The sound of the palace all night

Suddenly, I do not know who lightly shouted: «Someone came up again!» " A group of officials immediately stopped talking and all cast their eyes on the stairway. After listening to a slow sound of footsteps, a middle-aged man in beautiful clothes went upstairs, glanced here and kept walking upstairs, followed by several followers who were obviously guards. At this time, the sound of several gasps was particularly harsh. However, most of the people did not know why. They did not know the man who went upstairs. Just when someone wanted to ask who the man was, there was another sound of footsteps. Not long after, a man dressed like the middle-aged man in brocade went upstairs. He looked a few years younger than the previous man, but his face was very pale and his spirit was somewhat poor. Without looking at the group of officials on this side, he walked on his own to the stairs on the other side, but this time, more people recognized him, and despite his efforts to restrain himself, there was a loud cry from the crowd. It was not until the figure of the man disappeared that several senior officials began to talk about it. My God, that was a waste. King Jiangdong! «Since it's this master, there's no need to mention the one in front of him. It must be the King of Linjiang!» «Didn't you say these two princes wouldn't return to Beijing until fifteen? Now they're only thirteen. How did they get there?» «Yes, even if they arrive in the capital, those upstairs don't have to make such a big show, unless.» Unless two words came out, the whole third floor was suddenly silent. The young officials who did not know why did not dare to ask aloud when they saw their colleagues with a frightened look. For a moment, the atmosphere became extremely strange. Just then,endless swim spa, the stairs suddenly creaked again. The usual sound of the past reached the ears of these officials, but it was more torturous than the sound of playing cotton, but many people still craned their necks to look at the place. Cloud sideburns, purple clothes, pipa… After seeing all the people's clothes, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The people who came were all known to them. Whether they were holding a banquet at home or hanging out outside, they had never seen the leading figure in the fireworks field, Shiyiniang, who never said anything about sex and art,endless swimming pool, and whose temperament was more fascinating than those women who were always submissive. But now at this time, no one dares to say hello. Eleven Niang, however, was not as reserved as these officials. She stopped there and glanced at them with a smile for a while. Then she said in a coquettish voice, «I'm sorry, everyone. The slave family has something to do. Let's go first.». Another day, if you want to invite a meeting or a banquet at your home, you might as well go to Taikang Courtyard, where the slave family will be waiting for you. Then she saluted round and round, holding the lute in her arms and Yingying went away. After waiting for her to walk for a long time, the officials looked at each other. Counting the people who have just arrived, those who should have come should have come, and eleven Niang such a brothel woman actually fell in the end, the courage is really not small. At this time, people were able to speak out, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless swim pool, and there were no other important people on the third floor except the court officials, so naturally there was no need to worry about leaking the news. And just the shopkeeper has come to inform, because the fourth floor is a distinguished guest, tonight the third floor will not let people come up to disturb, they can guess the above article. However, at the height of the discussion, the stairs creaked again. At this time, everyone cursed the owner of Wangchuan Tower to replace all the stairs. Dressed in purple, the bearer did not have the charm of eleven Niang, nor the amorous feelings of eleven Niang, nor the hope of 11 Niang. However, in people's eyes, it was immediately a Rin-many people recognized that it was Princess Cui Wei of Ningxuan, the queen mother's favorite granddaughter. Volume 2 When Will the Clouds Return Chapter 2 Ambush on All Sides Cui Wei did not know what the officials on the third floor were thinking, and only when he went up to the fourth floor did he find that the atmosphere was unusually depressed. Although there are singers singing and dancing in the side, the music is melodious, but it is also difficult to stop the gloomy color on people's faces. In particular, the King of Linjiang and the King of Jiangdong, who occupied one side, completely ignored the stunning kabuki and rested there with their eyes closed. Seeing her coming, Xu Suyuan, the Duke of Rong, was the warmest. He was the first to stand up and greet her. «The princess is coming. Let's wait!» Cui Wei did not intentionally come late, but before the trip Xu Ying suddenly came to see, brought the queen mother's will, she had to delay for a period of time, and finally naturally late. At this time, seeing all the people present get up, she hurriedly returned the gift one by one, and finally came to the king of Linjiang and the king of Jiangdong. I've seen two uncles! Linjiang Wang happily opened his eyes, looked at Cui Wei for a moment and stood up, while Jiangdong Wang still sat motionless in his chair, this combination of standing and standing in the eyes of the public, naturally very strange. Right prime minister Lu Yufei and left prime minister Lin Hua looked at each other, smiled at the same time, and turned their heads back. I haven't seen you for many years, but you have become a big girl! Because the assassination was only a minor injury that day, the king of Linjiang looked good and spoke in a loud voice. He looked up and down at Cui Wei for a while, and finally he could not help but praise her: «She is indeed a person trained by her mother. Compared with you, my daughters are just like village girls.» Seemingly recalled by his own words, he suddenly sighed lightly: «Speaking of it, Yongle's child is not lucky, that is, she is clever and lovely and I am intimate, but now it has been separated forever.» The atmosphere in the field was already stiff and cold, at this time Linjiang Wang said this sentence, immediately added three points of embarrassment. Of course, the three dukes on one side sat there in silence, and even the two ministers quietly moved to one side. In fact, if not today is the queen mother sent someone to speak,Chinese spa manufacturer, they would not come at all. In the past, when the monarch and his subjects met, they definitely had a different taste in their hearts.

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