I lack you in the five elements.

Zhou Jiayu and Xu Ruyi watched with relish and said that ghosts and monsters were paper tigers under the light of the socialist legal system. Lin Zhushui walked slowly up to them and said, «Are you ready?» Although Zhou Jiayu did not know what Lin Zhushui was saying, he was still very happy to respond: «Ready.» Lin Zhushui said, «Well, now that you're ready, hand in your paper.» Zhou Jiayu: ".." Stunned, Xu and Tan Yingxue mouthed at Zhou Jiayu: You traitor. Zhou Jiayu: ".." He swore he was just saying yes. After a while, several other judges also came, and Yu Xiaomian came with them. Only when Yu Xiaomian came over, his face was dirty, and he was holding a shovel in his hand, so he knew what to do at a glance. When he saw so many policemen, he nervously threw the shovel into the grass beside him and said, «What happened to my paws?» Zhou Jiayu looked at him and really wanted to laugh. Or did you go to dig? Xu asked in a low voice, «what did you dig out?» Yu Xiaomian said, «I want to tell you that we are in a competition.» «Actually, it's like this,» said Xu. «We also dug a tomb...» As soon as he said this, Yu Xiaomian stared round his eyes and bulged his face,pallet rack shelving, apparently discovering the hypocrisy of the three of them, and he was so angry that he became a puffer fish. Before he opened his mouth, Xu hurriedly finished his words and said, «Let's exchange information and hand in the paper soon.» Yu Xiaomian's eyes were more round and he said, «There are still a few days left. Why did you hand in the paper?» Xu pointed to the dejected villagers squatting below and said, «Are you going to ask them for information in the detention center?» Yu Xiaomian: ".." Scratching his head, he agreed to the deal and said,shuttle rack system, «You go first!» «We saw a piece of rotting flesh and the body of a young man,» said Xu. «We've dug three graves,» said Yu Xiaomian. «They're all baby corpses. It seems… There were also traces of rotten meat beside it, but it was too long ago to distinguish it clearly. The baby's body? When several people heard the answer, they were lost in thought. Cloud show as a witness to be taken away, but her face without fear, but with some excitement. When she passed by Zhou Jiayu, she suddenly came to his ear and whispered a word. Zhou Jiayu was stunned when he heard this. „The twins can live to be twelve years old, and the younger brothers and sisters must be full-term,“ said Yunxiu. Zhou Jiayu was full of inexplicable. Yunxiu smiled at him beautifully. She said, „Thank you.“ ».." said Zhou Jiayu. You're too kind. Yunxiu was also taken away by the police, although the village is remote, but the whole world is not the land of the king, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, as long as the crime, will always be punished. Next, it is the time for the contestants to hand in their papers. The staff arranged several rooms for several contestants and gave a time limit of six hours. In six hours, the players can sort out their thoughts according to what happened just now and summarize the final answer. Of course, if they are faster than the summary, then you are also a loser. Before Zhou Jiayu went in, he had been standing beside Lin Zhushui. «Go in and answer well,» said Lin Chushui in a warm voice. Zhou Jiayu raised his head and whispered, «Sir, what if I lose?» Lin Zhushui was silent for a moment and then suddenly smiled. His smile was a little cold, like a cold spring melting in early spring, with a clear taste. He said, «Little fool, the police are all on the side. Are you really afraid that I will sink you into the sea?» Zhou Jiayu looked at Lin Zhushui's smile, his heart beating violently, and he even suspected that his heart would jump out of his throat the next moment. Go ahead Lin Zhushui said, «Don't be afraid.» Zhou Jiayu was suddenly full of confidence. He went into the room, took out a pen and paper, and began to write down the clues on the paper, and then connected them all together. Lost bodies, panicked villagers, strange tattoos on their backs, separate cemeteries, two completely different cloud shows. Zhou Jiayu combed all the information and kept churning in his mind. They gathered the pieces together, and now it's time to put the last pieces together. Yunxiu's words became the key point for Zhou Jiayu to solve the riddle. «Twins can live to be twelve years old, and younger brothers and sisters must be full term.» It seemed to be explained by contacting the faces of different sizes behind the villagers. The victims whose faces were cut off were newborn babies or teenagers who lived to be twelve years old. The woman who tried to seduce Zhou Jiayu before obviously had an inseparable relationship with Yunxiu, and according to the villagers' reaction to Yunxiu, she was able to survive, which also contributed to Yunxiu. Zhou Jiayu closed his eyes and tried to outline the whole story in his mind. Far away from the secular village, there are unknown customs. Behind each of them, a face belonging to someone else was sewn on. The source of these faces was either their younger siblings born later or babies found somewhere. In other words, everyone in this village has two «faces». Yunxiu refused the rule, and she even helped her twin sister escape, which angered the village head, and Yunxiu became the most unpopular person in the village. It's just that this thing has become the fuse of the whole story. Many years later, the graves in the village were stolen, but the faces behind the villagers were used by Yunxiu's sisters and became a sharp weapon for their lives. She killed the people in the village one by one in a way that no one knew. Although the village chief was afraid that the secret of the village would be exposed, he had to turn to the outside geomancer to find out what method Yunxiu's sisters were using. As a result, the village became a competition field, and the players became the decipherers. Unfortunately, the answer that the village chief wanted to know most had not yet been obtained, and a deeper secret was dug out and handed over to the police without any room for negotiation. The organizers of the competition may have reached some agreement with the village head at the beginning. Zhou Jiayu noticed that he was very shocked when he saw the police. Obviously,industrial racking systems, he did not expect this situation at all. What method did Yunxiu's sisters use to kill these people? If hate this village, why not start earlier, must let the cloud show by so many years of grievance. kingmoreracking.com

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