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If also had discovered that Zhao Di was being attacked by one of the ghosts called the Shadowless Hades, he was immediately furious. Court death With a wave of the sword in his hand, a crescent-shaped silver light flashed and cut at this group of ghosts like grey shadows. Just then, without warning, Zhao's whole body emitted a faint golden light, which illuminated the gray shadow in it. Ah In the gray shadow came a ghost cry, then scattered in the golden light disappeared, simply vulnerable! Volume 11 Rebellion of Immortals Chapter 893 Journey to the Ghost World (XV) Bodhicitta In the golden light of Zhao's whole body, the shadowless Hades, which is equivalent to the mid-stage realm of integration, immediately melted and disappeared as if the ice and snow met the scorching sun. Not only the shadowless Hades, the other Hades, after seeing the golden light on Zhao's body, seemed to see the most terrible monster in the world, immediately fled around, retreating sharply, at the same time offering their whole body magic to protect their bodies, one by one offering black circles of light, enveloping these Hades. The shadowless keeper is also famous in the ghost world. Although his strength is not the strongest, he is second to none in the ghost world when it comes to his elusive and invisible body skills, as well as his strange skills such as sealing the soul of the primordial spirit. Such a powerful king of the underworld, and then use the best shadowless hand close to Zhao, and when the sneak attack,potassium sulphate fertilizer, was killed by the other side instantly, which really shocked the other king of the underworld. If is also surprised, he immediately took back the sword, surprised to look at Zhao, only to separate for a moment, he seems to Zhao's strength, has been completely unable to see through! Even Zhao himself, is also extremely surprised,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he just found encounter sneak attack, then subconsciously inspire the power of the blood of the whole body, intended to display a good broken empty fist, the other side back, but did not think, just inspired the blood, not yet punch, the other side has been killed by himself! «Buddha's light, Bodhi Buddha's light, he actually refined the treasure of Bodhi, which can inspire the Bodhi Buddha's light. The Bodhi tree is really in his hands!» The blood king of the underworld exclaimed, and of all the underworld kings, he fled the farthest. Zhao also noticed the unusual light of golden light on his body surface, and as soon as his mind moved, the blood gas in his body congealed slightly, and the light disappeared immediately. At the same time, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Zhao was surprised to find that in his chest, the heart that was beating strongly was emitting a faint golden light, which was the same as the Bodhi fruit. Zhao Daoyou is so lucky that he can refine and manipulate the infinite Buddha power contained in the Bodhi tree. We admire the shadowless little devil very much. He did not keep his word and attacked him. He deserves to be killed by Zhao Daoyou's Buddha light. He will never be able to transcend the reincarnation! The great keeper of the wheel in the distance, with his mind turning sharply, pressed the horror in his heart and said with a smile. Zhao snorted and sneered without a word. Just now, although the big keeper of the wheel broke the sneak attack of the shadowless keeper, the timing was not painful. It happened after the shadowless keeper made a move. If Zhao's means were poor and his strength was ordinary, he would have been seriously injured by the invisible keeper, or even become a blood food for his tonic. With the wheel big keeper and other people's understanding of the shadowless keeper, how can not see the clue, must wait until after the attack began to drink broken, it is meaningless. Obviously, Zhao Di and other two people have no use value, their life and death, the wheel of the big keeper, and so on, will not really take it to heart, they do not start, is already very rare. If overjoyed, the current situation was very tense, the two of them could be attacked and calculated by these underworld kings at any time, but Zhao could actually inspire a powerful Buddha light, extremely restrained ghost cultivation, so that they would have enough strength to stand up to these underworld kings in the ghost world, and even kill some malicious ghost cultivation! «The Great Keeper of the Wheel is right!» Ruo said coldly, «Those who don't keep their promises will only end up with the Blood Emperor Hades. We two have to borrow the Huanyang Pool in your temple to return to the spirit world. I wonder if the Blood Emperor Hades keeps his word?» «Of course there is no problem. The king has always attached the greatest importance to reputation!» Blood Emperor Hades smiled and took out a red ghost token from his bosom, engraved with several strange ghost patterns. The Blood Emperor Hades threw the token to Ruo and said, «This is the order of the Blood Emperor Palace. As long as the two Taoist friends hold this token to the Blood Emperor Palace, all the ghost kings and generals will listen to the orders of the two Taoist friends.». Ha ha, this king some can't wait to enter this deep 18 layers to explore, do not send two Taoist friends! «Yes, I don't know what's going on on the 18th floor of the abyss. I'm going to go in and explore it right away.». If the two Taoist friends are in a hurry to return to the spirit world, we can send someone to escort them to the Blood Emperor Hall. Said the Great Keeper of the Wheel. Zhao Di and Ruo exchanged a look and nodded to each other. It's a long night and many dreams. This ghost world is not a place to stay for a long time. It's better to return to the spirit world as soon as possible. Zhao Di also did not know how much Buddha power his «Bodhicitta» could exert. If he exerted too little, it would not be enough to deal with the siege of many Hades at the same time. In addition, Zhao Di himself was a person who did not want to meddle, so he was also very much in favor of leaving the ghost world as soon as possible. Seeing that Zhao and Di had no objection, the big wheel keeper looked relaxed, stretched out his hand, and a black gas came out of his palm, which immediately turned into dozens of various treasures. There are inky ghost grass, lifeless ghost flowers, eerie fruits, the heart of death of high-level ghost beasts, various crystal nuclei and several minerals, all of which are unique to the ghost world and have great application value in the spirit world. These treasures were promised by us and given to the two Taoist friends after they were done. Now that the Bodhi tree has been removed as expected, the two Taoist friends have accomplished their work, and naturally we will not break our promise. «Please accept it from the two Taoist friends as a token of my affection.» With a gentle wave of his hand, these treasures slowly flew to Ruo and Zhao. If you frown slightly, don't take one. He was still like that, concentrating on swordsmanship. These things in the ghost world could only be used to refine some strange things. In his opinion,Magnesium Sulphate producer, they were all heretical. He neither knew how to use them nor wanted to use them. Zhao is not polite, to the wheel big keeper hand thanks, and then all these treasures into the storage bracelet. stargrace-magnesite.com

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