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Nutraceuticals manufactures Brief Introduction Natural stevia extract is a high — sweet, low — calorie natural sweetener derived from stevia leaves. It is 250 to 400 times sweeter than sucrose and is considered to be the closest sweetener in the world to sucrose. Its calorific value is only 1/300 of that in sucrose, and its appearance is white crystalline powder. A large number of experiments have proved that stevia has non-toxic side effects, no carcinogens, and safe to eat. Regular consumption can prevent hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries and other diseases. Stevia can be widely used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetic, wine, cosmetics and other industries. It is the third natural sucrose substitute after sugarcane and beet sugar with development of value and health promotion. It is internationally known as «the third sugar source in the world». Product Name Natural stevia extract Product Origin ChinaType Herbal Extract Appearance White fine powder CAS57817-89-7 Molecular Formula C38H60O18 Molecular Weight 967.01Specification99% Test Method HPLC Packaging Drum Storage Dry cool place Shelf Life 2 YearsSampleFree sample Certificate ISO Analysis ItemSpecificationResults AppearanceWhite fine powderComplies Odor&TasteCharacteristicComplies Assay98%Complies Particle SizeNTL 95% pass 80meshComplies Loss On Drying鈮?.0%2.45% Sulphate Ash鈮?.0%2.33% Heavy Metals鈮?0ppm锛?0ppm Pb鈮?ppm锛?ppm As鈮?ppm锛?ppm Hg鈮?ppm锛?ppm Cd鈮?.5ppm锛?.5ppm Pesticides ResidueNegativeNegative Microbiology Total Plate Count锛?000cfu/gComplies Yeast & Molds锛?00cfu/gComplies E.ColiNegativeNegative SalmonellaNegativeNegative Function 1. Stevia extract helps to lose weight and reduce cravings for high-fat foods. It ACTS as an indigestible sugar substitute, reducing calorie intake and providing a sweet taste; 2. The antibacterial properties of stevia extract help to prevent minor diseases and treat small wounds; 3. Stevia extract in mouthwash or toothpaste can improve oral health; 4. Natural stevia extracts are added to drinks that, in addition to relieving stomach upsides, improve digestion and gastrointestinal function; 5. Stevia extract can help with all kinds of skin problems, such as reducing sunburn; 6. Stevia extract controls high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Application 1. Applied in food field; 2. Applied in beverage field; 3. Applied in pharmaceutical health care field. 1-5kg 6-24kg More than 25kg Packed in foil bag Packed in paper carton Packed in paper drum Delivery Shipping Terms By ExpressBy AirBy Sea Suitable for under 50kg Fast: 3-7 days High cost Door to door service Easy to pick up the goodsSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 3-5 days High cost Port to port service Professional broker neededSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 7-10days Low cost Port to port service Professional broker neededNutraceuticals manufactures website:

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