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The father and son were at daggers drawn, but Grandma Jiang was scared to cry. She thought something big had happened at home. Jiang Ren frowned and wiped the old man's tears. «Well, it's no big deal.» He could not take people away by force, so he had to go and talk to Jiang Jixian. Jiang Jixian said, «What's the news? Is your place really so valuable now?» Jiang laughed, but did not say yes or no. Jiang Jixian also knows that it is true that this year's real estate trend is already hot, not to mention that Jiang Ren has developed that piece very well. Not only is Jiang Ren's social status jumped up, Gao Yi, who had followed Jiang Ren to work alone, is now a vice president who made a fortune in silence. Jiang Jixian did not want Jiang Ren's money, and his Jiang family had never been short of money. He is engaged in real estate, this year is also a big profit, but compared to Jiang Ren, this is obviously not enough to see. Jiang Jixian said, «What kind of attitude is that? Your father still wants your money. If he comes back, he will come back. He knows something and lives at home.» Jiang Ren added lightly, «Do you still want to live in peace with Wen Rui?» «He is your mother's brother, but also your elder, Xiao Rui is much more worry-free than you.». Why do you always give him a hard time? Jiang Jixian kept a straight face. «They are all family members. Since you are doing well, you should promote him more.» Jiang Ren smiled, day. Let him promote Wen Rui? I don't know how the company collapsed. Wen Rui received a phone call from the nanny saying that Jiang Shao had come back, and he rushed back immediately. His face was not good all the way, but when he entered the door,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, he saw Jiang Ren sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. He said with a smile, «Little Jiang Ye has come back. This time he will stay at home for a few more days. My brother-in-law was still thinking about you a few days ago.» «Who cares about this smelly boy?» Jiang Jixian said with a tiger face. In the past, Jiang Ren was the least aggressive, almost a firecracker that exploded as soon as he stepped on it. Jiang forbearance also did not move, he lowered his eyes to drink the tea made by the servant: «I stay a few more days, do you consciously roll away?» Wen Rui said, «Master Jiang still likes to joke.». Go worship your mother when you come back. Jiang Ren is too lazy to talk nonsense with him. Wen Rui is such a coward, and his courage and uprightness are far inferior to his scheming. I'm afraid I was born in the wrong womb, and I shouldn't be a man. Wen Rui deliberately mentioned Wen Man, if the former Jiang Ren, will directly start. Jiang Ren didn't get angry or even look at him. All the contacts that Gao Yi had left in B city were collecting all kinds of information about Wen Rui. It's only a matter of time before Jiang Ren kills him. When Grandma went downstairs again, Jiang Ren said, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, «Grandma, will your grandson take you out to play for a while?» «Well, well, Grandma is playing with Xiao Ren!» Jiang Ren smiled. Jiang Jixian's face was livid, but it was impossible for him to pull back the happy Grandma Jiang. Wen Rui clenched his fist. The little wolf boy who was beaten and didn't cry grew up in the blink of an eye. He grew up, which meant he had nothing. He had never thought that Jiang Ren had changed so much in just a few years that he was no longer irritable. He paid such a big price, unexpectedly achieved today's Jiang Ren! How can he be reconciled! With the original crime of intentional injury, Jiang Ren should go straight to prison! Jiang Ren did not take Grandma Jiang to the house in the university city, but received the apartment that Grandma had arranged. Jiang Ren had a plan. Grandma Jiang's distant relatives had two brothers and sisters who had a hard life. The two brothers and sisters are diligent, but their father doesn't live up to expectations. When they drink, they beat people and don't let them study. Because they were distant relatives and grew up in the countryside, the two children could do all kinds of work, but they did not blame their father. He has a good character and is diligent. Jiang Ren let people observe them for a year, some time ago to take them to B city, now sister and brother are living in the apartment. As soon as he took Grandma over, they laughed and called General Manager Jiang and Grandma. Two simple and sincere smiling faces, but know how to repay gratitude, the apartment is also clean. They are grateful that they can take care of the elderly, do farm work without being beaten, and get wages. After Jiang Ren settled his grandmother, Jiang's grandmother quietly pulled him over: «I worshipped the Buddha yesterday and told the Little Goddess of Mercy that she would bless us to have a very good daughter-in-law.» She took out the neck ring in her pocket and showed it to Jiang Ren as a holy vow. Jiang Ren bent his eyes and said, «The fairy said, don't bless me.». She came to be my wife. The author has something to say: the first watch, the second watch will be made up tomorrow, and the cervical vertebra hurts. Good night, fairies. Chapter 87 leave some dignity. The first snow fell in November in B city. When the snowflakes covered the whole campus, Jiang Ren had already started a new real estate development project. Meng heard that the national real estate speculation fever will continue for several years. He was supposed to be busy, but he showed up at the campus in B city. Jiang Ren walked in, and he didn't mean to put on a show. Now almost everyone in B University knows him. He walked slowly through the snow, with his hands in his pockets. The students glanced at his legs from time to time, and someone asked, «Are General Manager Jiang's legs always like this?»? «Who knows if it is.» Meng Ting saw him as soon as he came out of the library. He looked up at a bird on the dead branch that was on the verge of freezing to death. After she came out, Jiang Ren put a hat and scarf on her from the bag in his hand. Pink and white, his eyes are dark, and his movements are very focused. Her delicate little face was set off all the more in the hat. Meng listened to him and stood on tiptoe to reach the bird on the dead branch. Jiang Ren wrapped her hand, pulled her back and said calmly, «I can't save her. I didn't fly to the south for the winter.». It's already dying. Meng listened to the bird's half-closed eyes. She also knew that it had no life. Jiang Ren said, «Are you very sympathetic?» «Why do you ask?» Her long eyelashes were stained with snow, and she felt as pure as glass. Jiang Ren reached out to take down the snowflake,304 Stainless Steel Bar, which turned into water in his palm. Jiang Ren did not answer her words, he told her lightly: «I see it is dying, there is no feeling.» Meng listened and looked up at him. sxthsteel.com

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