Smiling Three Kingdoms _ Full Version _ Meng Sansheng

My God, it's for Chunfeng Deyi Building! The feeling of watching the scene of bustle disappeared, and when I saw the noise in the hall, I frowned slightly and got up. Sister, I'll go and have a look. Don't move. Before I could get up, Zhaoer pressed my hand and turned around and walked out. Little childe. Small peach in the hall is at a loss to see Zhaoer, hurriedly hide behind him, timidly bowed his head and called. Zhaoer nodded and turned to look at the fat woman. «Madam, please come this way.» Zhaoer raised her lips and smiled. That smile, as if thousands of roses bloomed in an instant, was dazzling. The fat woman was slightly stupefied and involuntarily followed Zhaoer. The knife is sharp, and it's not good to hurt yourself. Zhaoer raised her hand to take the kitchen knife from the woman's hand effortlessly and pointed to the vacant seat beside her. «Please sit down.» The fat woman sat down subconsciously. What would you like to eat? Smiling again, Zhaoer opened her mouth, her face was soft, and her black and white eyes were so beautiful that people could not move their eyes. Eat? «This is a restaurant,» Zhao smiled with white teeth. «Why don't I prepare some of the restaurant's signature dishes for you?» «Good.» The fat woman nodded her head. Zhaoer nodded, turned and told Xiaotao, «Pick the most expensive one. This lady is a distinguished guest. Don't neglect her.» Seeing his serious affectation, I could not help laughing for a moment and laughed out loud. Zhaoer seemed to feel my smile and looked at me through the curtain with a hint of naughtiness in her eyes. All the dishes are ready. Take your time, madam. Looking at a table full of dishes, Zhaoer bent slightly and exited magnificently. Smiling, I looked at Zhaoer in a crescent white robe. Her figure, which had not yet grown up, was slightly thin, but she was already tall and straight. She was really a beautiful embryo. Lifting the curtain, Zhaoer returned to the back hall. Seeing that the fat woman had completely forgotten the original intention of coming to make a scene and sat down to consume, I laughed so hard that I couldn't see my teeth. I gave a thumbs-up to Zhao'er and said, «Praise.». Zhaoer smiled and pulled up the felt that had slipped down her knee for me. «Be careful not to catch cold.» Looked sideways,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, the fat woman's appetite is amazing, the wind and clouds, has been eliminated more than half, look at her expression, obviously quite satisfied with the taste. The first female guest of Chunfeng Deyi Building was actually done by Zhaoer. My vision is really not bad, hey. Qiaolan, give me another one of the signature dishes I ate yesterday. An old man dressed in brocade came into the door and sat down with a smile and pinched Qiaolan's hand. Qiaolan threw a wink and turned to report the menu with a smile. Good sign, repeat customers. After receiving the warm tea from Zhaoer, I drank it happily and sighed happily. Zhaoer. 21 «Hm?» Zhaoer, who was sitting down and turning over the book, looked back at me. I grinned and threw the account book on the table to him. «You help me manage the accounts.» «Mmm.» Zhaoer nodded without the slightest objection. Hey, hey, good boy. «Bang!»! Pow! Suddenly, there was a noise outside and someone dropped the cup. What is this There are worms in the dish! An extremely arrogant voice, push back racking system ,radio shuttle racking, «call out your shopkeeper!» I pressed my forehead with a headache. Yo, Mr. Li, what's making you unhappy? The sweet and greasy voice of the Rouge rang out, and the man had passed by. You say, this childe unexpectedly ate the insect in the dish of your restaurant, how should compensate? That Li Gongzi raised his voice to say, one hand already irregularly climbed up the shoulder of the Rouge. Rouge opened his hand gently and smiled. «Look at what you said. Where are the insects?» «If my son says there is, there is!» Li Gongzi forced the Rouge into his arms, and the smelly mouth arched up, «You say, how to compensate?» «Childe is self-respecting.» Rouge smiled and reached out to push him. Pow! With a sound, there was a red five-finger print on Rouge's face. Do you think that a brothel is not a brothel if you change its name? With his mouth wide open, Mr. Li laughed shamelessly. Bang! Slightly pursing my lips, I lifted my foot and kicked out a wine jar beside the counter. Pow! The wine jar was smashed and made a great noise. Holding the waist with one hand and lifting the curtain with the other, I slowly walked out of the back hall, and Zhaoer hurried forward to hold me. The spectators in the lobby immediately quieted down and looked at the source of the sound. A jar full of wine was thrown down, and the rich fragrance of the wine drifted around. I clapped my hands slowly, stood on tiptoe and poked the fragments, then adjusted my hair and sleeves, «Mr. Li, right?» «Who are you?» Li Gongzi looked at me suspiciously. Mrs. Pei. Rouge looked at me with some concern. Let her go. I wanted to bend down and pick up a sharp fragment as a weapon, but I was too heavy to bend down. The Swiss knife is also not with me. It is said that pregnant women can't take sharp weapons with them, which will frighten my steamed buns. What are you? That Li Gongzi made a big laugh. Obviously, unlike you, you are not a thing at all. I spoke lightly. You His face, which was not very good-looking, suddenly turned into the color of a pig's liver, and Mr. Li became angry from embarrassment. Rouge lowered her eyes slightly and stroked his cheek slowly with one hand, «Li Gongzi, Rouge compensates you..» Breathe slightly, Rouge low smile. «Mr. Li was holding the Rouge in one hand with a proud look on his face.» Mrs. Pei, he is the nephew of the county commandant. On one side, Xiaotao grabbed me, who was about to get angry, and hurriedly attached herself to my ear. Hearing this, I was even more frantic. Without blinking, I grabbed a handful of chopsticks and smashed them at Mr. Li. You shrew! Mr. Li loosened his Rouge and came to me angrily. Zhaoer's eyes were slightly cold, and I held his hand to prevent him from coming forward. Mrs. Pei! Rouge has quickly stepped forward to block Li Childe, hurriedly tunnel, «Li Childe, everything is easy to say, my shopkeeper is a stranger, do not recognize Li Childe golden face, wait for Rouge to say well, and then make amends with Li Gongzi..» Although the face is anxious, but the Rouge is with a smile,push back racking system, half seductive, half pleading, so humble and pitiful.

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