Nianmei Zhaoyi

All the men and the maidservant were there, and where was the young woman with a face? Fu Qian shook his head. It's none of his business. He has to go to Beijing. Today is the key to life and death. Fu Qian got up carefully, not wanting to disturb others, and gently picked up his books and bags and went out. As soon as he stepped out of the threshold, Fu Qian saw a faint shadow, and in an instant he mistakenly thought that he had seen a fairy, a frightened and timid fairy. The morning sun gently sprinkled on her slender and ethereal body. Even though she was covered with a veil, the sunlight illuminated her face and figure, and her complexion, which had little contact with the secular world and was not stained with the dust of the world, was too pale and even morbid. It's like… Like a withered flower, it will wither before it blooms. She seems to be very young, less than twenty! It won't work! If she goes on like this. Covering young married woman from the first sight of Fu Qian's panic, slowly returned to calm, gently nodded to him, as a greeting. With a wink, he woke up from his dream. Fu Qian, Fu Qian, is this woman dead or alive or sick? «Good morning, madam.» Fu Qian bowed politely to her. Good morning, Childe! The young married woman nodded. «Are you fully prepared to take the exam today?» Fu Qian was stupefied. She knew he was going to Beijing to take the exam? Yes! When he scolded the dog last night, he had already given up all his knowledge! «Reluctantly!» He also spoke with great reluctance, and managed to suppress the feeling of regret for losing face. The young woman asked Fu Qian's name. Dull, empty story of the polite,whirlpool bathtub, but people do not want to interrupt this boring conversation, far apart, just want to talk about a moment is a moment, for what? Fu Qian felt strange. I wish you success in the exam. This is a gift from my concubine. Please accept it. Smiling, the young woman took out a heavy ingot, which surprised Chuanqian to open his eyes wide. You His face turned cold. «Madam, I don't want charity!» «As I said earlier, this is a gift in advance, and the gift is for good luck.». It's my concubine who wants to touch the childe's happiness. How can the childe say that it's my concubine's charity? The young woman slowly stroked away his anger. Unless the childe admitted that he did not have the ability to pass the exam, he would not dare to accept the gift from his concubine. She blinked and gently tried to provoke him. Of course not! Fu Qian is no longer polite. At this point, his determination and confidence are not far behind. Be confident! If only she could be as confident as he is? So, just accept the gift in advance, jacuzzi bath spa ,jacuzzi manufacturers, what reason does the childe have to refuse? The young woman's smile slightly infected his positivity, and she spoke a little more positively. Fu Qian inevitably softened her sincere and cordial smile. Fine! Your ladyship is so kind that if I continue to refuse, it will be pretentious. It is better to obey orders than to be respectful. He felt his conscience and admitted that he really needed money. The slender fingers were hidden in the sleeves, avoiding the touch of the skin, and the young woman gently put the silver on his hand. It seemed that she was not only from a wealthy family, but had even been influenced by extremely strict ethics, and Fu Qian dared not underestimate her more and more. He took the silver into his arms. It is impolite to come but not to go. Madam's gift has been received, and if she is lucky enough to be on the Golden List in the future, she will naturally invite Madam to a banquet. I wonder where Madame's house is? He inquired. The charm and behavior of the young woman with her face covered, as well as her outstanding subordinates, are they from ordinary rich families? Fu Qian identified her as an official's wife. Hearing this, the young woman felt slightly embarrassed and hesitated as if she had something to hide. Could it be that madam dislikes me and doesn't want to make friends with me? Fu Qian spoke with regret. It's not! «The young woman with her face covered said hurriedly.» Whoo! Or is Madame worried that she has a bad intention? Seeing the young woman smiling and shaking her head, Fu Qian added, «I also want to make friends with my wife's husband, but I'm afraid I can't climb up.» He sighed helplessly. Unable Face-covered young married woman must be authentic. Seeing that Fu Qian was very interested in waiting for the following, she thought about it for a long time. «If Mr. Fu is in high school, he can see him. My master likes to make friends with scholars. It doesn't matter if he climbs high or low.». Please don't misunderstand. She explained carefully. Fu Qian's heart brightened. If you can see it in high school? Is that the examiner? Or one of the examiners? Or a highly influential dignitary? Getting to know the wives of these people must be beneficial and harmless to his examination! This thought flashed through Fu Qian's mind. Nope! Then he thought proudly, he does not need to go through the back door, with his ability to high school, just said that there is self-confidence, unless even the new emperor also discriminated against his age, that big deal in another three or six years, and test him again. «In that case, it's not convenient for your ladyship to say more, but it's convenient for you to tell your surname.» It's not too much to ask! Anyway, if we have a chance to meet next time, he will already be on the list, and there is no need to rely on connections. Fang. «It was Mrs. Fang.». In the future, if I have the chance to see Master Fang, I hope I will have the honor to make friends with Master Fang and his wife. The young married woman shook her head. «No, the childe misunderstood.». Fang is the maiden name of my concubine. «Eh?» Fu Qian did not expect that a married woman would report her maiden name to a person, and hesitated to know how to open her mouth. The young married woman seemed to be annoyed by her gaffe. Nonsense! Which married woman is not honored by her husband's surname? Who cares what her maiden name is? «Impolite.» Fu Qian felt her uneasiness, stopped asking questions and apologized politely. Where, is the concubine body misleads. Covering face young married woman is a little bashful ground apologetic smile, «call our madam!»! At home, that's what the servants call it. She's still avoiding Steve's family name. Uh Fu Qian felt something was wrong in an instant. The servant clearly called her madam! Facial young married woman saw his doubt, paused way: «Go out to be away from home, natural all courtesy are simple.». «But there is still a lady in the mansion, and I dare not go with her.» You?! Fu Qian's eyes widened. What does that mean? She's just a… «It's what you mean,best whirlpool tub, Childe. There's nothing to avoid.» The smile of the young woman with her face covered is light and the wind is clear. She's just a… Concubine room? Fu Qian can't believe it! Has he never seen the world? How could that man have such a superior woman as a concubine? Who is the woman who is the wife? Thinking about it, the more he could prove that the husband of the young woman was not an ordinary person, he could not help but stop guessing to prevent cold sweat.

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