Wolong Sheng Jing Hong's Sword Shakes Jianghu

Chen Ziyun put the child in front of Yuling and said with a smile, «If you don't believe me, are you lying to you?» Yuling looked at the newborn baby, really very good-looking, see Ziyun busy running around, the heart is very moved, holding Yungu. «Sister,» she said with a smile, «you've been busy in the middle of the night. Have a rest.» Chen Ziyun ignored Yuling's words and just held the child in her arms and enjoyed it carefully under the candlelight. Suddenly she looked up and smiled at Yuling: «Sister, we don't know how long we will live in this cave. Do you feel lonely?» Yuling said with a smile, «If my sister teaches me swordsmanship, I won't feel lonely even if I live here for ten or a hundred years.» Ziyun said with a smile, «When we were practicing swordsmanship and sitting quietly, I think you must have an indescribable feeling like me.» Worry? I don't know if this is because of the younger brother. Although master has revealed that the younger brother has been rescued, he has not seen it. In front of him, I was always a little worried. If what master said was right, I thought brother Ying might be locked up in the Dan room by master. Face the wall, but before Shifu's order, we can't go into the Dan room to see him privately. I know my sister must have the same thing as me. Maybe you don't want to say it. Do you feel a little worried when we learn martial arts and swordsmanship? Dispatch? Yuling smiled and nodded, but did not answer. But listen to Chen Ziyun continue to say: «Now we can not be afraid, have this little baby, will relieve that sadness for us.» Huai. «If you like him, let him call you mother,» said Bai Yaner with a smile. Chen Ziyun raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, «What are you talking nonsense about?»? You suffered most of the night. How could you put mom's Give up your name? «When he had finished speaking,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, he remembered Yuling's expression of pain and giggled out loud.». After giving birth to this child, Chen Ziyun and Cheng Yuling were so busy that they went round and round. Besides practicing martial arts, they spent their spare time. Busy for the child's heart, how to make him not cry, how to make him happy. It was probably a pleasure to play with the children in the boudoir, and although the two girls were much busier than in the past, they looked happier than in the past. More than three months passed unconsciously. This morning, after practicing martial arts, the two girls sat opposite each other on the grass with their children in their arms,304 stainless steel wire, watching the rising sun, and slowly climbed over the mountain. The golden sunshine shines on the green pines on the four peaks, the blue sky is cloudless, the mountain wind comes slowly, blowing the red and white mountain flowers, murmuring small. Stream, across and across, this place is so beautiful, quiet. Cheng Yuling sighed and looked at Chen Ziyun and said, «This place is really nice. It's out of the world. I really don't want to leave again.» It's open. Chen Ziyun said with a smile, «This valley is nice, but it's too small. You have something in your heart now, and you can't feel it. It's true.» If you want to live here alone, you will be worried to death in less than a year. Master often said to me, «Tao comes from wisdom, and wisdom comes from enlightenment.» When I heard these two words, I said in my heart, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, «What's so difficult about this?»? Calming down is not an easy thing to do.? But twenty years Come on, have you ever really had a quiet day in your heart? It seems that if a person wants to be calm, without a trace of distracting thoughts, it is really not very tolerant. Easy… Turning his face at this point, he caught a glimpse of the master standing beside them with his hands behind his back, his Taoist robes floating out of the dust with the wind, and looking at the two girls. With a smile on his face. Chen Ziyun jumped up in a panic and prostrated herself on the ground. Cheng Yuling knelt down on her knees and said in a low voice, «I don't know my teacher.» Move to the deep valley. Forgive my disciples for not greeting you. Master Lingxu glanced at the baby in Yuling's arms. He shook his hand and said with a smile, «Get up, both of you. I've been here for half a year.» Concentrate on understanding a set of swordsmanship. Now I know it. From tomorrow on, I will pass on the set of swordsmanship I have understood Give you, but this set of swordsmanship is not comparable to ordinary swordsmanship. It is combined into Tai Chi, divided into two instruments, and then changed into three talents, except for the tactics. Complicated, subtle changes, but also need close coordination, two swords together, power doubled, three swords together, or can save five years later A catastrophe in Jianghu. ” Then he looked up at the sky, sighed, and said, «This set of swordsmanship is quite mysterious. There are many changes in it. You Time is hard to understand. Here is a diagram. Every evening, you study the three forms. You don't have to read much, but you must be familiar with the reading. The function of the three forms changes, when practicing, can also get twice the result with half the effort. Say that finish, from the wide road robe sleeve, take out a book. The ink pen draws a pattern and a book of pearl sand explanation to Ziyun, then turns around and goes back to the peak. On the grass, the two girls opened the illustrated book that the master had given them and read it. At the beginning of the book were written ten big characters in red pearl sand: „Tai Chi, Liang.“ Instrument, three talents, sword formula illustration. Chen Ziyun opens the first page of Taiji Sword Style. There are 36 styles in this set of swordsmanship, three styles on each page. In addition to the figures and detailed annotations, the two women hoped to get a glimpse of the whole picture as soon as possible, but the master ordered them to study only every day. Read three strokes, and naturally dare not turn to the second page. The graphic annotation, at first glance, looks very simple, but after reading it several times in detail, I feel that it is very complicated. Fortunately, it is purple. Yun and Yuling are both extremely intelligent people. It took them most of the day to understand the subtle meaning of the schema and the annotations. They all concentrated most of their energy on studying the first three moves of the Taiji Sword Style and repeatedly discussed them, but in the end they still could not fully understand them. Early the next morning, Yu Nu ran to the cave where the two girls lived, pointing to the child who was sleeping sweetly in the rattan basket and nodding his monkey head. He took down the rattan basket, carried it on his back, and jumped out of the cave with a strange laugh. Although Chen Ziyun knew that the jade slave was ordered to do it and that it would be able to take care of the child properly, he was still somewhat worried. Unconsciously chased out of the cave, followed by the white swallow, only to see a white shadow, climbed up the steep peak, blink of an eye. There was no sign of him. Although Cheng Yuling felt a little sad in her heart, she still comforted Chen Ziyun with a smile and said,stainless steel welded pipe, „Elder Martial Brother Yu Nu, take the child with you. I will take good care of them. I think it must be because Shifu is afraid that we miss our children in our hearts and can't learn the sword wholeheartedly, so he ordered Yu The slave took the child away so that we could concentrate on learning the sword. 。 sxthsteel.com

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