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When I woke up the next day, Sister Feng looked at me as if there was something more in her eyes. She couldn't understand it and ignored it. The Li brothers are practicing martial arts in the yard. Li Xuanlan used a sword, which was so bright that my eyes were blurred. Don't turn your head to look at Li Xuanzhi. What you are practicing is a hidden weapon embroidery needle. Unexpectedly, his young age is already good, it seems that I must treat them better in the future, I am terrible pain ah! In this way, a small courtyard, crowded with four people, although all take care of their own, but brother Kang said that it gave people a strange feeling, as if the courtyard should have been like this. What does this sentence mean? I don't understand. When Li Xuanzhi doesn't practice martial arts, she will come to play with me. Probably because we didn't talk much, or because everything was new when we first came here, he always pestered me to ask and talk. When I saw that there was no possibility of being pricked by a needle, I began to be presumptuous and called him «pear». «Sister Ann, why is Sister Feng more beautiful than a man?» His round eyes were blinking, and if his brother hadn't been there, I couldn't help kissing him. That's because God spoils Sister Feng so much that he wants to give her all the good things. Suck the saliva,Magnesium Oxide price, image. My brother is not as beautiful as sister Ann. Does God not like my brother? But I like my brother best. My brother is so good. Why doesn't God like him? «Who says your brother is not beautiful?» Isn't that doubting my aesthetic? Your brother is handsome. What's wrong with him? «That's for women.» «There are many criteria for beauty.». Who says it's bad for a man to be handsome? To say the least, some men are as beautiful as flowers, but their hearts are like snakes and scorpions. What good is such a man? Your brother loves you so much and knows martial arts to protect you. Such a man is really good. When you grow up, don't just look at people's faces, but also at people's hearts. «What Sister Ann said was different from others.» The pear looked at me with adoring eyes. Others say that men are not good at learning martial arts, and many women look down on men who know martial arts, but my sister does not dislike them. Sister Ann,caustic calcined magnesite, please marry my brother. I like you. If you marry my brother, we can be a family. This guy is not deliberately set up to let me drill, look at the pure and serious appearance, not like. It seems that we should make it clear quickly. «Pears.». Marriage is to like each other, after all, is to live together for a lifetime ah. Your brother is very nice, and I appreciate him very much, but we don't have the feeling of holding your hand and growing old together. You are too young to understand these things. When one day you meet a person who wants to spend her life with her, no matter how difficult and dangerous she is, then you will understand. Alas, it makes me sweat. The pear lowered her head and began to think very seriously. It seemed that I had passed the test. The yard was restored to its former appearance. I'm going abroad. After a few days, Niang called us to the Yamen. The study of the Yamen is not well lit and a little dark. I don't know if it's a psychological factor, but I always feel that the atmosphere is a little dull. I sat quietly between Sister Feng and Pear. Pears are more and more clingy to me now, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and they are not inferior to my father. Xiao An, I never told you much about the things in the court, because I was afraid of disturbing your mind of reading. But now that you're older, you should know a lot of things. Why do I think Niang is not talking about state affairs to me, but asking me to go to trouble. Super mischief! Super mischief! Today, because the emperor is obsessed with painting and calligraphy, the court has been dominated by the seven virtuous kings. There was an old prime minister to contend with, but in the first two months of the old prime minister's family, more than a hundred people were killed overnight. The Li family was implicated because of the poor investigation of the case. This time the Li brothers came to seek refuge with us. In fact, they wanted Niang to help them get out of the customs and go to Tianlong to investigate the matter. The answer to the riddle has been revealed. It turns out that I just want to apply for a visa. Fortunately, it's no trouble, no trouble. Ann, you have been studying at home, and now you should go to experience it. The old prime minister is honest and loyal to the country, and has always been the most admired person of his mother. This time you take your mother to contribute. After all, there are many inconveniences for two men when they are away from home. It will be much better for you to accompany a woman. «Effort?»? Inconvenience? They are useless scholars. They all know martial arts. Am I a burden to follow?! «I'm afraid this trip will inevitably be a little dangerous. You have something to discuss with Xuan Lan.» «Aunt, let me go with them, after all, I am from the Dragon Kingdom.». And Ann's sister is only fourteen, so she will inevitably need someone to take care of her on the way. Sister Feng said, gently holding my hand. Her hands are so soft. I envy her. Feng Xing, you should take care of them on the way. You can leave tomorrow. Now go back and pack up. Xiao An, you go with me to say goodbye to your father. Feng Xing, you come with me. Seeing that the Li brothers had left, Niang sighed. Xiao An, don't blame Niang. Now the Seven Virtuous Kings are trying to reject others and monopolize power. People in the government and the public are in a panic. Although Niang is usually cautious in her words and deeds, she will inevitably be implicated one day. It may not be more dangerous for you to go to the Dragon Kingdom than to stay here. «What do you mean, mother?» «Niang actually came out of the old prime minister's mansion.». Now you understand. No wonder the Li brothers don't look for Niang, no wonder Niang wants me to go with her, even Sister Feng said she didn't say much if she wanted to go. Original «Then let's go together.» «Mother can't leave, you know.» Yes, I know. What about Dad? «I wanted to persuade your father to go somewhere to escape, but your father said he must follow me.». Alas, in fact, things may not really be so bad, perhaps we think too much. We all nodded and did not speak. I went back to the house with Sister Feng and looked at the place where I had stayed for nearly a year. I hugged Sister Feng and cried. He dared not cry loudly, so he could only cover his mouth with a veil and cry. I knew that God had let me go through, and it would not be so cheap for me. After a long time of stability, trouble would come. Knowing that Niang is a stubborn person, she will not be willing to go. Knowing that his father is a man who regards his wife as his heaven, he will not be willing to leave. I just hope that bastard Seven Virtuous King doesn't bother my mother before he dies. Otherwise,Magnesium Oxide price, you really don't think I'm wearing it for nothing. Hum. Originally, brother Kang also wanted to go, but one more person would have more money. Mother didn't promise to let him follow.

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