Wooden Lid manufacturers

Wooden Lid manufacturers How to remove the taste of the drink cup? 1. Cook it in salt. Add water to a boil and add a small amount of salt. Place the lid in the pan, pour some water, then add a little salt and bring to a boil. 2. Use lemon. Soak in water for a while and put some lemons in. Place the lid into a suitable basin, then add a few slices of lemons, pour into boiling water and soak for an hour. 3, using activated carbon adsorption. Place the lid in a closed container and place the activated carbon. Removing the wood odor takes two days. Wood products should be noted before use 1. Clean the inside and outside of the cup before use. 2. Cool the boiling water to about 30 C-50 C, pour it into the cup and soak it for 10 minutes before drinking it (the water temperature can rise to 80 C after a month of use). 3, the yew cup must leave a certain amount of water, to maintain a certain humidity, beware of dry cracking. 4. When starting to use, it is forbidden to inject more than 50 boiling water directly. 5. Wooden cups are not suitable for tea making or drinks. It is best to use loose bark for proper brewing. Beverage wooden cup cover is environmentally friendly, and our products can also be customized 聽聽Wooden Lid manufacturers website:http://www.hezehuaxing.com/wooden-decoration/wooden-lid/

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