Phoenix hairpin

Liu Zhaoxi pulled his hand out of Yue Chang's hand and listened to Yue Chang's words, but he was somewhat puzzled. Can you not only cure diseases, but also touch bones? What's so strange about my bones? «Little Lang Jun is a rare double dragon life in the world, one body is divided into two kinds of life, strange and strange.» «What is more curious is that there is a pair of phoenixes to match, but a lucky one.» Yue Chang shook his head and sighed, only looking at his face. The child in front of him had three courtyards and five eyes, which were noble and extraordinary. He must be the prince's grandson. And the child wrote a word, from the word you can see that the little prince crape myrtle is full of gas, Kang Jinlong is in position, proving that this is a hidden dragon. The only surprising thing is to touch the bone to find out the fate of Shuanglong. This kind of fate is really the first time I met it. How can a person have two different destinies at the same time. This throne is clearly the right one, but on the other side is a great karmic obstacle, which is simply too strange. When Liu Zhaoxi heard Yue Chang's words, he was suddenly frightened. «One body is divided into two kinds of fate.» Isn't that what he said, that is, he was reborn? «Interesting, really interesting!»! Little Lang Jun is noble and natural. He has help from all directions. Don't worry. It's better to go home. After Yue Chang finished, he and the abbot exchanged a look without any trace, and then walked out of the room laughing. Liu Zhaoxi was confused, superior people seem to be unable to deal with,Adhesive fish ruler, simply today's main purpose has been achieved. Don't pay any attention to him. Those who talk nonsense are not in shape. Can the distinguished guests stay in the temple for vegetarian food? With the simple mood of serving people well and earning more sesame oil money, the abbot smiled and asked thoughtfully after Yue Chang left. Oh, please abbot. Liu Zhaoxi looked at Zhou Cheng, Yue Chang left, but the master was still there, so he agreed to stay here without thinking. When Zhou Cheng spoke in Yue Chang, he also recognized the identity of Liu Zhaoxi, and wondered in his heart that a little prince had come here to look for the old guy on his own initiative. Originally,Wheel tape measure, after Yue Chang left, he also wanted to leave, but the little prince refused to let him go, and the abbot left him as an accompanying guest at noon. After all, Zhou Cheng was also the son of an aristocratic family, and he could talk to the little prince. Sure enough, the two began to chat during the dinner. Although the six princes were young, they were very insightful in their conversation. Sure enough, the little prince was not as simple as Zhou Cheng felt when he first met him. «I am in the sixth rank at home, and I have befriended several gentlemen of the Zhou family. Brother Zhou doesn't have to be a layman. You can call me Liu Lang.». Liu Zhaoxi has never put on the airs of a prince. He was very friendly, thinking that even if he couldn't get familiar with Zhou Cheng for a while, he could at least leave a good impression. Zhou Cheng also had his own ideas in his heart. Although he had not learned bone-touching with the old guy, he had heard that the six princes were very popular in the palace. Although he was young now, his future was limitless. Zhou Cheng's leg disease could not make him an official, fish measuring tape ,tape measure clip, and he could only find another way to get ahead, so he did not refuse to win over the six princes. When Liu Zhaoxi took people away from Fushan Temple, he and Zhou Cheng had some deep friendship. Ignoring the fact that he was an iron-faced Taoist in his previous life, Liu Zhaoxi felt sorry for Zhou Cheng. If his legs were good, no one in the Zhou family could catch up with him. After Liu Zhaoxi left, Zhou Cheng returned to his yard in a wheelchair. It was usually quiet here, so Zhou Cheng didn't want the boy these years. He took care of himself. In the future, you can have more contact with the little prince. He has the appearance of being in the right position. I just pinched my fingers for you. You were deeply involved before. Yue Chang rarely did not eat a mouthful of oil, and today he did not even leave a meal to eat together, which is very unlike his style. Aren't you going to teach me anything else? Zhou Cheng nodded. He never doubted the old man's ability in this respect, but hesitated for a moment and asked. It's best not to teach you. You don't know the rules of our school. There's no turning back after learning. If you can have other prospects, I will be worthy of your grandfather. Yue Chang sighed, he is not always so mixed, see the little apprentice to lean in a good direction, only support. Have you been in touch with you recently? Take care of yourself and don't play with fire. ” Other he can not reveal the secret, but this little prince has a big cause and effect, because he is the father of the next Lord of Zhongxing, for the fate of the whole Dynasty has played an important role. This kind of merit has been recorded in the way of heaven, and no one can interfere with it. Although Shuanglong's life is a little strange, he has been able to correct it several times. I have my own plan. At the mention of the Huang family, Zhou Cheng's face was somewhat bad, and his eyes became dark and gloomy again. Yue Chang sighed. He sincerely hoped that Zhou Cheng would not go the way of these people. Whether he was suffering or escaping, he was living too hard. Since Liu Zhaoxi knew that the Iron-faced Taoist was Zhou Cheng, the convenience of mixing the world and destroying the world was also well documented, and it seemed that it was still in the hands of Yue Chang. In this life, in any case, the side of the world and the side of the world can not appear, it is best to spread silently, or to his hands, such as Amu that does not open to see, directly into the imperial mausoleum suppression. He did not want to see the same as in his previous life, because of these two ancient books, the whole capital was not peaceful. Liu Zhaoxi worries about too many things, and these things only he knows, no one can say, the only way to relieve the pressure is to pay attention to Po's movements every day. In a twinkling of an eye, Xu Yanhua will usher in the first ten days of rest in the women's school, during which she has become familiar with the various courses and new classmates of the women's school. Her favorite class is imperial, the least good is music, poetry and calligraphy can also have Cheng Qinghan to help her, but music, there is no way. When playing the lyre, Xu Yanhua tried to imitate Mr. Dongguo, who made up the number, and played with everyone, trying not to really pluck the strings,Fish measuring board, so as not to make a less harmonious sound. But a few days later, she was discovered by Master Sun, the teacher of the lyre course. Master Sun was so angry that he caught her and let her play alone.

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