Feng Yu Jiu Tian

So, while crying loudly, while biting Mianya's shoulder, what is going on? Is it because you are too hungry? But Mingming ate the cake first. Also, he took a big bite of Mianya, and Mianya took a small bite back to him and bit it on his mouth. He, always in the flowers willow tree carefree, sees the beautiful man beautiful woman Su Jinchao childe, unexpectedly froze, neither screamed, also did not resist, this is how to return a responsibility? Could it be. Is that at that time thought is the world delicacy, now thinks actually feels the very disgusting bubble water flour cake to make the worship in the belly? Ew. That's enough! *** the smelly cake! Hum, if it weren't for being tied helplessly by the rope, I really want to rush up and beat this bastard named Mian into a piece of soft rotten cotton. Su Jinchao is not afraid of «power» to take a hard look at Mianya. " Mianya, don't be rude to Mr. Su. Fierce Zhongliu finally put away the face of the laughing demon king, returned to the normal handsome and unrestrained posture, went to the corner where Su Jinchao was temporarily «placed», bent over,Walking tape measure, a contented smile, «Su Gongzi actually misunderstood, I am so happy, not only because King Ming won the battle of Jiaoying Island, but because King Ming did a greater thing than winning the battle.» | Pai Pai Novel Forum Ziyi Feifei Handwritten, Please Specify for Reprint | «Oh?»? What great thing did King Ming do? It was Mianya who asked this. In the latest information sent by his spies, there seems to be no other important news except for the great victory on Hayabusa Island. Could it be that the prime minister sneaked out while he was out. But what can the prime minister find out that they can't? Lie Zhongliu stood up straight and looked back at Mianya with a smile on his lips. «The greatest thing King Ming did was to release all the prisoners and warships of the same country unconditionally.» «Ha!» Su Jinchao immediately rolled his eyes politely. Xiao Jiafengming is an unreasonable fool. For hundreds of years,horse weight tape, he was probably the first person who had won a battle and released prisoners of war without any benefit at all. Unexpectedly, the so-called prime minister of their family went all the way with King Ming. It is said that the most appreciated fool in the world is another fool, and sure enough, it is a wise saying. Mianya exclaimed, «King Ming won the battle, but he didn't get any benefit. Why did the prime minister praise King Ming for this?» «Ha ha ha!» Fierce midstream was another round of signboard-like magic voice laughing, winking at Mianyi, «What you consider is only a little benefit in front of you, but what King Ming gets is endless benefits in the future. There is a difference between heaven and earth.» Without waiting for Mianya to ask again, he waved his hand and said, «I can't explain this to you now. You can see it in the future. The same country is now equal to half of it in the hands of King Ming. The remaining half will be harvested when the time is ripe.». Now, there are a few things you need to send someone to do. Smile a little. Suddenly, it was restored to the superior demeanor of pointing out the general trend and being calm. If an ordinary passer-by saw him changing like this, Diameter tape measure ,Pi tape measure, he would probably be mentally deranged. Fortunately, Mianya was trained by Rong Tian, and he still had some psychological endurance. When he heard that he had a task, he was in high spirits and said, «Just tell the prime minister.» «After the First World War on Hayabusa Island, the dignitaries of all countries will receive news. I don't know what they will do next. You should send more people to all countries to find out the latest news and pass it to the king as soon as possible.» «Understood.» «Dongfan will also send someone there. I have a letter. Please bring it to Dongyu, who is responsible for training the army in Dongfan.» «Yes.» When King Ming defeated the army of the same country, he had to leave the island. The same country was the enemy who had just fought, and Xilei was in the hands of Rong Tong. The single forest was too far away, so there was no need to consider it. I guess King Ming would choose to land in Bojian. Send someone to Bo immediately, find out where King Ming is, and get in touch with King Ming. «Good.» «Remember to send me a message to King Ming that I will stay in Tongze for a period of time to observe the dynamics of the dignitaries in the same country.». If Wu Qian returns with a defeated army and is persecuted by other royal families in the same country, I will wait for an opportunity to intervene at the most appropriate time. ” Mianya nodded, «I see, I will go to the blog room in person.» «No,» he said, shaking his head. «It's a small thing to send a man. I have other plans for you. Ever since Mianya had seen the way in which the fierce midstream worked hard from Qingan and easily delayed the schedule of the three-masted ship to Jingyu Island, he had no doubt about his decision-making power and answered without hesitation, „Everything is up to the prime minister.“. By the way, I don't know what the prime minister needs me to do? Lie Zhongliu thought for a moment and whispered, „Let's find another place to talk about it in detail.“ Mianya aimed at Su Jinchao, who was tied hands and feet in the corner, and took the hint and silently followed him out. Entering a secluded and deserted room, Liechongliu pointed to a chair to sit down and turned to close the door himself. Mianya saw that he was so serious, knowing that he had something important to discuss, and patiently watched the fierce stream close the window tightly. The two men sat face to face. Mianyacai said, „Inside and outside this house, I've sent people to watch and guard it, so that there won't be any leaks.“. If the prime minister has anything to say, he can rest assured. „Mmm.“ Strong midstream nodded, „after the result of the battle, we have a lot of things to do, since you and I are our own people, there is no need to beat around the Bush, I will ask directly.“ After a pause, he looked straight into Mianya's eyes and asked solemnly, „Have you had intercourse with Su Jinchao?“ Mianya was stunned. It took him a long time to react, „You.“ Prime Minister, you. What did you just ask? „Have you had intercourse with Su Jinchao?“ Looking at the strong midstream calmly repeating the same question, Mianya's chest was filled with an impulse to vomit blood. Of course not! Are you blushing? „Of course not!“ „Didn't you have sex with Su Jinchao, or didn't you blush?“ „Neither!“ If not in front of the king's own prime minister, he really want to beat people! Mianya rubbed his face,Walking measuring wheel, which was burning hot, but it was absolutely impossible to blush, it should be anger. tapemeasure.net

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