Every rebirth is indescribable.

Xuan Caiwei thought to herself, and of course Qin Yin did not point to a painting to give him any response. He just turned to the door and said something to the old housekeeper who had been waiting at the door. After a while, he turned back the same way. About a quarter of an hour later, there was a knock at the door. But Qin Yin did not let anyone in, but went to the door himself and took a tray from the housekeeper. So quietly placed on the desk. Looking at the tray on the desk, filled with the name of the dish just reported by Qin Yin, Xuan Caiwei did not stare straight. On the one hand, she was really greedy, and on the other hand, she did not expect Qin Yin to be an informal person in private. Qin Yin can become the first noble son of the capital, in addition to being highly regarded by the emperor, in addition to talent and learning, besides a unique appearance, naturally in terms of etiquette is more people can not find fault, can be called the model of the children of an aristocratic family. Heard that many people take Qin Yin as a target, good health education of their children. Unexpectedly, it was such an etiquette benchmark that he chose to eat in the study. The Wei Dynasty, since the stability of the whole country and the prevalence of chess, has continued to this day, more and more emphasis on literature and light martial arts. The study has become a holy place in the home, and people who are more fastidious have to burn incense and bathe before entering the study. People like Qin Yin who eat in the study at will and disturb the quiet place of reading and playing chess will be scolded and punished in other people's homes. Xuan Caiwei was a little surprised at Qin Yin's extraordinary behavior, which was different from the benchmark good student Qin Yin she knew. The cook in the palace of Huai'an seems to be very good. A dish of food, not to mention the exquisite color, the sweet fragrance can not help but drill into the tip of Xuan Caiwei's nose. I don't know if it's because I'm dressed as the person in the painting this time. Xuan Caiwei always felt like a «person» and even felt hungry. But what's the use of her being hungry? She can't see or eat. Xuan Caiwei really want to have a good white Qin Yin one eye, this person should not deliberately want to torture her. However, Xuan Caiwei herself knew it was impossible, probably because Qin Yin wanted to watch the person she liked eat. Think of this,Belt Filter Press, Xuan Caiwei can not help but think of last night Qin Yin slightly heavy look. All right! Think of yourself as doing good deeds. Endure a little hunger and help Qin Yin. But the development of things does not seem to be as Xuan Caiwei thought. Qin Yin really tasted all the food, Xuan Caiwei also surprised, a big man, unexpectedly like her so partial to sweets. But Qin Yin then wiped the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief, raised his eyes, and whispered with Xuan Caiwei. I tasted it for you. It's delicious. «Everything you like is the best.» «Later, when you wake up.» In the second half of the sentence, Qin Yin did not finish, he seemed to think of something, his face was a little ugly,multi disc screw press, and his eyes were mixed with the worry that Xuan Caiwei could not understand. After that, Qin Yin was silent for a moment and silently took the food away. Xuan Caiwei looked at Qin Yin out of the back, big eyes some puzzled. Is there any other story about Qin Yin's sweetheart besides love? But just when Xuan Caiwei thought Qin Yin would not come back. Qin Yin appeared in the house again. This time, what Qin Yin said was very concise. Today, I will go to the palace to face the saint. [Uh-huh, go.] Xuan Caiwei responded smoothly, but Qin Yin couldn't hear it anyway. But did not expect the next moment, Qin Yin ears slightly red, way. You have to wait for me. «Be good.». ” The author has something to say: First watch, continue to ask for overlord tickets and nutrient solution ~ Of course, Cai Wei will be obedient. The little rabbit is obedient and lovable. Thanks to Choo Choo, Shan Mei Shui Yan, Fei, Apple, La, Baa Rabbit, Only Kong, At a loss La, Kinoshita, rapid sand filters ,rapid sand filters, Spring and Autumn Bandit Solution, Stop and Go to See the Scenery, Different Lan in the Sky, Hairpin Tassel, Tofu, Landmines Who Love Reading Thanks to the bazooka of the big face cat. Thanks to Big Face Cat, 37743508x3 Shallow Water Bomb Thanks to 38965753x3, Meaty Meatballs x2 Deepwater Torpedo Thanks to Erha's Foodie x2, Wang Ruichang's Big Baby X5, Hairpin Tofu Love Reading x10, Yu Yifan x9, Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Purple, Empty x6, Hippo Reading x20, Yixiqingwu x10, wyace, Biou x10, Lanting x2, Taotie, I Want to Be Quiet x22, Lucky Cat, Dashi Dada X3, Zhen x16, Star Island, yuanyuan yyx3, Mengbai x27, Is Deer ah x24, Sui x10, Little Ah Bitch x6, I Fried Chicken Shuai x36, Qiaoqiao Xiao Ke Nai ah ~ X3, Jiushao X3, Lu, Alterx10, Half a Knife on the Moon, Star x2 who doesn't eat fish, Hibariyingx4, Ran, Light Dust Childe x2, Black cat is not white cat x10, Shan Mei Shui Yan, Mu Ge, hhhp… X5. Nutrient solution for noodles 026 [Red Envelope] Xuan Caiwei one Leng, see in front of like with their own wife to report the journey of Qin Yin, Leng Buding ear root unnatural red red. Such as. Had she not known that Qin Yin was speaking to the person in the painting, she would have regarded Qin Yin as a disciple. Qin Yin said this and went out of the door, of course, before leaving, closed the secret door, Xuan Caiwei's world, once again returned to a dark. Xuan Caiwei, who dared not blink all night, was happy and relaxed, and rarely felt that it was good not to move in the daytime, so that she could have a good rest. After that, Xuan Caiwei's soul fell asleep. Also do not know is too long did not rest or how, Xuan Caiwei only felt this sleep for a long time. When she woke up again, the crescent moon hung by the window again. Xuan Caiwei moved her neck, which had been stiff for a long time,Rotating sludge scraper, and out of the corner of her eye swept the painting where she was. It was also before peeping at Qin Yin that Xuan Caiwei found herself able to move in the painting this time. Like a real man in a painting. Tonight, the moonlight was clear and hit the bookshelf where Xuan Caiwei was. Although the faint moonlight looked a little blurred, Xuan Caiwei could still vaguely see what was in the painting. khnwatertreatment.com

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