Very pure, very ambiguous.

So he said,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, «What's wrong with you?»? You and I were adversaries before. You don't kill me. And brought me a meal. That's pretty good. Bao Sanli suddenly. It turns out that Ming refers to this. Both Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan climbed through the window. If you go through the gate. Yang Ming was also afraid that Chen Mengyan or Aunt Li would see it at night. So they jumped into the courtyard of the villa like thieves. Good skill. Wang Yan saw that Yang Ming was more skillful than him. Can't help exclaiming: «Actually.». I should have found out long ago. When you were climbing at the temple fair, your skill was very good. «Each other.» Yang Ming said with a smile, «But I just thought you often did sports training at that time.» Wang Xiaoyan Eryi herself did not think so? Where would I think. Is Yang Ming a killer like himself? Think of this. Wang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, «Fate is really strange.». I didn't expect that the identities in our backs were all killers. Hello. What if I kill you before you say it? Kill me? Why did you kill me? «Didn't you say it was because of Zhao Ying?» Said Yang Mingqi. Don't you kill me? «I mean you sent flowers for Li Yixun.» «Yang Ming,dap diammonium phosphate,» said Wang Xiaoyan. If these things don't happen these two days, I guess I really can't stand it. Maybe I'll kill you. «Ha ha.» Yang Ming is indifferent to laugh: «If you go to kill me, we estimate that these things will happen later.». You think you can kill me? «That's true.» Wang Xiaoyan froze for a moment and then nodded: «Yang Ming.». You say. Can our hand group become the first in the world? 。

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