The strongest abandons less

His'Purple Eye Soul Cutting 'doesn't even exist in Chengdu. At best, Chapter 992 is just an introduction. The'Soul Sting' is also a big injury to himself. With Yemo Jindan's five layers of vigorous Zhenyuan, the'Magic Cloud Flying Knife 'at this time is completely different from the original power of this knife. The purple knife awn in the shape of a whirl is like a purple whirlpool all over the sky, which is not only dense, but also forms a substantial purple whirl, which completely surrounds Mo Qianli. Look at the latest chapter The range of thousands of meters was fleeting under his feet, and when the purple flying knife surrounded Mo Qianli, the whole person had already followed him. When he saw clearly the slight sneer at the corners of Mo Qianli's mouth, he was suddenly startled, and a bad feeling came to his mind. He finally understood where the inappropriate feeling came from before, and it came from the subconscious that Mo Qianli did not see him in his eyes. In fact, Mo Qianli not only saw that he was pretending to be injured for the first time, but also saw that he was pretending to be injured for the second time. The reason he said, 'For the sake of your wealth,' I let your opponent die first. This sentence, that is what he wants to say at all, but he wants to make himself subconsciously think that he has relaxed his jjng vigilance through this sentence. But when he was dealing with Tong Zhong's two people, he was always on guard against Chapter 992. He had already shot himself, and even said that he was preparing for his own plot. Similarly, he said before that he saw through his array and laughed at his trapped array,4 person jacuzzi, which was to relax his subconscious guard against him. And in their own unwittingly recruited, but also secretly thought to have the upper hand. It can be said that after two people, Mo Qianli has begun to attack him, but he is still in the dark, waiting to calculate others. As a result, he was deceived and chose this time to plot against him. It should be said that Mo Qianli has long had the ability to kill Tong Zhong, but he is waiting for himself to do so. After understanding this truth,garden jacuzzi tub, he could no longer continue to use the'Magic Cloud Flying Knife '. He abruptly stopped his body, but Dan wanted to withdraw'Zijian'. Kui knew that if the other side had any Yin hand, his'Magic Cloud Flying Knife 'could not reach the height of Mo Qianli at the moment, so he might as well withdraw it to protect himself. As soon as he withdrew from Zijian, he felt that the countless black silk threads were so fast that there was no way to observe them with divine consciousness. Instantly formed a gun line as thick as a thumb, and without waiting for him to react, it had already reached his chest. And his Dantian actually had a trace of panic, and even had a strong feeling of oppression. Although you can see clearly, the black silk that forms the gun line is the black silk that Dan Cai still wraps around the octagonal gold hammer. As expected, these silk threads were under the control of Mo Qianli at any time, and they attacked themselves in an instant, or they were sent up by themselves to let these silk threads attack. Kui even'Zijian 'had no time to split out to resist it. He had met countless golden elixirs, but he had never met a master who was so fast as Mo Qianli. His speed, not to mention plotting against himself, endless swimming pool ,outdoor whirlpool, is a real frontal attack on him, and he may not be able to avoid it. But this guy was so careful that he had to plot against him. If it is the average monk at this time has long been desperate, but it is a mouthful of blood spurting out, but also the full operation of the «soul thorn» even if the death «also want to give this insidious grandson. When Mo Qianli's black silk thread, which had gathered to the thickness of his thumb, was about to pierce his chest, the pressure on his chest suddenly stagnated, and even the silk thread paused. Kui will not miss the slightest chance, 'Zijian' has been sacrificed, although in front of his chest the slightest distance, but'Zijian 'brought up the fourth knife of the magic cloud'Magic Cloud Sword' Ba Jing was completely inspired. Kui knew that Dan Cai's stagnation was not because Mo Qianli wanted to spare him, but because of his'soul thorn '. Because his previously launched'magic cloud flying knife' was not fully stimulated, although it produced flying knife awn all over the sky, it did not do any substantial harm to Mo Qianli. It was the „soul thorn“ that gave him at least let Mo Qianli's horrible black silk thread stagnate for a while.. Otherwise By this time he was finished. ,~~~ Kui had no time to break out in a cold sweat, and the'Magic Cloud Shaped Sword 'was brought into full play by him, and countless swords swept out. The reason why he used this knife was that he felt that the horror of Mo Qianli's thumb-thick coalescence thread was absolutely not so simple. „Well..“ Mo Qianli snorted, apparently Dan just ate a dark loss, his mouth overflowed a trace of blood, but then sneer, „really did not let me down, it is the divine attack magic.“. I use four points of attention to deal with the'Aocheng Chamber of Commerce 'two straw bags, six points of attention to you all the time, even can let me hurt, but even so, you also give me death… Mo Qianli's word „death“ came out, and the black silk thread, which was close to the thickness of his chest thumb, suddenly overflowed and turned into countless black silk threads, which surrounded him. On one side, because of the blankness of Tong, he stared at him and Mo Qianli, as well as the countless black silk threads that surrounded him, the cold sweat behind him was not coming out drop by drop, but straight down. It turned out that Dan had not done his best when Mo Qianli fought with them, but now it was his best. This kind of horrible black silk thread, Tong Zhong felt cold all over, not to mention resisting it. What shocked him even more was the monk on the fifth floor of the golden elixir. He actually dressed up as a pig to eat a tiger, before he was injured in his hands is to pretend, at this time is a pig, Tong also understand that people pretend to be injured, not to deal with him, but for Mo Qianli. From this, it is obvious to know that the trap arranged by the five-storey monk of the golden elixir is not aimed at him,hot tub spa manufacturers, but also at Mo Qianli. From the beginning to the end, the goal of both of them is not their own side, Tong Zhong's heart has sunk.

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