Buddha is originally the Tao.

«We are Yuhua and Yuwen, five generations of disciples of the Shushan Sword Sect. This Zhixian was raised by my sect. Somehow, he suddenly broke the amulet and fled to the mountains.». We have been ordered by our teacher to come here specially to recover it. Why did you stop us? The woman who made the flying sword was Yuhua. Edge and Li Rong struggle, but also calm and leisurely to speak, the little fox can see clearly, it is clear that through six or seven times the big day plunder, that Li Rong is only through four times the day plunder, relying on the magic weapon, can fight not to fall behind, finally is good. It was raised by someone else! Xiang Hui looked at the Ganoderma lucidum doll in the back. The doll was very anxious. He drew pictures again and again, making the sword strong enough to cut the flesh, and making the appearance of alchemy and fire. His mouth babbled. Xiang Hui understood as soon as he saw it. He asked hurriedly, «So you were raised as a pig. When you wanted to make alchemy, you cut the flesh and bled. You couldn't stand it, so you escaped.» The Ganoderma lucidum doll nodded repeatedly and took Xiang Hui's hand again. His face was pleading. Xiang Hui knew what it meant. He was furious and shouted, «I've heard for a long time that Shushan is a decent family. How can we do such a thing? We are monastic people who accumulate merits and eliminate evils. Don't we hear that God has the virtue of living well? It's not easy for Ganoderma lucidum to become a human being. How can we cut off its flesh and blood?» What is the difference between such behavior and animals? Yuhua and Yuwen looked at each other, Yuhua received the flying sword, her Sanyang sword is taken from the South China Sea refined iron with dry natural fire refining for hundreds of years, by the Shushan Lingfu, day and night tempering, where to know and the other side of the magic weapon a contact, feel potential like a mountain, difficult to resist, fortunately, his skill is higher than the other side a few chips, and did not miss, the other side of the magic weapon, huge awe-inspiring, Xuanmen is obviously authentic, and a bunch of handsome men and beautiful women, who are full of immortal spirit,Fiberglass tape measure, not evil spirits first-class, they do not want to fight. Listening to this man, he is a pedantic monk. I don't know which disciple he is. Yuhua and Yuwen looked at each other, and Yuwen immediately said, «Zhi Xian was raised by the Golden Cicada Elder in our sect before he attained enlightenment. He was sheltered by the sect for a thousand years before he became a spiritual person and became a human being. As the saying goes, tit for tat. Such a great kindness should be repaid. Besides, we don't want his life. It's just alchemy. It needs essence and blood. Every time we cut it, we apply it with elixir, which doesn't damage its root.» This Taoist friend is too pedantic to be flexible. Xiang Hui said angrily, «There is no reason for us monastic people to do good deeds in return. Since this Zhi Xian himself doesn't want to, how can you force him to do so?» The crowd sniggered and flashed to the back to watch Xiang Hui perform. Hearing Xiang Hui's lesson, the two girls were speechless. Suddenly, the roar of the sword came. A young man came down from the sky. He looked at Yuhua and Yuwen and asked, «Why haven't you caught Zhi Xian yet?» Then he looked at the crowd below. Martial Uncle. As soon as the two women saw the man coming, they immediately saluted, Surveyors tape measure ,cattle weight tape, but this man was a disciple of the fourth generation of Shushan. The little fox was secretly alert, but this man had already become an immortal, but he did not know how to do it. After listening to what the two girls said, the young man snorted coldly, «Ridiculous!»! It was clear that he wanted to plot against Zhi Xian of my school, so he said some pedantic truth. Why are you two so confused? The two women were scolded and did not dare to reply. I am Jade Sword Immortal Zhuge Chao. I don't know which school you belong to. This Ganoderma Lucidum Immortal is raised in my school. All schools of good and evil know it. Please return it, so as not to hurt the harmony. Xiang Hui sneered, «You don't have to ask me about my school. I am the orthodox school of Xuanmen. I understand that the living beings in the three realms are hanging upside down. How can I be compared with such schools as yours that regard the living beings as worthless?» The man was shrewd, and it was useless to say more to Hui, so he simply tore his face and said. Good thief, as expected, is greedy, but also so big talk is not gradual! Jade Fairy Zhuge Chao was so angry that he trembled all over. As soon as he read in his mouth, a blue light spurted out, but it was a jade sword. There was no brilliance, but the cold air was dense and cold to the bone. The shallow water below was covered with thick ice. Even the huge waterfall was frozen in an instant. The sound of the ice crackled, and the sound of the rumbling water suddenly stopped. This Cold Jade Sword is a piece of cold jade found by the elder of Shushan Mountain in the ice layer of ten thousand feet in the extreme south of the South China Sea. It is finely polished with black ice. It is not subject to any anger. It contains the cold of Kun Yin. Once it is sacrificed, it is swept by the cold with a little carelessness. All the skillful points of the body are sealed together, and all the magic powers and primordial spirits are ineffective. As soon as Xiang Hui's whole body tightened, the cold wave hit him, as if even the primordial spirit could not work. He was frightened. Knowing that this man was fierce, he hurriedly offered sacrifices to the Ziying Sword to protect his whole body. All the people offered sacrifices to the magic weapon, which was brilliant. Li Jie offered sacrifices for nine days and ten places. It was ten feet long, and there was a small hole in the middle. All the people entered the shuttle, leaving only the magic weapon flying outside, all bombarding the jade sword. The little fox had become an immortal, and had been enlightened by the spirit of Zhou Qing's great sorcerer. His achievements were extraordinary, and he did not enter the shuttle. Practicing the way of heaven has achieved little success, and he is not afraid of the invasion of the cold. He opens the banner of the five poisonous gods, and the five poisonous gods on the banner appear together. The water toad, the fire centipede, the wood scorpion, the gecko, and the golden-eyed three-headed snake are all a hundred feet in size, baring their teeth and claws. The air is full of sweet, warm and soft multicolored poisonous smoke, which condenses into thousands of poisonous insects. The fire centipede spewed out a big red bead, and the poisonous fire was burning in the air. The water toad also opened its mouth and spewed out green beads. The cold air was absorbed a lot. One set fire and the other inhaled the cold air, which just restrained the power of the cold jade sword. Zhuge Chao didn't care about those disciples who didn't achieve immortality. He had two cold jade swords. It was the first one before. It was the magic weapon of Xiang Hui and others. How could he know that the little fox was so fierce? After Zhou Chen took the extremely poisonous things in the mountain of ten thousand poisons many times, the five poisonous banners were so powerful and poisonous. Especially after the urging of the little fox, the extremely poisonous things above appeared together, and Zhuge Chao turned into a flying sword to protect his whole body. He could not resist it, so he wanted to flee back to the mountain gate and take the restraint treasure to come back. I didn't know that the flying sword had caught the poisonous insect, but I smelled a sweet and greasy smell in my nose. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and sleepy. Yuhua screamed, «Uncle Zhuge, your body!» Zhuge Chao saw that his clothes were rotten all over his body, and even the skin had blisters as big as beans. Then it broke, and the stinking yellow water flowed. Before he had breathed twice, the flesh on his hands and face was rotten,Horse weight lbs, and the white bones came out, but he didn't feel any pain, not even tingling. tapemeasure.net

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