Customized Precision Screws

Customized Precision Screws The function of Stainless Steel Flat Head Cross Screw is mainly to connect the two product workpieces together to give play to the tightening effect. Screws are used in general equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, cars, bicycles, all kinds of CNC lathes, machine equipment, and almost all equipment should use screws. Stainless Steel Flat Head Cross Screw are indispensable for industrial production in daily life: for example, the application of fine screws in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronic equipment; Universal screws for TV, household appliances, traditional musical instruments, furniture, etc. We have a variety of testing equipment, here we want to introduce one of them in detail — Secondary measuring instrument. The quadratic measuring instrument takes CCD digital image as the carrier, and has strong software ability according to computer screen measurement technology and spatial geometry calculation. After assembling special control and pattern measurement software, the electronic computer becomes the measuring human brain with the soul of software, which is the core of machine equipment. The quadratic measuring instrument can quickly load the offset value of the electronic optical ruler, and calculate the desired result in time according to the software control module based on space geometry; and a pattern is formed on the screen for the operator to compare with the image, which is convenient for visual differentiation. Judge whether there is error in the measurement conclusion. Payment method: T/T, PayPal, Western Union The Stainless Steel Flat Head Cross Screw meet Rosh, SGG, DIN standards, and have passed ISO9000 certification! FAQ How to ensure accurate measurement? There are specification testing machines for measurement and operation, and all goods are produced by machines. How can I trust you? We have our own import and export management rights and have more than 10 years of experience. The failure rate and return rate are less than 1%. What is your package? Our packing is polyethylene bag + paper box. This is also based on customer requirements. Where is your factory? Our factory is in Dongguan Popular labels: Stainless Steel Flat Head Cross Screw, dealers, manufacturers, factories, wholesale prices, customization, purchaseCustomized Precision Screws website:

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