Doomsday super merchants

Pushing open a suite, there is a faint smell of smoke inside the house, accompanied by a strange smell of mildew, which should be caused by the lack of air circulation in the previous room and the long time no one lived in it. Fortunately, there is no problem to live, as long as you stay for half an hour, you will get used to the smell. The number of soldiers in the entire Eastern Front Army reached one hundred and fifty thousand. It looks like a huge army, but for Shanghai, I'm afraid a small area is far more than 150,000 people. Therefore, the placement of the troops is not difficult at all. The whole luxurious suite, three rooms, two living rooms, one big and one small, was only arranged for one class to live in. Because there was no light, there was some drizzle outside, the sky was dark, and the brightness was only moderate. Zhou yuanqiang's appearance, the entire Chamber of Commerce, no one does not know. Even if you haven't seen a real person, it's impossible to look at the pictures posted everywhere and the colorful coins in your hands and say you don't know them. So as soon as Zhou yuanqiang came in, as the monitor of this class, he was already excited to make a military salute. Assemble! With the roar of the squad leader, the soldiers who were resting in the room ran out quickly and soon formed a row. They did not take off their uniforms. The gun was leaning against the door of the room, so that he could pick up the weapon and fight at any time. Zhou yuanqiang also gave a military salute and said,wall penstocks, «Soldiers, don't be nervous. It's time to rest and relax.» Even so, it does not mean that relaxation can be relaxed. Zhou yuanqiang had no choice but to dismiss the soldiers. All of them sat around the living room and said, «You have a very good degree of survival. You can keep a very high level of preparation when you rest. I am proud that the Chamber of Commerce can have soldiers like you.» Monitor is also an honest man, said:. «Yes, President.». The situation is tight now, and we don't know when it will be our turn to move forward. In the Chamber of Commerce, who does not know that the president is a legend, who would be very excited to see the president himself. Li Xiaochuan thinks that he is just an ordinary person,fine bubble diffuser, just the identity of the monitor, in the whole Chamber of Commerce, small enough to be ignored. If not for the appearance of the president, perhaps in this lifetime, there may not be a chance to get close contact. Zhou yuanqiang knew what Li had said, and there was a faint sound of gunfire in his ears. All of them show that. In some areas, the defense of the troops, are against the zombies again and again counterattack. Because of one hundred and fifty thousand troops, need to face the zombies, but also in the narrow area of the city, this pressure can be imagined. Naturally, it is necessary for the soldiers resting in the rear to be ready to go to the front line at any time. Zhou yuanqiang this time, nothing more than personally to the rear, to understand the soldiers, because of five days of obstruction, low morale, for the war. It would be very disadvantageous. Of course. Zhou yuanqiang's appearance, the role is still very obvious, disc air diffuser ,MBR reactor, the original morale of the soldiers, when they see the president, is naturally replaced by excitement. And Zhou yuanqiang's heroic legend is the motivation of the soldiers. In an end time like this, humans need heroes. They are needed to support the last hope in their hearts. It can be said that the current situation has created Zhou yuanqiang, and it can also be said that Zhou yuanqiang has created the current situation of the Chamber of Commerce. With so many soldiers, it was impossible to go deep into every place. After inspecting five or six places where soldiers were stationed and rested, Zhou yuanqiang appeared at the forefront of the front. On the street where Dongfeng Mengshi arrived. A large number of tanks were parked on the side of the street. The busy soldiers ran in groups. It's like a retreat. The whole body is wet, one by one looks tired, the face is a little white. And after a rest, the replacement soldiers, armed to the teeth, shouted loudly. There are recoilless guns, as well as pursuit guns, and rocket launchers appear behind the front line. Some of the soldiers who have broken down and repaired are working hard to repair them. And intact, is operated by the soldiers, under the command of the messenger, from time to time to adjust the coordinates of the attack, a rumbling artillery. Fierce rocket car, often several together, to the front of the dense zombies, move wave after wave of attack and worship. Urban transport airships are small transport airships that appear on the streets and play an important role in providing the most timely delivery of ammunition to the troops most in need. And in the rear. Huge transport airships, almost day and night, transport countless supplies here. Faced with such a bad situation, the most difficult, of course, is the Arsenal, ammunition consumption, will be several times the usual. When fighting in cities, the forward command is usually set up in tall buildings. In the whole area, as many as a dozen streets need to be defended, which means that the pressure on the troops is enormous. Zombies will continue to attack the defensive line from these dozen streets. As a front-line battlefield commander, it is necessary to have a good command of the deployment of troops., Zhi, Wan When Zhou yuanqiang appeared in the headquarters, there was a busy scene, and the roar of the messenger filled the whole headquarters. The appearance of the president, according to wartime regulations, the busy people in the headquarters, is not required to salute. Only a few commanders and deputy commanders forced a military salute to Zhou yuan, and continued to throw themselves on the map, discussing the war situation. From time to time, through the installed cameras, we can understand all the developments on the street. Because it is a defensive battle, the attack of human soldiers will not be very fierce, and the troops will be rotated. Zhou yuanqiang did not disturb them, but took a pair of binoculars and stood on the balcony outside the headquarters, looking down at a main road. The defensive line here is made up of dozens of cars on the street, mostly private cars, and six or seven buses. They are neatly arranged, acting as a front, to stop the zombies outside the south. A large number of soldiers, they are on the front of these cars, shooting at the crazy zombies outside. The human defense war had only been going on for a day and a night, but what Zhou yuanqiang saw was a thick layer of dead bodies piled up, more than one meter higher than the front formed by cars. A large number of zombies,rotary vacuum disc filters, they climb on these dead bodies, with the way of crawling, continue to attack the defensive front.

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