Cheap Portable Touch Night Light

Cheap Portable Touch Night Light Night Light — About Evanda Night Light — silicone lamp is cute night lamp decor for home to a wide range of high quality and low-priced animal night light, lovely night lamp including bear, panda, duck, rabbit, bunny, cat, and more. Night light with affordable price and unique night light shape is our hope, bringing in more laughter and happiness to your babies, kids and yourself. Nursery night light, sleeping trainer, relaxing atmosphere lamp, birthday gift or Christmas gift for family and friends, anywhere you like to light it. Night light is made of food grade silicone material, at the same time, we provide OEM and ODM service for customers, a personalised night light for your bedroom. No matter you want to print your logo on silicone night light body / on box, or you have design ideas and need a factory to help you check production feasibility and development cost, please feel free to communicate with us. Silicone lamp brings happiness to life and we hope you have a great time when lighting our cute lamp.Cheap Portable Touch Night Light website:

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