Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

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«What are you doing?» Hearing that Yang Zongguo was going to lodge a complaint, Wang Li's face was overcast. «Yang Yingchang, you see this is a misunderstanding. A group of us didn't say anything downstairs. We didn't know what happened to the sister of the Luo family. We just stared at me and Li's daughter-in-law.» Li Xuejun also became the captain from the instructor. You just let him come to my house. Yang Zongguo was not afraid that she would not tell him, «or do you want me to go to the team to find your man?» Wang Li curled her lips, and although she didn't say anything more, she should have done it. Luo Haiying did not even look at her and followed Yang Zongguo upstairs. Originally, she really wanted to make a big deal about it. Anyway, she was not in the team. But after listening to Yang Zongguo's advice, she also knew that her brother and sister-in-law would stay in the courtyard in the future. It was not good to be too stiff, so she agreed to solve it in private. After the woman who beat Dong Chunhong came to the door with her belly out, Luo Haiying didn't care about anything. She used to do everything on tiptoe and worry about it, but what happened in the end? Didn't you end up like this? «Haiying, it's not convenient for me to ask you what happened, and I can't persuade you.»? But your eldest brother has called, and your sister-in-law is on her way back, so you can put up with it for another two days. To a girl, Yang Zongguo can't say too much. Luo Haiying is embarrassed enough to disturb others. «Brother Yang, thank you for your help these days. It's also troublesome for you.» «Your eldest brother and I are good friends and comrades-in-arms. It's good to get along with your sister-in-law. It's polite for you to say so. I'm a big man and it's not convenient for me to take care of you. I want you to stay at home for a few days and cook by yourself. You can make do with it for two days. When your sister-in-law comes back, I'll go to eat. Your sister-in-law's craftsmanship is very good.» Yang Zongguo joked in order to avoid embarrassment. Luo Haiying likes Yang Zongguo's character. Although he is a battalion commander and a city dweller, he has no shelf at all. «It's easy to handle. Brother Yang takes care of me these days. When he comes back, my sister-in-law won't say anything.» «That's right.». Your sister-in-law can't be stingy this time. Yang Zongguo laughed when he finished. Yang eldest brother, or you eat at home in the evening,Wall Penstocks, I cook some rice now, or a person is also eating, «and afraid of Yang Zongguo misunderstanding, Luo Haiying explained,» you see us two days to avoid suspicion, the outside also said that, about the two of us have a clear conscience in their hearts on the line, pay attention to what others say. " «I'm just waiting for Baijun to eat at home today.» Yang Zongguo asked more,disc air diffuser, «is there any food at home?»? I don't eat at home either. If not, I'll go to the canteen and get some back. «No, no, there's still half a bundle of leeks and a few eggs you sent back yesterday. Let's make dumplings with leeks and eggs in the evening.» Luo Haiying also wants to thank Yang Zongguo well, so he can only borrow flowers and fresh Buddha. All right, wrap it together when you're done. Yang Zongguo hasn't had a normal meal for a long time. When Song Weidong came over, Yang Zongguo just washed his hands to make dumplings and shouted, «Go, wash your hands and make dumplings together. If you don't come today, I'm afraid I won't even have a meal at home.» Chapter 120: Touched by the scene. Song Weidong has been an instructor, and now he is doing it. On weekdays, he is persuading people. Now, after listening to Yang Zongguo's words, he heard that there was something in what he said. He smiled and did not ask much. He went directly to wash his hands. He knew that without asking, Yang Zongguo would have to say something later. On weekdays, Mechanical fine screen ,lamella clarifer, Song Weidong also wanted to be close to Yang Zongguo, but unfortunately Yang Zongguo did not look at everyone laughing, but if he did not want to make friends, he was always cold and could not get close to this. Today, I took the initiative to ask myself to come and make dumplings together. This is a good opportunity. Three people wrapped up very well, Song Weidong took the work of rolling the skin, Luo Haiying and Yang Zongguo wrapped up, although Luo Haiying did not go to the fields in the countryside, but the work in the house was a good hand, doing the work was also agile, dumplings were also beautiful, during which Yang Zongguo and Song Weidong only talked about the team, but did not say anything else. When the dumplings were cooked together, Wang Lilai asked the man to go home for dinner. Seeing that he had eaten at Yang's house, and that it was dumplings, she was a little envious. She took her children to eat porridge at home. Seeing that they were well, she was embarrassed to ask to stay, so she could only turn around and go home. The dumplings were so big that Luo Haiying was full after eating seventeen. Yang Zongguo was afraid that she would not have enough to eat, so he put them in her bowl for a while. «I ate them all, and I was hungry after eating a little. Don't learn from those girls in the city who just had a full meal and shouted to lose weight. Nothing is more important than having a healthy body.» Song Weidong also echoed, «Yes, that's the reason.» No way, Luo Haiying crustily skin of head to eat the dumplings in the bowl, see Yang Zongguo also clip, this time can not agree, take the bowl to escape, «Yang eldest brother, I am not losing weight, is really unable to eat.» Only then did Yang Zongguo let her go after dinner. Yang Zongguo and Song Weidong went to the study to talk, Luo Haiying cleared the table, the door of the study was not all closed. Leave a gap, through this gap. Yang Zongguo can see the busy green figure in the living room, the bottom of my heart suddenly warm, home is not like this? I don't ask my wife how much money she can earn and how good-looking she is, as long as she can have a hot meal, dress and eat at home, it's as simple as that. Suddenly Yang Zongguo felt that the family really needed a woman, a woman who could live, whether she was in the city or in the countryside, could live. Just like Luo Haiying. Yang Zongguo was suddenly startled by his own ideas, and then came to his senses, listening to Song Weidong calling himself, and then talked about today's topic, first learned what happened at noon. As you can see, if I hadn't stopped you, Haiying would have had to go to the leadership today. You just got promoted, which is not good for you. When you go home, you also advise your younger brother and sister not to always say these irrelevant words. To go deeper,Dissolved Gas Flotation, I'm divorced now. Haiying is not married. It's also an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. Even if they really have something to do, it's normal. Normal male and female partners can't be fastidious, right? Song Weidong held back his anger and looked embarrassed. «I'm sorry about this. I really didn't know such a thing would happen. I won't explain it to Haiying. Please help me to apologize. Such a thing will never happen again.» 。

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