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Health Product Extract factory Senna leaf extract, folium sennae extract, cassia angustifolia extractive. Senna leaf is native to dry and hot areas. It acts on the colon and generally takes effect within a few hours. It takes only 3-5 months from sowing to flowering and fruiting. Senna leaf contains sennoside C, namely Rhein aloe emodin dianthrone-8,8 '- diglucoside. In addition to sennoside A and B, the pods also contain glucosides of rhein and chrysophanol, and trace aloe emodin or emodin glucosides. Senna acuminata leaves and pods contain 0.85-2.86% and 2.34-3.16% of flavonoids, respectively, from which rhein, aloe emodin, a small amount of chrysophanol and sennoside a, B and C are separated. These anthracene components all exist as glycosides. Further comprising 3,5-dimethyl-4-methoxybenzoic acid. Sennoside is a powerful laxative and should be taken with care and pay attention to the dosage.Especially women who are pregnant, menstruating or postpartum. Because it is irritating, it should not be used in patients with gastrointestinal inflammation. The irritant effect on the intestinal mucosa may cause irritation, pain or nausea, and liquid feces or diarrhea in case of overdose. Efficacy of senna leaf extract: 1.Diarrhoea: inhibit the absorption of glucose, sodium and water by the intestine, increase the content of the intestinal cavity, and then stimulate the intestinal wall to reflexively enhance the peristalsis of the small intestine and colon. The effect of senna leaf is the strongest among the two anthrone glycosides, such as sennoside a, followed by anthraquinone glycosides. The free anthraquinone may be oxidized through the digestive tract, so the effect is weak; Binding glycosides have a protective effect. When reaching the large intestine, they are decomposed into glycosides by bacteria or enzymes, which stimulate the large intestine, increase tension and peristalsis, and reduce water absorption to cause diarrhea. 2. Hemostasis is effective for gastric and duodenal bleeding. It has a protective effect on gastric mucosa injury caused by hydrochloric acid and indomethacin, and is conducive to the prevention and treatment of gastric and duodenal hemorrhage. 3. Antibacterial effect: senna leaf extract has inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, proteus, dysentery bacillus, Streptococcus A, Candida albicans and some pathogenic skin fungi.Health Product Extract factory website:

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