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Half a year ago, she met Tang Ji at the celebration banquet of the previous play. Tang Ji is a friend of the director. As soon as he enters the private room, Zhang Yi notices him. How to describe that feeling? It's like a bunch of warm sunshine suddenly shining in a dark, narrow and suffocating confined space. If you stay in the dark for too long, you always need light. Zhang Yi took two glasses of red wine, dropped a red lipstick on one of them, and went to Tang Ji and handed it to him, implying clearly, «Mr. Tang, are you interested?» However, Tang Ji politely refused, «Sorry, I'm allergic to alcohol.» Zhang Yi laughed out loud, whether he really did not understand, or did not understand her close to Tang Ji, sexy voice blurred, «my glass of wine is not intoxicating, Mr. Tang really do not try.» «Sorry.» Tang Ji's face did not change. «No need.» Tang Ji had a good smell of lemon verbena. Zhang Yi was fascinated. She got up and drank the red wine with lip prints. She smiled, «Mr. Tang is a good habit. I like it.» Her last sentence spoke volumes. That was the first time Zhang Yi met Tang Ji. The second time, she attended a private party in the circle and had a good time. She took a child who had just met and was about to make his debut to drag racing late at night. Crazy night at the top of the mountain, she did not allow children to drive,Whirlpool bathtub, carrying her down from the top of the mountain, two people all the way sticky, almost dawdling for more than three hours to reach the foot of the mountain. But at half past eight in the morning, the foot of the hill was deserted, with only a jewelry shop and a handmade candy shop open. Zhang Yi lazily opened his eyes and saw Tang Ji standing at the door of the candy store in a clean white shirt and black trousers, concentrating on choosing candies. The light golden sunshine fell on his slightly raised mouth, which was the beauty Zhang Yi had never seen before. Suddenly, Zhang Yi's heart beat crazily. She could not control herself and poked the child gently with her fingertips,endless pool factory, «Buy me a candy.» The child thinks she did not wake up, slanting a head to fall in her red lip of water embellish the kiss with touching melancholy «give you.» The children smelled of tobacco and alcohol, not lemon verbena. Zhang Yi frowned and repeated, «I want candy.» «Don't worry.» The child thought she was still there and lowered her voice ambiguously, «I'll meet you at the hotel later.» Somehow, Zhang Yi suddenly felt sick to her stomach. The sour water in her stomach turned up and she vomited. The colorful food she had eaten last night hung on the child's high-set suit. When she smelled the sour smell, the child's face was also colorful. However, due to Zhang Yi's outstanding status, he endured nausea, disliked it and pulled the corners of his mouth, «Sister, are you all right?» Heh. Zhang Yi has never seen any ghosts and monsters since she entered the circle. She saw clearly the children's dislike. With a sneer, she staggered down from his back and patted him on the shoulder. «Little brother, go and wash quickly.» «But sister, whirlpool hot tub ,5 person hot tub, you are alone,» the little friend hesitated. " I'll wait for you here. She raised her eyebrows. «Why are you afraid that your sister will get lost?» «No.» The child shyly touched the back of his head, but what he said was not shy at all. «I was afraid that my sister would be taken away by other men.» Zhang Yi did not speak, took out the cigarette case from the bag, took out a light, took a hard puff, exhaled a long string of smoke, through the smoke, looked deeply at Tang Ji, «how can you, you are so lovely, sister can't bear to part with you.» The child blushed and nodded, turned around and ran quickly to the bathroom. Zhang Yi did not move, and she was not afraid of being recognized by passers-by. She squatted down by the roadside and smoked silently. After smoking, her eyes shone and she stared at Tang Ji. When Tang Ji chose the candy and walked past her, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Tang Ji's trouser leg. She looked up and smiled brightly, «I have no money, but I especially want to eat candy. Last time I invited Mr. Tang a glass of wine. Can you invite me a candy this time?» Tang Ji did not give her candy, but gave her a brand-new one-dollar bill. Zhang Yi bought the cheapest lollipop. She peeled off the candy wrapper and put it in her mouth. It was cheap but not ordinary ginger candy. It was very sweet. She leaned against the carved pillar outside the candy store and waved to Tang Ji's back with a smile. «See you next time, Mr. Tang.» «What's wrong?» Xu Jianian noticed that Zhang Yi's face was not right and asked with concern. Zhang Yi suppressed the uneasiness and jealousy in her heart and restored her smile in a second. She loosened her cell phone and raised her hand around Xu Jianian's neck. «It's nothing. Seeing others misunderstand your relationship with Shige, I'm a little jealous.» «Just a little,» Xu Jianian asked with a smile at the corners of his mouth, half joking and half serious. He knew that he would only have a few nights with Zhang Yi, but he could not resist Zhang Yi's charm. He did not know whether he was too deeply involved in the play, bringing the character's love for Zhang Yi into reality, or whether Zhang Yi just appeared when his feelings were blank, he moved his heart, he only knew that he was crazy about this woman now and did not want to let her go. Yeah, just a little bit. Zhang Yi's eyes sparkled with light, «So what's the relationship between you and Shige?» «Probably her ex-boyfriend and my ex-girlfriend were together.» Xu Jianian hooked the corners of his mouth, «He is a difficult brother and sister.» Zhang Yi doesn't pay much attention to the gossip of other artists, and she only heard a little about Shige News. It is said that she was cut off by her ex-boyfriend's good friend, who is also an actor. She loosened Xu Jianian, lifted the quilt and got up, picked up the long skirt and put it on, grabbed it casually, and pulled up a beautiful and neat bun. «It seems that you are really destined to be cheated together and enter the crew together.» «How can I smell your words more and more sour?» Xu Jianian also turned over and got out of bed, hugged Zhang Yi from behind, and put his chin on her shoulder. «You can rest assured that I don't like her, and she doesn't like me.» «Oh,» Zhang Yi chuckled, «the new husband of thousands of female fans, she actually doesn't like it, then you say, who does she like?» «The man in the picture.» Xu Jianian could not see Zhang Yi's cold face and went on to say, «Although the picture is very blurred, the man's outline is somewhat similar to mine. I don't blame the netizens for guessing that he should be very handsome.» Xu Jianian looks a bit like Tang Ji. Zhang Yi saw him for the first time on the set of Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty. At first glance,China spa factory, she thought it was Tang Ji. Can look carefully, only to find that two people are very different. Xu Jianian has the common smoothness in the entertainment circle, and Tang Ji's clean and warm temperament is unique.

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