China Waterproof Duffel Bag factory

China Waterproof Duffel Bag factory Style name: Large roll top waterproof duffel bag Color: Black Material: 600D TPU MOQ: 500pcs About Us Fenglinwan is a brand dedicated to providing you with the latest fashion trends and quality backpacks, allowing you to enjoy a more fashionable and comfortable life. The Roll Top duffel bag is a great partner for fishing, boating, beach activity, hiking, travel, holiday vacation and any other daily occasion. We have been working hard and continue to provide excellent products, and we are convinced of the quality of our products! Product Introduction Type: Large roll top waterproof duffel bag Color: Black, grey Place of origin: Dongguan, China Size: 35cm*15cm*70cm Weight: 1.33kg Application: biking, climbing, hiking, boating etc. Sample time: seven days Mass production time: 45-50days MOQ: 500 pcs Shipment term: FOB Shenzhen, EXW. Product Feature * Waterproof front pockets * Mesh pockets on both sides * Side release buckles on front and both sides for fastening the top after rolling. * Honeycomb mesh for back panel and shoulder straps. * Adjustable shoulder straps FAQ Q: What do you put in a dry bag A: Since dry bags only provide access from the top, we recommend packing things you need often at the top and things you expect to use less or not at all at the bottom. At the top, you can put water bottle, snacks, rain jacket, map and camera! Q: How Does a Dry Bag Work? A: A Dry Bag is a flexible container with a roll-top closure. Dry Bags provide a Watertight enclosure by the way they are secured. Instead of a Ziploc type of closing mechanism, the bag is secured by rolling down or dog-ear the top at least 3 times, then clipping the buckles together. Q: How to Test If a Dry Bag Will Leak A: 1. Fill the dry bag with water halfway. 2. Instead of pushing the air out as you would typically keep the air inside 3. Start rolling down the top, applying pressure inside the bag 4. Hold the pressure for a minute and see if water leaks out the seams China Waterproof Duffel Bag factory website:

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