I crown the six palaces with beauty.

The star smoke shook and looked at the rays of light cast from the bamboo forest. She did not feel the hope brought by the sunshine. The light was too dazzling. She only felt that the future was uncertain. It's beautiful here. Star smoke steeled himself to say. Ying Shao did not answer and continued to walk forward with her. After walking for a while, until Xingyan saw two stone piers, which were the same as the place where they had hidden in Qinghui Garden, Xingyan's heart suddenly cooled and his face changed. She can never read his mind. Those days in Qinghui Garden were his most difficult and cowardly days, which she witnessed with her own eyes. Someone flattered Wei Dun and said to Wei Dun, «The prince is just a reincarnation, but in fact he is a coward.» The speaker was in the room, and she and he were standing outside. She remembered that his face was very pale, but he did not break down the door, and the smoke did not see courage in his face, only frustration. Later she hid in the bamboo forest, he also hid in, she knew that he was hiding from Wei Dun, hiding from the people's remarks. But now, he is no longer the original prince. He is a decisive king of killing, and the past has become his burden, which he most wants to forget. She is the only witness to his down and out,heavy duty cantilever racks, star smoke regret, she should not admit that she remember. No one wants people to think about their past, especially emperors. Familiar? Ying Shao turned around and asked her. Xingyan nodded stiffly and then said, «I remember that the emperor can shoot through several bamboos with one arrow.» She wanted to remember only what he had been. You have a good memory, and you are the only one who knows my past. The palm of the star smoke is cold in an instant. Ying Shao saw that her face was not good, which was the reason for Yuexin. Go back. Walk such a long way,metal racking systems, just to show her a stone pier. Is it to remind her. The strength of Xingyan's legs is gone. She thought she should show her attitude. As soon as Ying Shao turned around and handed out his hand, ready to pull her across the ditch in front of him, he saw Xingyan step back a few steps and suddenly knelt down in front of him, kneeling in front of the bamboo forest. The star smoke knocked his head on the ground, and his voice was full of fear. «Many of my concubines have forgotten what happened in those years.» Ying Shao stopped there, looked back at her, and guessed why she was like this. It's not hard to imagine that she is afraid of him. There was a sudden fire in Ying Shao's eyes, and the whole person was restless. Courage is like a mouse. Ying Shao bent down to pick her up from the ground, pinched her face and asked, «Is it so terrible that I will eat you?» There was mist in the eyes of the star smoke, like a frightened deer, as if as soon as Ying Shao let go, Automated warehouse systems ,heavy duty metal racking, she could escape far away and disappear. I said I wouldn't kill you. Ying Shao held back his anger for fear that he had frightened her again. He shouldn't have asked Sean, the eunuch, how to please a woman. What does he know! What two people recall the past together, whether now or in the past, she has not been in love with him at all, she only loves her life. Ying Shao realized that everything can only depend on himself. The star smoke is his whole body forbearance anger, frightens the atmosphere not to dare to come out, the face buries into his bosom, he does not put her down, she also does not dare to open the mouth to let him put. So was carried out of the bamboo forest, through the imperial garden, just met the busy Zhou Guifei. The Empress Dowager likes flowers, so she must decorate her birthday with flowers. Zhou Guifei let people choose several kinds of flowers, peony, Chinese rose, magnolia to the queen mother, who knows the queen mother is not satisfied. Ask the queen mother but in the heart have like? The queen mother said it would be fine if it looked good. Zhou Guifei got the news and came out in person to stand in the sun to pick, good-looking? Which one doesn't look good? They all look good. She was deliberately trying to trip her up. Pick again. Concubine Zhou was so angry that she sweated. Aunt Qing handed her a handkerchief. As soon as she turned around to wipe her sweat, she looked up and saw the emperor in the imperial garden. The emperor held a man in his arms. If it's not Geng Shufei, who is it? Zhou Guifei was almost blinded by this scene, and as soon as the blood rushed up, she sat on the ground with her buttocks. Bitch Zhou Guifei's lips were shaking. «This palace is busy here, and the sun is shining on the ground. She is good. She went to hook up with the emperor and let the emperor hold her.». Can't she walk or is she limping? He had a pair of feet, couldn't walk, and let the emperor hold him! Zhou Guifei was helped up by Aunt Qing, this excitement, more and more sweat on her forehead, hair stuck together, so that every part of her body is comfortable. What a shameless bitch. Zhou Guifei wished she could find all the words suitable for the fox spirit in the world to scold Xingyan. «She just took advantage of this period of time when she couldn't spare her hands to work hard!» Concubine Zhou was out of breath. «When the palace finishes this birthday banquet and takes the sovereignty of the six palaces, we'll see how the palace cleans up the fox spirit.» Before Zhou Guifei could catch her breath, the man from the embroidery room came to report that he had sewn the new clothes for the queen mother and showed them to the queen mother. The queen mother said she didn't like them. What does she want?! Zhou Guifei was almost angry. The satin material is good, the color is also suitable for the age of the queen mother, she specifically told, to embroider the best embroidery room embroidery is rich and auspicious patterns, looking at the completion, suddenly said do not like, where should she go to her again? Zhou Guifei was so angry that she went around in circles. At this time, the empress should ask the queen mother face to face. This is the first time that the empress has shown her skills in front of everyone. She must not make mistakes and let people find faults. Aunt Qing exhorted. The author has something to say: Babies,teardrop pallet racking, add more today! In addition, the proportion of anti-theft stamps set by Yueyue is 70%. If you can't see it when the subscription is full, you can enter from the directory. Every chapter of Yueyue will clear the cache in the background every day. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-11-15 08:28:37 ~ 2019-11-15 14:48:57. Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade: 1 face; Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: 2 balls; 1 face; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 4 bottles of glass; 1 bottle of lazy;. kingmoreracking.com

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