Mattress Toppers manufacturers

Mattress Toppers manufacturers Our double sided mattress toppers are designed to protect the mattress itself and provide extra softness and comfort. The corners have elastic bands for a stable attachment to the mattress. These mattress covers have two different sides. One is cotton-poly blended fabric bring soft and coziness, the other is cool-to-touch mesh fabric and hollow fiber padding for cooler feeling. The fabric side is an ideal choice for good sleep and to reduce fatigue and stress. The other side gives cool and comfort effect to the body. The elastic bands are specifically sewed that ensure the mattress topper can be well attached to the mattress. The double mattress topper can be machine washed cold and gentle, tumble dried low, actually it dry fast after spin. Color, size, thickness, packing, all can be customized, feel free to ask.Mattress Toppers manufacturers website:

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