Embrace the Dawn of Rebirth

Alex's face flashed a trace of unnaturalness, and he raised his hand and rubbed Wang Xi's short hair stiffly: «Don't cry anymore. Do you know? This is the command's order.» Wang Xi looked at Alex's expression in amazement and felt his hand gently rubbing his hair. Apart from that illness and weakness, as well as his sprained foot, there was no physical contact between the two. Thinking of what Alex had just said, Wang Xi's face suddenly flashed a blush. Alex immediately withdrew his hand, picked up the cello case on the side, and turned around: «Let's go, everyone is waiting for us.» Wang Xi touched the place where Alex had just rubbed his hand, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and hurriedly followed Alex in front of him. The two men went through the backstage one after the other and stepped out of the exit. When a dark figure hiding in the side door saw Alex with green eyes coming out, his eyes suddenly turned hard and his hand quietly reached into his bag, as if he had pulled out some bottle-shaped object. Seeing Alex getting closer and closer, the shadow leaned down slightly, and then suddenly jumped out of the corner of the side door like an arrow from the bow, holding a bottle of red wine, suddenly pulled out the plug and splashed it at Alex nearby. Alex,massage bathtub manufacturers, with the piano on his back, suddenly saw a man wearing a mask and a hat in front of him, holding a bottle in his hand, and a very bad feeling came to his mind. Danger The command came to his mind, and he took a few steps backwards. It was in these steps that the unknown liquid in the bottle did not spill on him, but on the place where he had just stood. Silk ~ Silk ~ Silk ~ A sickening smell accompanied by a puff of white smoke rose from the ground. Sulfuric acid! As soon as Alex's face turned white, he immediately became highly nervous. He hurriedly protected Wang Xi,american hot tub, who had witnessed all this, behind him, and avoided the sulfuric acid thrown at them by the shadows. Help! With a scream, Anxiang, who was waiting in the square with the troops, suddenly changed his look and looked in the direction of the Royal Concert Hall. It's Hee Hee! At this time, Zheng Yiran also looked there with his eyes wide open without any blood. An Xiang put the violin case in his hand on the member next to him and ran quickly to the concert hall. In order to protect Wang Xi, Alex's clothes were splashed with a few drops of sulfuric acid, which was now burning his thin clothes and the skin inside them. Alex frowned and his face turned pale. Wang Xi was protected by Alex behind her, she knew that he was injured all because of himself, if not carrying her cello, indoor endless pool ,whirlpool hot tub spa, in order to cover himself behind him, Alex can completely escape. Deep self-reproach let Wang Xi bite his lower lip, she stared angrily at the gangster who splashed them with sulfuric acid, her eyes rolled, as if she had seen something, and immediately pointed at the gangster's back and shouted: «Ah!»! Boss Ann! The scoundrel looked back reflexively at her cry. Wang Xi quickly took Alex's hand and ran away. The gangster turned around and saw that there was no figure of Anxiang. He immediately knew that he had been tricked and roared angrily: «Smelly kid!»! How dare you *** with me! You go to hell! As he said this, the mad scoundrel suddenly splashed desperately, and more than half of the bottle of sulfuric acid splashed on the ground, emitting a burst of white smoke. The sulfuric acid in the bottle had bottomed out. The gangster cried out crazily, and his eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness. He threw the bottle at Alex's head in his hand. It happened that Wang Xi turned around and saw this scene, and an idea suddenly flashed through her mind: never let Alex have an accident, absolutely not! With this in mind, Wang Xi pushed Alex, and the bottle flew over Wang Xi and hit the cylindrical pillar in front of him with a «bang», splashing broken glass debris everywhere. Ah A very short but very miserable cry resounded around, Wang Xi suddenly covered his face with his hands and knelt on the ground. Alex's wide-open emerald green eyes blew through a storm of anxiety when he saw this scene, his heart seemed to stop beating, the expression on his face was as pale as death, and all the self-reproach and disbelief turned into two words: «Hee hee!» The author has something to say: Are you familiar with the background music? It's the one in the symphony Lover's Dream. It was originally played by oboe, but this is Carl's flute version. Everyone likes it very much. Anxiang's Revenge, People's Prayer When An Xiang arrived at the scene, he saw Wang Xi kneeling on the ground with his face covered. He saw a guy wearing a hat to cover his face turn around and run away. An Xiang's eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness. He rushed to the gangster and flew a roundabout kick, throwing the gangster to the ground. Then, without mercy, he raised his leg and stepped on the man with one foot, «Ah Wu ~» Only heard a crisp «card rub» sound, accompanied by the gangster's painful howl, his chest immediately corresponding to the concave down. An Xiang's beautiful face flashed a trace of anxiety, his eyes swept over Alex, who was holding Wang Xi's pale face at the moment, frowning, his right foot maintaining the trampling action, and he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket: «Hello, there has been a wounding case in the Royal Concert Hall. The gangster has been captured by me. There is still one wounded person. Please send an ambulance and a police car as soon as possible.» “Alex? It hurts. My eyes hurt. Wang Xi suddenly felt that she had fallen into a warm embrace. The glass debris that had just splashed everywhere just bounced into her eyes. Suddenly, Wang Xi felt the pain unbearable. The fierce burning sensation in her eyes made her have an illusion that she was about to leave hot blood. An Xiang! Call Dr. Amati。” (Amati Japanese Romanization, written in Chinese characters as Heaven and Earth) Hearing Alex's command, Anxiang was stunned and immediately stared at Alex, who was holding Wang Xi tightly and dared not let go for a moment. Alex,outdoor hot tub, do you know what this means? An Xiang frowned and looked very serious with his mobile phone. Alex's emerald green eyes flashed a trace of solemnity, and his mouth urged: «If you want to fight, you fight!» 。 monalisa.com

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