After the flash marriage with the movie king

Xiao Luo waited patiently for a long time, and when he saw that everyone was still having a heated discussion, he finally couldn't help saying in a small voice: «Actually.» There's nothing to discuss about it. Isn't it just a whole fish feast? Before the others could speak, Liang Yan smiled and said, «Don't you want to eat the whole fish feast?»? Would you like to add a whole roast lamb that you are thinking about? People: "… …" In the end, I had a whole fish feast. But with Xiao Luo's chef, even if it's a whole fish feast, she can play with flowers. Sweet and sour carp, braised pomfret, fish head tofu pot, crispy fish in tomato sauce, spicy boiled fish and so on were brought up one by one, and soon filled the tables of Jinyao and Jiang Zhilan. With the foreshadowing of the first program, not to mention that Xiao Luo just made a whole fish feast, even if Xiao Luo really gave them a whole Man-Han banquet, this group of people is estimated to be nothing strange. Everyone is ready to move chopsticks after blowing a rainbow fart of Xiao Luo with exaggerated acting skills. As a result, Liang Yan suddenly asked Xiao Luo: «Do you know how to eat the best whole fish feast?» From the standpoint of a professional, Xiao Luo gave what he thought was a reasonable suggestion: «First drink the fish soup in the fish head pot, then eat the relatively light braised fish and crispy fish in tomato sauce, and finally eat the sweet and sour fish and spicy fish with a strong taste.» Liang Yan shook his head: «No.» Not only did Xiao Luo look at Liang Yan with great interest, but even the other two groups of couples stopped their chopsticks. In everyone's expectant eyes, Liang Yan picked up a piece of fish that had been picked out and handed it to Xiao Luo's mouth. With gentle eyes that seemed to be able to drown people, he said in a voice that was endless: «It's the most delicious when I feed you.» People: "… …" Liang Yan, I believe your evil! ———— Dinner was early, and the long night would be sleepless for a while, so Jin Yao, as a singer, suggested that we go to KTV to sing together. So everyone moved from the living room of Jin Yao's house to the KTV room of Jin Yao's house-here we have to admire the good intentions of the program group. Because the program group not only prepared vegetable fields, pastures and fish ponds for the guests in advance,fine bubble diffuser, but also prepared corresponding entertainment places according to the professional characteristics of the guests. For example, Jin Yao's home is KTV, Lu Sheng's home is a gym, and Liang Yan's home is a home theater. Jin Yao is the only professional singer among the six people. He is supposed to have a unique advantage in singing karaoke, but in the end, flowers, applause and the focus of attention of the whole audience all fell on Liang Yan. Before Mingming went, Liang Yan was the most intense one among all of them. He also said, «I really don't like KTV, and I don't like singing. The moonlight is so good tonight. Can't we go out for a walk and look at the stars and the moon?» As a result, when he really arrived at KTV, before Jin Yao's masterpieces were on, Liang Yan picked up the microphone and sang a love song to Xiao Luo. Liang Yan is good looking and has a good voice, even if he is not a professional singer, lamella tube ,filter nozzle, but with such a face, even if he hums a few words casually, it is enough to add points. So in the end, not only did Xiao Luo blush, but even Jin Yao's daughter-in-law and Lu Sheng's daughter-in-law couldn't stand it. Jin Yao: "…" Do you agree that you don't like KTV or singing? Brother Dei, it's really hard for me to do this! Chapter 78 Liang Yan got up early the next morning, and after a simple wash, he walked out of the yard where he lived with Xiao Luo without even making up. Liang Yan's photographer was puzzled to carry the camera behind Liang Yan, and then saw Liang Yan with a face that was not too awake but still handsome to foul, came to the bleak vegetable garden, and began to water and fertilize the vegetable field. While working, Liang Yan also read aloud: «Dig a hole, bury some soil, several 12345, their own soil, their own land, grow anything RMB.» Photographer: … It's silly, but it's good for you to be happy with the best actor! The movie king hummed a song to water and fertilize the vegetable field. When he got home, he found his wife still sleeping, so he hummed a song and went to the kitchen. Since falling with Xiao, Liang Yan felt that he was really a little floating. Because now he even dares to enter the kitchen casually, he is no longer the Liang Yan who could not even cook the frozen wonton. Now he can cook porridge! Although it is ordinary white porridge, but add two boiled eggs, and then heat two cups of pure milk, a decent breakfast in Liang Yan's view is done. In fact, in the matter of Liang Yan's cooking, Xiao Luo really spoils Liang Yan unconditionally. Because Xiao Luo, as a professional private chef who can casually make a Man-Han banquet, can still close his eyes and blow wildly in the face of such an unskilled breakfast: «Wow, did you do all this?»? That's awesome! It's delicious at first sight. I must have a good taste. Facts have proved that Liang Yan's cooking skills still have a lot of room for improvement. Because Xiao Luo tasted it and found that the yolk in the boiled egg was not cooked at all, the porridge seemed to be a little burnt, and even the so-called hot milk had been thoroughly cooled. But this does not affect Xiao Luo to eat up the breakfast. It can be said to be true love. After eating, Liang Yan quickly closed the table, and then looked at Xiao Luo expectantly and said, «Wife, let's go out for a date today!» «Yes,» said Xiao Luo! Do you have any special places you want to go? Under normal circumstances, the wife asked, the husband will answer: «I can, listen to you.» But when it came to Liang Yan, he was particularly straight and said, «Yes!» Not only that, but also Liang Yan specially made a schedule of appointments. Xiao Luo wanted to sneak a glance at what was written on Liang Yan's schedule, but as soon as he saw it, Liang Yan raised his hand to cover his eyes: «Be good, don't peep.» Xiao Luo: ".." Well, if you don't look,Lamella Plate Settler, you don't look. She'll know sooner or later anyway. ———— The first place Liang Yan chose to meet was a tennis hall. When Xiao Luo stood at the gate of the tennis hall, he wrote refusal from body to soul. Because she really can't play tennis, and she really has no interest in playing tennis. But Liang Yan excitedly grabbed her hand and went in.

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