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He welcomed the two men in. Yongwu Escort Company is a big Escort Agency with deep strength. There are no small doorways like the Secular Escort Agency in the Five Realms. If you are in the Five Realms, when you come in, you must first see a huge martial arts arena. The Escorts with upper bodies roar at each other and brush huge stone locks. The front yard of Yongwu Escort Agency is covered with green trees, green tiles and eaves, and fine Yuhua stones are laid on the path. The style is more elegant than the manor in the south of the Yangtze River. Xiao Mingyuan led them to a rather spacious courtyard. In the west of the courtyard, there was a flower tree. I don't know what kind of tree it was. The trunk was as thick as a person, but it was only about ten feet high. The branches and leaves opened like a big umbrella, and the crown was covered with a layer of light yellow flowers. There are bamboo tables and chairs under the tree, and a smart and light girl has already boiled hot water on the stove beside her. Come on, sit down! Xiao Mingyuan asked Wu Luo and Fang Qiuxiang to sit down without delay, and he was very vigorous and resolute. As soon as they clapped their hands, several Escorts came in from the side door and bowed in front of them, saying, «Three Escorts.» Xiao Mingyuan was introduced to Wu Luo. Because of Fang Qiuwu's face, the people brought out by Xiao Mingyuan are all good players. Realm is half a chip higher than what Fang Qiuwu told Wu Luo yesterday, but the price is almost the same as what he said yesterday. 800 Fiction Network wwW. ⑧ 00xIAOshUO.Com Xiao Mingyuan introduced the past one by one, Wu Luo thought about it in his heart, relying on these people, it is no problem to go to the Royal Shooting Star to look for treasure, but what to do in the future? Wuluo was a man for two generations, but no matter which one,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he was actually a loner who was not good at managing his own power. Although he was the emperor of the Southern Wilderness in his last life, he was only tough and had no direct subordinates, otherwise he would not have been so easily harmed by Lin Juefeng and Gui Li Ming. In this life, his friends are all over the world, and his power is strong, but he has no one of his own. It's just that he has two friends and one disciple, and Zhu Qingjiang, a tough father-in-law,brushed stainless steel sheet, who wants to fight, he can pull out a lot of people immediately. But when he came to the fairy world, he seriously considered that he could not do without his own team. Wuluo's experience in the fairy world can not be said to be miserable, but it is not much better. Had it not been for the fact that he himself was a talisman and had the qualifications of Sanfu Tiangong, he would have stayed in the jade and iron forest farms to open mines. He escaped from that predicament, but what about Gu Muqing? Where is Zhu Jin? What about Xiang Kuangyan? Where is Lu Nianwu. The world of immortals has become a thing of the past, and these friends, relatives, and lovers in the five realms will rise sooner or later. Wuluo feels like a «bridgehead» in the fairy world. At least before they come, build up a force of their own, and when they come, there will be a refuge. It's too miserable. In front of these escorts, the strength is strong enough, but after all, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, is someone else's person. Used once. Next time we meet, maybe it's the enemy. Wuluo thought it over and said apologetically to Xiao Mingyuan, «Brother Xiao, these people are really good, but..» He thought about it and decided that it would be better to be tactful. «Are there any who have no reason for themselves?» Xiao Mingyuan was stupefied for a moment and understood, but instead of getting angry, he said with a smile, «Well, tell me earlier.». Why bring you here to waste your time if you want that? «Come with me,» he waved. The little girl had just poured the tea, and the three of them had already got up and left. Xiao Mingyuan went out of the yard and led them to the back. But after passing through the six school yards, there was still no intention of stopping. As he walked, Xiao Mingyuan said, «Mr. Wu, if you want that kind of person, it's not the price. You have to be psychologically prepared.» Wu Luo nods: «This is natural.» Fang Chiu-hsiang also vaguely understood what Wu Luo meant. «Tieba has no words to set sail.» She took the initiative and said, «If there is a problem with the funds, our ten-party chamber of commerce can come forward to guarantee and lend money to Mr. Wu.» Wu Luo for Fang Qiuxiang's good, just very calm to thank, the side of Fang Qiuxiang see in the eyes, can not help but slightly disappointed. Until the back door of the manor, Xiao Mingyuan pushed the door out, behind which was a long canyon. This canyon is like a deep scar, embedded in the earth of Jiuyang Star. Xiao Mingyuan took them in, Wuluo did not expect that the rift valley was as deep as a thousand feet, and it was narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, but the widest part of the ground was to worship Shizhang, to the bottom, there were thousands of feet! Below is a camp of our Yongwu Escort Company, which is specially used to train escorts. Escorts who need to rush through the customs will be sent here. «In addition, the biggest use here is to provide the best quality bodyguards for those giants in the fairy world.» Although the giants are powerful, they also need bodyguards. You can't just let the giants do it themselves. And the bodyguard's body is not special, must have absolute loyalty. And how many of the giants of the fairy world who have gone through all kinds of conspiracies to finally ascend the throne are willing to believe in such things as loyalty? That's why the market for bodyguards in the fairy world is so hot. ào。“ It is absolutely impossible for the bodyguard who laid down the seal of the fairy soul in the deepest part of the fairy soul to betray his master. Only such a person can truly never betray. Xiao Mingyuan explained. These warriors, who have been sealed by immortals, have no reason to lose forever unless their masters are willing. Of these people, only a very small number of people are voluntary Mmài body, most of them are captured from the lower world by various immortal clans. They find a very talented person, lay down the seal of the immortal soul, and then use all kinds of resources to supply them to practice. After they have achieved something, they can get a good price. This process, the survival of the fittest, is extremely fishy. Of course, these Xiao Mingyuan will never tell Wu Luo. As he walked along, Wuluo heard a muffled sound of «thump thump», each of which was accompanied by the squeezing of the air in the canyon and the trembling of the ground. The further you go, the more obvious this feeling is. By the end, the canyon was already full of wind,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the ground was shaking. Seeing Wu Luo's doubts, Xiao Mingyuan smiled and said, «Here we are.» 。 sxthsteel.com

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