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«There is no ghost, I don't believe it!» Inflammation such as smoke disdained to hum a sentence, but it is a kick, but do not want to, this foot will be the turf to lift up, and under the turf, unexpectedly exposed a dense white bone, immediately scared inflammation such as smoke jumped up, loudly exclaimed… «Like smoke, it's just the bone of a rabbit. It scares you so much that you dare to say that you are bold and not afraid of anything!» Jun Meier curled her small mouth and gave a white look at Yan Ruyan, who hugged her. «It's said that there are countless bones buried on this blood mound. Besides animal bones, there are also human bones buried at the foot. There's enough blood to dye the whole blood mound red. That's why it's said that it's very evil here. Even the herds are aware of the danger and dare not approach it easily!» «Then let's get out of here,» said the man with goose bumps. " «Oh, that's interesting!» Yang Ye chuckled, but turned his head and said to Mr. Ou Jian, «Mr. Ou, do you realize that there is any danger in this blood mound?» Ou Jian shook his head, but nodded again and said, «Although I didn't notice any threat, I felt a little dangerous. I don't know if it's an illusion!» «It's not an illusion, there are some unknown dangers here, very small, small enough to be ignored, but when millions of them appear, they are more terrible than wolves!» Yang Ye said, but he crouched down, a black fog emerged in his palm,asrs warehouse, the grass stem that touched suddenly withered, and the soil was quickly corroded. What are you doing «Watch and you'll see!» Yang Ye increased the power of the dark soul in the palm of his hand, and the force of corrosion became stronger and stronger. Soon, under the soil layer with a finger, dense bones emerged, but these bones quickly turned into dust under the corrosion of the dark soul. With the depression of the surface, people's eyes looked over one after another, but they were puzzled. More than three feet deep, but the soil layer only occupies more than one foot high, and then,warehouse storage racks, is the mixture of bones and earth, and then down, is the mixture of bones and red earth, it is particularly strange, and when touched, the corrosion of the dark soul has become slow and difficult to erode, a dark red rock layer emerged… But the rock, which was smooth and flat, had holes the size of a little finger, and it was only a circle the size of a washbasin, but there were no less than a dozen small holes. What is this «The entrance to the ant hole!» Yang Ye looked at these holes, but stood up, it seems that his estimate is not wrong. An ant hole? Bai Su blinked, obviously did not understand, this ant hole has what to make a fuss about, let Yang Ye actually show a clear smile. Don't you want to know why this blood mound is crying? And why are there layers of bones here? And the grass here is shorter than anywhere else. «Why, all this has something to do with this ant hole?» Jun Meier was also stupefied and asked. Yes, it's the ant beast, thousands of ant beasts. In our rosefinch empire, metal racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, in the western desert, there is a legend that the sand is like blood, which is also called the forbidden place of blood. In fact, there is a huge ant nest with millions of ant beasts, and all the people and beasts who set foot there are devoured by this boundless ant beast. Almost no one survived, and there was even an ant tide. Fortunately, the surrounding desert, with only a few oasis tribes, was unlucky, but it did not cause a greater disaster! Yan Ruyan looked at the ant hole and immediately thought of the legend of the forbidden place of blood spread by the Suzaku Empire, which seemed to be somewhat similar to the situation here. «Is it really a colony of ants?» «Well, there should be no mistake, as to what kind of ant beast is still uncertain, but the blood mound under our feet is a huge ant nest, which is not wrong, I can detect that there are countless weak soul fluctuations under our feet, and this situation, in addition to this, I have only encountered similar situations on the ant island of Penglai Islands.» Combined with the number of finger-sized holes, I estimate that the rock below should be dug out by this group of ant beasts, forming a huge ant nest! Yang Ye said a pause, and the side of Bai Su is asked: «How to explain the night of the ghost cry?» «These holes can not only exist in the rocks, there are also dense holes in the soil, as long as you look carefully, you can see that the blood mound is higher than the surrounding terrain, so when the wind blows, it will pour into these holes, there will be a sound like a ghost crying, and ants will collect grass leaves to build nests, plus the thin soil here, and there are bones and rocks below.» So if you can't store water, naturally, the grass won't grow tall! «As for the bones, it is better to explain, these are the prey of the ant colony, accumulated over time, also formed a scale, as for the blood mound, it may be blood infiltrated into the ant hole, soaking for a long time, it is inevitable that the stone will be dyed dark red, not surprising!»! But to achieve this step, it is not a short period of time to complete, but after a long time to form! «So that's it. We've been frightened by a group of ants for so many years. It's really a group of damn ants. The latest chapter of Super Fu Police!» Kill the wolf to listen, although also accepted this explanation, but the heart is hard to avoid a little uncomfortable, since childhood was used by the family to frighten their place, the truth is actually this. «Oh, don't look down upon the mole ants, although they are low-level spirit beasts, but groups of ants are the most dangerous, otherwise there would not be so many bones here!»! And it's not easy to clean up these ants! Yang Ye has seen the ant tide, overwhelming, enough to make people's scalp tingle, if the strong soul king breaks into the ant tide, can not escape the end of a death, not to mention other people. Marquis, you're not going to build a city here, are you? Kill the wolf blinked, looked at Yang Ye,medium duty racking, way, kill the wolf this question export, immediately led to the people around them have looked over. I really have this idea! 。

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