Fa Xiang Xian Tu

Then a flash of golden light, Zhang Fan's hands empty into also, under a blow, the flame covered dozens of miles around the powerful magic weapon, disappeared. The whole world was restored to calm, and the wind, which had howled a moment ago, lowered and turned to sobs. How familiar this scene is! Archaic wind dragon, and from the eyes of Zhang Fan and others disappeared without a trace, whether it is vision or divine consciousness, are lost its trace. Even the golden flame of the sun can't help it? After a while, Zhang Fan shook his head indifferently and withdrew his divine consciousness. All this was not beyond his expectation. The first time this happened, there was a sense of foreboding. This time he tried with the golden flame of the sun, and the result was no different, so he knew that he was in trouble, and that this ancient wind dragon was far more powerful than he had imagined. Having had an experience, he naturally knew that the ancient wind dragon must be hidden in the dark, peeping at him, as long as he moved forward in the direction of the Dragon Pillar, he would jump out again to stop him. This head-on confrontation is undoubtedly his victory, which can be concluded. But not so good. Ling Li Gang Meng, invincible sword gas, but the ancient wind dragon can not! Burning the mountains and boiling the sea, the overbearing golden flame of the sun, but the ancient wind and dragon can not. Perhaps, only a few of the top flames, which are good at pure destruction,Magnesium Oxide powder, may follow the trend and burn out the origin of the ancient wind dragon directly. Let's go Zhang Fan hesitated for a moment and turned to fly toward the Dragon Pillar. Things are far from over! …… Uplift the mountain, wind roll stone dragon! Break out of the earth, earth congealing earth dragon! Sweeping through the clouds, the cloud dragon explores its claws! Detonating volcanoes, magmatic dragons… …… Along the way, countless means, where the wind passed, became a strong enemy to stop Zhang Fan from moving forward. From deserts and lakes at the very beginning, to rocky mountains and magma later,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, everywhere, everything is under the control of the ancient wind dragon, or attacked or blocked. Every time you walk one mile to the Dragon Pillar, there will be ten miles of broken mountains and rivers, a hundred miles of Reiki disorder, it can be said that one step one blood, one mile one battle. In the end, there was no way to use it, no way to borrow it, and the ancient wind dragon finally went into battle shirtless. At this point, Zhang Fan just really understood the terrible of the ancient wind dragon. Of course, due to the lack of absolute strength, its actual combat power is not strong, but the wind dragon terror of the immortal body, but let Zhang Fan really moved. No matter the sword, the flame, or any other means he knew, he could not directly annihilate its origin through the howling wind. In this way, this wind dragon, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, which is entangled with them like a gangrene attached to the bone, is the real immortal body. Zhang Fan's life across the world, met countless strong, so-called immortal is not a few, only this ancient wind dragon's immortal body, is the most worthy of this name. Every time it was smashed to pieces, it immediately fell silent, and after a moment, it swept up the wind without any damage, but even the water mill could not consume its strength. No wonder the Archaic Dragon was defeated in the Hundred Clans War, and the Dragon Clan was almost slaughtered, but this Archaic Wind Dragon was able to survive, and left the Dragon Lingbao here for fate. Its strength is unknown, but this powerful immortal body must be one of the major reasons. Had it not been for such a strong survivability, I am afraid I would not have survived the war that stained the whole world with blood. Boom! The sky is full of starlight, and the star crumbs are sprinkled down, covering everything with a layer of mysterious starlight gauze. Under the cold starlight, Zhang Fan shook for a moment, and his face turned a little pale. Fighting all the way to this point, the ancient wind dragon disappeared every time it lost, as if it was gathering the wind to recover, and after a moment it was full of vigor and vitality. But Zhang Fan every battle down, the vitality will consume a point, there is always a time to consume but the other side. That's not the point! The most important thing is that more than an hour has passed. All the way with the ancient wind dragon entanglement, now there is more than half of the distance from the dragon pillar, and time consumption has been more than half, not to mention after this pass, the last moment of the fight. «It can't go on like this!» Zhang Fan knew that he could no longer be entangled with it, if not, even if he barely arrived at the Dragon Pillar, the time would surely be consumed, and the Nine Dragon Seal would have been taken away long ago. Even if that's not the case, then he will certainly run out of oil, and how to be the opponent of those old monsters, let alone snatch food from the tiger's mouth, it's good to be able to save his life. No one would have thought that this ancient wind dragon would be so difficult to deal with. In the heart of the idea, Zhang Fan will not hesitate, do their best, with Zhou Tianxing Chen Qingyun magical power, to find a chance to break the body of the ancient wind dragon thoroughly. Nature can't kill it, but it's enough for it to spend more time regrouping and restoring its body. This time is enough for Zhang Fan to make arrangements. Bitter old! Xi Ruo! Mo Ling! «I need you to do it together!» Zhang Fan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice. PS; Second Watch ! Chapter 912 the eight doors lock the dragon, the golden black shines on the shadow. «Quack ~ Ah ~ Wu ~» An excited crowing. Accompanied by a golden light and shadow from Zhang Fan's shoulder, it sounded in the clouds. Mo Ling Lingzhi has opened early, has been able to speak, but does not like to speak, nor does he like to walk with the body of transformation, or this real body makes it more comfortable. Zhang Fan did not interfere with this, anyway, Mo Ling is a partner who has accompanied him for nearly two hundred years, which is enough. Hold back all the way to now, finally wait for Zhang Fan to its hand order, Mo Ling excited abnormal cry, huge real body stretched in the clouds, like a golden burning cloud in general. What's the matter, boy? Have you come up with any good ideas? An old voice sounded from Zhang Fan's side, but it was the bitter Taoist who flew out of the Bodhi Garden silently, with his hands behind his back, and said in an old-fashioned way. Such a tone,calcium nitrate sol, such a movement, with a childish little face. The lotus root-like arm has no dignity to speak of, except that it attracts people's hair. stargrace-magnesite.com

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