On the other side, Xia Ming is dealing with Du Tong. This morning, Du Tong sent a few more WeChat messages, but they were all irrelevant concerns, very fake, and were all ignored by Xia Ming. In fact, Xia Ming also regretted informing Du Tong that day that Gu Yao was in the police station. Then until noon,Ceramic Band Heater, there was no movement on Du Tong's side. Xia Ming thought she had finally settled the matter, but when she finished taking notes for Gu Yao, Xia Ming's buttocks just touched the chair, and his cell phone rang. Xia Ming looked at the caller ID and didn't answer. Then Wechat came in, «I'm at the door of your branch building.» Xia Ming almost silently scolded two words in his mouth, which was just heard by Xiao Wang at the next table. Xiao Wang also came over to ask, «Lieutenant, who made you angry?» Xia Ming gave Xiao Wang a white look and got up to go out. Sure enough, when he stepped out of the door of the building, he saw Du Tong, who was as entangled as a ghost. Du Tong saw Xia Ming take the initiative to meet forward, his face instantly sliding smile. Suspicion rose in Xia Ming's mind. He thought Du Tong had come to inquire about the case, but on second thought, Du Tong could ask Zhu Shengxi what he wanted to ask, and no matter what the case was, Gu Yao was just a reporter, not a suspect, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and Du Tong was not in such a hurry to inquire. As soon as Xia Ming came up, he said, «I've been very busy recently. I have something to deal with in the Bureau at the moment. If you have anything to say, say it quickly.» Du Tong said with a smile, «I know you are busy, and I have been negligent these years. Suddenly, I found that I haven't been to see Uncle Xia for a long time. I want to make an appointment with you and find a weekend for me to see him.». Uncle Xia is not in good health, and I can just bring him some supplements. «We don't need it. Besides, I'm a public official and I can't accept gifts.» «This is not a gift, but a mutual concern between the family, is it necessary for the family to express concern and accept record punishment?» Hear this, Xia Ming narrowed his eyes, «so many years not very contact, how suddenly is a family?»? My surname is Xia, your surname is Du, and you and I are not in the same household registration. Du Tong is still laughing, «but you and I have the same blood flowing in our bodies. Uncle Xia is kind to you. As your sister, I should also do a little filial piety for you.» At this point, Xia Ming was silent. He silently looked at Du Tong's expression, trying to find a thread. Although he and Du Tong have not been in contact for many years, he more or less knows a little about her character and style of doing things, and it must be purposeful to make a person with weak affection suddenly warm up. But Xia Ming was just about to open his mouth when he saw Gu Yao and Xu Shuo coming one after the other, but also in the direction of him and Du Tong. Du Tong also turned around, but he was stunned as soon as he turned around. Gu Yao had come a few steps away and smiled at Du Tong, «Du Tezhu, why are you here?» Du Tong was so surprised that she could not imagine that Gu Yao and Xu Shuo had come to the Southern Branch again. What was going on? Didn't they already make a record yesterday? Du Tong took a breath and quickly said, «Miss Gu, why are you again.» Gu Yao did not wait for her to finish, then accepted the good advice to take over the words, «I come to assist the police investigation, the Southern District is not peaceful recently.». It's you, Duterte. There are so many things to do in the company, and now it's working time. Did you suddenly come here to deal with personal affairs, or did my father ask you to do business? Du Tong said, «Oh, I just happened to pass by and came by to see my friends.» «Friends?» Gu Yao glanced at Xia Ming, whose face was not very good. «Officer Xia, you are really hidden.» Xia Ming looked at this time, said, «Du Tezhu, you misunderstood, you and I are not friends, I am now working hours, there are many things to deal with, if nothing will not send.» Du Tong was on the spot under the face, suddenly turned his head, as if staring at Xia Ming, but due to the presence of Gu Yao and Xu Shuo is not good attack. She endured it and then said to Gu Yao, «Miss Gu, I'll go first.» The words fell, and he went straight to the gate of the branch office. Gu Yao has been looking at her back, Xia Ming is also motionless, at this time has been standing in two steps to watch the fire Xu Shuo, came up,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, «look at this situation, is Xia police officer was harassed.» Although this summative speech is very much like an afterthought, but Gu Yao also has to admit that this is reasonable.

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