Rebirth and promotion in the Qing Dynasty

No matter how entangled the emperor, the prince and the future crown princess are, Nuomin is happy to call Yin over anyway. Because of the rules in the palace, Nuomin found two ladies who knew everything about human affairs for Yin a month ago. Those demons/gorgeous/cheap/goods must not be wanted, but once the honest and honest sparrows become phoenixes, they may not continue to be honest. So Nuomin spent a lot of effort to investigate for a year or two before she was selected. Now that two people are Yin's woman, also lived in the north two in a month, what nature can also see one or two, Nuo Min naturally want to ask Yin how the impression of them, can not be treated differently because of her reward, let them gain power publicity. The two people to be worthy of Nuo Min elected, very honest, even if it is a little careful thinking also did not mess up the rules, Yin is still satisfied with them. Serving a concubine is used to vent. It doesn't matter whether you can read or not, whether you can recite poems or not, and whether you understand the rules or not. The key is to be beautiful and have a good body. Di Fu Jin side Fu Jin is used to communicate the spiritual world, do not understand the rules of what that is also Di Fu Jin, men go to the concubine at night to sleep there so a little time will contact with the concubine, simply will not care about these. According to this standard, the two concubines chosen by Nuomin for Yin were very good. Nuo Min called Yin to come naturally not for this little thing. After the maid who was waiting for him retired,hot tub wholesale, Nuo Min said, «You are going to get married in more than a month. You are an adult. What are you going to do?» «My son listens to Khan Ama's arrangement.» Yin said with a straight face, this year the emperor put him into the court, but the specific official position is not decided, in the cabinet six everywhere, it can be said that where can speak but where can not get involved. Nuomin is clear about this, because the emperor in his previous life also arranged it like this. «The emperor must want you to be familiar with the operation of each department,jacuzzi suppliers, and when he thinks it is appropriate, he will ask you which department you belong to.». Although there may be a transfer in the future, I think it will probably not change. This is related to your future. You have to think carefully. Nuo Min will not directly force Yin into any department, because this will not only arouse Yin's rebellious mentality, but also in case Yin is really not good at that department, when the time comes to make a mistake, but will be punished. Even if the emperor cherishes his son, he will not be punished too heavily, but he will have a bad impression in his heart, which is not worth the loss. My son now feels that the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Works are good. Yin said slowly, «The eldest brother in the Ministry of War is just like protecting food. He doesn't allow anyone else to get their hands on it. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is too involved. Not to mention the courtiers, even the imperial clan is involved in it. The big manager can't get involved without spending money. And my son thinks that Khan Ama won't let anyone control the Ministry of Residence.». The Ministry of Punishment and the Ministry of Rites are also good, but my son wants to do something practical. Nuo Min nodded, she still agreed with Yin's choice, hot tub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, it can be said that in addition to the Ministry of Personnel, Yin chose which department she agreed with, even if it was the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Rites that was looked at by the elder brother. As long as you know it in your heart, you can't help you if you don't understand the things in the court. Then Nuomin turned to open the Kang cabinet on one side and took out a small red sandalwood box from it and put it in front of Yin, motioning him to open it. This is Yin originally didn't think much about it, and sometimes he would give them a lot of good things. Originally, Yin thought it was something strange, but he didn't expect that the things inside were very rough-a thick stack of silver tickets, turned down and there were many shops, Zhuangzi fields and land deeds. Pinch, what are you. Yin looked at Nuomin in surprise. Although he had been living in the palace and did not know how much the land deeds of these shops outside were worth, the two hundred thousand taels of silver on them alone were frightening enough. As one has not been given by the emperor two hundred and thirty thousand taels of silver to settle down, food and accommodation are from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is no filial piety to the court, usually can see the silver only years of the little elder brother, the two hundred thousand taels of silver on the impact of Yin that is big, not to mention that a small thick stack of shop Zhuangzi Tian Wedge deed. «You will get married in more than a month, and you will be an adult. As for the so-called marriage and career, your small family will be shouldered by you.». You have been living in the elder brother's house. Have you ever thought about the changes before and after the elder brother's marriage? If you get married, you will not be a child. Not to mention the other birthday gifts for the empress Dowager, is it difficult for you to pinch the forehead to help you prepare? Nuomin said, «I also know that you have a lot of good things over the years, but you don't have much money. In the past, I was afraid that you would be cheated by the people around you. Now that you are going to get married, you can't be regarded as a child any more. You should also be given some capital. Is it difficult for you to count on your dowry from Fujin in the future?» What Nuomin hated most in her previous life was Yongzheng's debt collection, which forced Yin to live on Fujin Fucha's dowry and let Fucha dominate the family, but she was not capable enough to make Yin lose his children and grandchildren. Even though he knew that what Yongzheng did at that time was right, he was forced to do so, but Nuomin still hated him. It is precisely because of this, Nuomin this life is so keen to let his family go to the south to earn money, and even involved in the sea trade this high-risk high-profit industry. Over the years, the sea trade is not without an accident, just did not reach the injury, a trip out of the accident loss is not only nearly a million taels of silver, but also those skilled, that is the biggest loss. Yin was said to be very embarrassed by Nuomin, as an ambitious prince elder brother, he naturally did not have that idea. Although I don't understand the court, but also know that the north has not stopped, big elder brother marriage emperor also has nothing to say, to the prince and you here is certainly the same, big elder brother and prince there is what kind of situation I don't know, but I think whether Huifei Nala family or Hesheli family must have subsidized their silver. Otherwise, those two people would not have lived so well. Nuo Min will say so clearly,outdoor endless pool, Yin naturally know Nuo Min's meaning, but Yin hesitated to say: «The forehead pinches these things to the son, that sisters and brothers?» He's not a solitary eater.

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