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China Carbide Inserts and Tips manufacturers Application: Sand rock was crushed into sand, and some mine rock need to crushed or pressing rolled to powder, the working parts always need carbide strip or carbide tips. Performance: GradeCo 锛?锛?/p>Density (g/cm3)Hardness HRATransverse Rupture Strength MpaPorosityImpact Strength (J/cm2)Fracture Toughness (KIC Mpa.m1/2) KD202M8.0014.6-14.7588.0-89.52600A02B00C003.1912.7 KZ202H8.0014.65-14.8087.5-89.02600A02B00C004.8717.3 KZ30310.0014.45-14.6087.5-89.02700A02B00C005.3920 Facility: Kimberly carbide has 2 Spray Dry Towers, 15 high-precision TPA automatic presses, 2 HIP sintering Furnaces. The capability of output is more than 600tons. Quality Control: Kimberly Carbide has more than 300 quality control parameters, our plants have automatic control system can detect and control turning speed, time, temperature, any abnormity will trip the alarm. According to analyzing and studying the big data record, we continually improve the technological control parameters. Partners: Our customers include: China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Huaneng group, Shanxi Coking Coal group, Jizhong Energy Resources Company limited, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. Market Responds: KB Carbide is very successful in Chinese market, it is supplying carbide buttons to Top 4 mining tools factories in China, and the mining tools are using in many big project. Kimberly Carbide is exporting its products to Finland, Korea, Australia and Brazil, the customers said the quality is at first level. Pre-Production: From the beginning of the production, we have 9 procedures and steps of quality control; we refuse any defect of the products. And we have pre-production system, every batch tungsten carbide powder, we will make it to test bar and check its density, hardness, TRS, KIC, Porosity etc. Package: Inner paper box, outer carton box, banded on pallet or put into pallet box. Transportation: The cargo can be send by sea, by air and by courier. FAQs: Where is the company located? Kimberly Carbide is located in Zhuzhou city, where is the largest carbide gathering place in the world. What is the advantage of Kimberly Carbide? 1. Kimberly Carbide has very strong and powerful R&D team, we can continually improve the products for our customer, and we can supply special design and solution and one to one service to the customer. 2. Kimberly Carbide has very strict quality control system, more than 300 quality control parameters and 9 procedures and steps of quality control; we can ensure the best quality. 3. We have very successful and efficient management system can save cost, our price can be very competitive. 4. Fast delivery, usually our delivery date is 10-15days after confirmation. Application of Carbide Flat Bar in Crusher Carbide Bit VSI Stone 1. Suitable for crushing limestone, sandstone, sandy shale, poor rock, silicified sandstone, pyrite, etc. 2. Suitable for crushing hard sandstone, quartzite, dense silicified dolomite, silicified quartzite, iron ore, diorite, granite, etc. 3. Suitable for mineral metamorphic sandstone, granite porphyry, granite, ordinary limestone, open granite, dolomite, magnetite, etc. 4. Suitable for crushing medium-hard and extremely hard granite, amphibole, siliceous slate, pyrite, marble, sandstone, basalt, etc.China Carbide Inserts and Tips manufacturers website:

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