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Inkjet Printer function Introduction Do you know why more and more manufacturers prefer to choose our products? The Hand-held Intelligent Inkjet Printer are designed with a 4.3-inch HD LED touch screen and a simple UI interface, bringing you a mobile phone-like experience; the intelligent 4-core CUP uses a high-capacity battery to keep the system running smoothly and continuously. Secondly, we also use a unique ergonomic design to provide an unprecedented comfortable grip; support handwriting, associative and U-disk input methods to enrich your experience. Finally, our products can be used for multi-line printing, QR codes, logos, barcodes or marking parts in crafts, warehouses, production or shops, perfect for businesses and hobbyists alike! Advantage The Hand-held Intelligent Inkjet Printer can print at speeds of up to 60m/min, with easily 360 spouts, and are suitable for bracketing with assembly lines to automate or upgrade the labelling process, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Secondly, our products are equipped with a 2800 mAh battery, which can keep working for approximately 9 hours. High quality text graphics can also be printed in 360 degrees. Most importantly, our Greed is suitable for any surface and can print on flat surfaces such as wood, plasterboard, fibreboard and leather. It will be of great help in manufacturing, retail, warehouses, logistics and more. Product model:IP100 Original Ink Cartridges: A variety of ink cartridge types, widely used in different types of ink cartridges on the market, such as water based, quick-drying, color ink cartridges,etc. Meet the needs of customers using a variety of ink cartridge types. Product Feature:1. Multi-core CPU with high frequency 2. 5-inch color ultra-high-definition smart capacitive touch screen 3. New easy-to-operate UI interface 4. Fully enclosed design, the interface is not exposed 5. Built-in induction wheel 6. 600dpi high definition quality printing 7. Lightweight ergonomic design of the machine 8. Large capacity rechargeable battery Service Principle:This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of sale in accordance with the state's three-guarantee regulations on products. If the product fails and cannot be used normally, please try to deal with the problem according to the instructions and please contact us for after-sales consultation and maintenance Terms of Service:1. During the warranty period, under the normal use and maintenance of the product, if there is a failure due to the material and process of the machine's own parts, the company will repair and replace the parts free of charge. 2. Excluding wearing parts (such as ink cartridges, screens, U disks, switches, power cords, and batteries are not covered by the warranty) Disclaimer:One of the following situations is not covered by the warranty: 1. It is repaired by a maintenance department not designated by the company, or the user installs, disassembles and repairs it without permission. 2. Beyond the warranty period. 3. Damage caused by force majeure. 4. The use of non-our company's original accessories or consumables will cause damage. 5. Damage or man-made damage caused by improper use or maintenance by the user.Inkjet Printer function website:

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