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Gate Valve price Overview Forged Gate Valve has the function of cutting off in the pipeline. It can only be fully opened and fully closed. When it is fully opened, the flow resistance of the medium in the valve body channel is almost zero. Its installation does not require import and export directions, and the medium can circulate in both directions. Forged Gate Valve is widely used in cold and hot water pipeline systems, mainly in some large diameter pipelines. The fluid resistance of Forged Gate Valve is small, and the sealing surface is less brushed and corroded by the medium. And its opening and closing is less labor-saving. In addition, the flow direction of the medium is not restricted, does not disturb the flow, and does not reduce the pressure. In addition, the ITA has a simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing technology, and a wide range of applications. PRODUCT RANGE Sizes NPS 2 to NPS 48 Class 150 to Class 2500 DESIGN FEATURES Full or Reduced Bore RF, RTJ, or BW Outside Screw & Yoke (OS&Y), rising stem Bolted Bonnet or Pressure Seal Bonnet Flexible or Solid Wedge Renewable seat rings MATERIALS Forging (A105, A182 F304, F3304L, F316, F316L, A182 F51, F53, A350 LF2, LF3, LF5) Alloy 20, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy DESIGN STANDARD Design & manufacture according to API 600, API 603, ASME B16.34 Face-to-face according to ASME B16.10 End Connection according to ASME B16.5 (RF & RTJ), ASME B16.25 (BW) Test & inspection according to API 598 Also available per NACE MR-0175, NACE MR-0103, ISO 15848, API624Gate Valve price website:

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