Sword Supreme

Suddenly, a huge object rolled from the front. Fish playing around their heads, fleeing in fright! Xiahou Ding's head was washed into the mud at the bottom of the river, and he was about to sink into the bottomless abyss of mud. Xiahou Ding was horrified and screamed, «Oh, no!»! It was an eight-foot white dolphin ready to attack us, and now it was trapped in the belly of the dolphin, and it would never come out! «Master!»! A crisis is a turning point. Maybe it's up to this beast to see the light of day? The bigger it is, the better, because its mobility and range are far away, and it needs to swim to the river to breathe air, which is our golden opportunity to escape! «Well said!»! Draw his attention quickly! The «demon egg blood slave» excitedly put out a bright red light, which really attracted the attention of the big white dolphin. He rushed over and swallowed his head in one mouthful! All of a sudden, it was dark beyond measure! Xiahou ding red awn know is in the belly of the big white vein, a piece of red and black dark interwoven, flustered asked: That's great! Blood slave, your red shield will not be digested by the stomach juice of this beast. What should we do now? It will swim there! Blood slave, you can't predict the future? What if we swim out of the open sea? «If..» If you swim out of the open sea, won't it be more boundless? If the vast sea is as big as the sky, isn't it more profound and boundless? Xiahou Ding was so frightened that he didn't know what to do. The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. He was scared out of his wits and exclaimed, «It's terrible!»! What should we do now? «Alas!»! Master! I can only resign myself to my fate; the blood slave is also frightened and at a loss… «Qi..» I'm so angry! Xiahou tripod gas depressed absolutely! My mind went blank. Frightened «demon egg blood slave» exclaim: «Master wake up! If you don't speak, the blood slave will feel lonely. Talk to the blood slave. The eight-foot-long white dolphin rushed downstream,304 Stainless Steel Wire, with the pleasure of being full of food. It jumped and rolled in the river, dragging a misty spray, leaving a little white light between its fingers, and the bottom of the river was dark and calm again. Looking up at the pillar, looking north at the Dragon Gate, the vast traces of Yu, the vast Changchun. The water of the Yellow River is surging, breaking through the mountains in this „Sanmenxia“,304 Stainless Steel Coil, forming three gates of ghosts, gods and people, so it gets its name. There is a sand outlet where the muddy waves of the Yellow River, as high as a hundred feet, roar like thunder, magnificent momentum, very spectacular; the Yellow River water after precipitation, here become rippling blue waves, so that this section of the Yellow River into a Qinghe, which is a spectacle. There is a temporary sunshade tent on the edge of the cliff by the river, in which sits a graceful and graceful woman dressed in beautiful clothes from the Western Regions. The wind blows and hunts, her blonde hair is like a waterfall, her green eyes are particularly bright, and her nose is hooked with Dan Kou's red lips and long golden hair. She is a rare beauty in the Central Plains. In particular, her skin is as white as fat, and she is about to be broken by blowing, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which sets off her exquisite and proud figure, beautiful and gorgeous. In the rear, there are six Han maids waiting for them, and three feet away, there are a group of people dressed in black clothes and hardbound Han knight-errant costumes, guarding in the shape of an arch moon, isolated from the outside world. Just to enjoy the view of the Three Gorges Gate of the Yellow River, there are so many people guarding it, which shows that this blonde alien beauty has an extraordinary style and a high status. Blonde beauty like a soft voice like honey, speak stiff Chinese, whispered: „that Central plain is indeed vast!“! It's worth the trip. Eyes twinkling, the first consultant maid said: „When will the master pick me up?“ A comely maid stepped forward and saluted, saying, „Mother!“! The Duke, the Marquis of Longxi, will be here in about half an hour. He has just received a new post from the emperor to entertain local officials, so he will be here later. Dai, a blonde beauty, frowned as if she was tired of the red tape of officialdom. She had a bold and unrestrained personality that naturally advocated nature, which was quite different from the implicitness of women in the Central Plains. Alas, Meng Tuo is also true! Don't do a good business? I just like officialdom culture, which is really tiring and harmful. ” Meng Lun originally fawned on Marotta and introduced Zhang Rang, the eunuch of the former Dynasty, who bought an official position as the „prefect of Xiliang“. Later, he ingratiated himself with Dong Zhuo, the „prime minister“ of the Dynasty. Dong Zhuo thus repaid him for his position as the „Marquis of Longxi“. After that, Meng Lun's official fortune rose rapidly and he was already a great shock to the Western Regions. On his way back, all the officials along the way were ingratiating. The blonde is Meng Lun's new favorite concubine, named Lizi. Alice, dressed in gold and silver, stretched and yawned, with a dazzling array of precious stone accessories, tinkling in the wind, making her even more charming and moving. Xiu Xiu! Those black-clad guards three feet away don't seem to be from the government office? Is there a new guard in the government office? The maid showed off her eyes and said in a low voice, „Mother!“! It is said that these people are Hou Ye's new friends of the'Iron Cavalry Alliance '. They are famous in the Western Regions. Everyone has good martial arts skills. Of course, those who openly ask them to protect their safety all the way, and those who secretly ask them to be escorted by their own guards! I have just finished speaking. Three feet away, five feet long bamboo tubes were thrown into the air, which were stuffed with cotton wool and burning, emitting white smoke, which curled up and flew over the cliff with the wind. The guards in black suddenly stirred up, and the sound of weapons was loud, and the cries of fighting and screaming came frequently. The smoke is poisonous! One of the leaders of the guards cried out in horror! Two subordinates rushed to the tent, and Liz and the six maids all looked pale and green, at a loss. Alice trembled with fear and exclaimed in stiff Chinese, „Who is it?“ Who came to assassinate? Meng Tuo, the Marquis of Longxi. Mu Shen, the head of the guards, looked sad and said, „It was the Poison King's Gate in the Qilian Mountains that set off a sneak attack of poisonous smoke!“! Quickly cover your mouth and nose with a wet handkerchief to avoid poisoning. The words did not have to finish,mirror stainless steel sheet, three Zhangs outside the „Iron Cavalry Alliance“ troops have been poisoned collapsed on the grass, was a group of „Poison King Gate“ masked people as cruel as the slaughter of animals, wailing everywhere. The maid Xiuxiu cleverly hands over a soaked silk handkerchief to Lisi to prevent her from being poisoned. The other five maids have already fallen to the ground in a coma. The leader of Mushen doesn't care to lose his temper. He tears his sleeve and sprinkles wet urine over his nose and mouth. The other two subordinates do the same. sxthsteel.com

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