Quick wear always saves the wrong person [GL]

«Xiao Gao, did the paparazzi take a picture just now?» The assistant said in a low voice, «I got it. Sister Yunxi, you didn't see Qi Zhisheng's expression just now. Ha ha ha, your face is green.» Gu Yunxi said disdainfully, «Oh, who loves to see her dead face? She pretends to be more aloof than anyone else.» «Where is my cell phone? Did Yan Ling send me a message?» The assistant had no choice but to hand over his cell phone and whispered, «It's only been three hours since I left. Sister Yunxi, you're so capable..» Gu Yunxi an eye knife throws over, the assistant has made a seal movement, no longer mutters. The first rehearsal was so unpleasant that the next day was not too boring for Gu Yunxi. For Qi Zhisheng is not the same, Feiyang brought up the old things of that year, prosecuted her, and said that with the evidence of her stealing songs, Qi Zhisheng was not afraid. Feiyang was also involved in the matter of stealing songs. They dared to take evidence. Didn't she have it. But Gu Yunxi this person is really difficult to deal with, these inferior means have long been the rest of her play, but Gu Yunxi used quite smoothly, but she pretended to be pitiful,outdoor spa manufacturers, specifically said those specious words, let her really explain appears guilty, do not explain and like acquiescence, very suffocating. January after the Spring Festival Gala, Gu Yunxi is quiet, such a grand program, is absolutely not messed up,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, otherwise no matter whose fault, she and Qi Zhisheng can not escape. At the back of the stage anxiously waiting for the stage, Gu Yunxi was wearing a big coat brought by her assistant. She was so cold that she stamped her feet. In winter, she would wear a thin coat later, and the coat was not warm. Now it can be warm for a while. The warm baby was covered with a big coat, wrapping her up like a bear. Where's my phone? Is there any information? The assistant said helplessly, «Agent Chen didn't send a message. He should be celebrating the New Year with his family. Who doesn't reunite with his family on this big night?» In this way, the assistant also felt a little sad, she is also in this circle for many years, two years or an assistant, with the present Gu Yunxi, the salary has greatly increased, but the New Year's Eve is still inevitably homesick. Gu Yunxi closed his palms, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, exhaled hot air, and rubbed his hands on his face: «Well, if Yan Ling sends me a message, do you know that you will give me your cell phone right away?» «I know, Sister Yunxi, come on, it's your turn soon.» Gu Yunxi looked around, did not find the figure she wanted to see, took a deep breath, and went to the backstage to prepare. But at this time, Chen Yanling hurried to the assistant's side. Before he could catch his breath, he saw the assistant say in surprise, «Broker Chen, why are you here?»? Sister Yunxi was looking for you just now! «What about her?» Chen Yanling also looked around for someone. She has gone backstage to prepare, and she can only wait for her performance to be finished. Unfortunately, Chen Yanling only heard the first half of her sentence, and Chen Yanling did not hear the second half. She ran toward the backstage and was stopped by the staff on the way: «Miss, this is the backstage, you can't go in casually.» Chen Yanling lifted her hair and said, «I know this is the backstage. I'm here to deliver the medicine. Gu Yunxi's foot injury recurred. Her assistant went to the toilet and forgot to deliver the medicine to her.» «Who are you?» «I am her assistant's assistant,» Chen Yanling said with a smile, and saw the director of the program, hurriedly said hello, «Uncle Yan! I'm Yan Ling. Director Yan was a good friend of Chen Yanling's father when he was young. I heard that he was a college classmate and had a good relationship with the Chen family. Seeing Chen Yanling, Yan Dao looked relieved and asked the staff to let her in: „Isn't this Xiaoyan? How did she come to my messy backstage?“ Chen Yanling said with a smile, „Let me take a look at Uncle Yan's preparation and study.“ „Don't flatter me. Come and find someone.“ Chen Yanling smiled awkwardly: „My artist is under your uncle. I have something to do with her.“ „Go on, go on. Look at you, you don't want to talk to the old man. I'm going to find your little artist.“ Chen Yanling got the order and immediately looked around for someone. As a result, she did not see it for a long time, and she was worried about whether Gu Yunxi had already come to power. Chapter 50 Chapter 50 Just as Chen Yanling turned her head and looked around, a pair of white and tender hands covered her eyes, and a soft body behind her was close to her back, a familiar and soft voice. Guess who I am? Chen Yanling chuckled, „I guess it's a naughty cat.“ Gu Yunxi took Chen Yanling's shoulder and hugged him from behind: „It's boring. How do you know it's me?“ „Which of our shower gels and shampoos doesn't taste the same?“ Gu Yunxi pouted: „You haven't come to see me for a month. I thought you wouldn't come today.“ Chen Yanling pulled Gu Yunxi and went to a slightly less crowded corner: „There are some things to deal with this month, and I turned down the New Year's Eve dinner at home today to accompany my kitten.“ Gu Yunxi couldn't help laughing, but he insisted on putting on a serious face. The corners of his mouth were inadvertently raised, and his eyebrows were not raised. His expression was very vivid: „Hum, who is your cat? You are my cat!“ „Well, I'll spend the New Year with you tonight. I'll perform well on the stage. Being able to go to the Spring Festival Gala shows that your strength is not given by me. You know what your achievements are. Qi Zhisheng won't be able to jump for long. I'll watch you sing under the stage and keep watching.“ Chen Yanling took advantage of no one's attention and kissed Gu Yunxi's lips quickly, so fast that Gu Yunxi smacked his tongue. Well, I'm too lazy to fight with her. It's not funny at all. She seems to be deliberately holding back. I really don't know what the money man behind her is doing. Gu Yunxi looked back three steps to see Chen Yanling always watching her in situ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, and then happily went to wait behind the scenes. As soon as Gu Yunxi left, Chen Yanling's expression instantly condensed. Qi Zhisheng is not forbearing, just waiting for the opportunity. It's true that people who don't know the depth of heaven and earth dare to hit her kitten. Chen Yanling's cell phone kept flashing. She picked it up and connected the phone. Remember to take a good picture of all the fragments of Qi Zhisheng under the stage. It's better to send them out from the perspective of a passer-by. 。 monalisa.com

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