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Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients Product Introduction Propolis Extract Powder is a yellow-brown or dark-brown sticky substance extract secreted by Apis cerana cerana or Apis mellifera, which mainly contains flavonoids and terpenes, and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, virus inhibiting and immunity-enhancing effects. Propolis is a kind of gelatinous substance which is collected by bees from tree buds, bark and other parts of long gum plants, and then mixed with secretions from glands such as tongue glands and wax glands of bees, and repeatedly metabolized by bees. Propolis is a reddish brown to greenish brown powder, or a resinous block with fragrance. Wax is separated when heated, which can be dispersed in water and has the function of surfactant. The main functional components of propolis extract are flavonoids, including chrgsin, kaempferol, galangin, quercetin, etc. (10%), and 10- hydroxy-伪-decenoic acid, terpenes, HAD, royal jelly acid, organic acids, amino acids, and enzymes. Product Function 1. Antibacterial effect The Propolis extract Powder extracted from alcohol (35 ~ 750渭 g/ml) has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and can produce drug resistance, but there is no cross-resistance between propolis and other antibiotics. 2. Antifungal effect 1% ~ 10% concentration of alcohol or ether extract of propolis was tested by plate paper dish method, and it was found that it had inhibitory effects on favus, Trichophyton floccosum, Trichophyton rubrum, Microsporum ferrugineum, Microsporum lanuginosum, Trichophyton gypsum, Microsporum gypsum, Trichophyton flagelliforme and so on. 3. Antioxidant effect The antioxidant effect of propolis is more obvious than that of vitamin E. Propolis can increase the activities of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, reduced glutathione, DNA enzyme, RNA enzyme, cathepsin D and protein level in liver. 4. Promote cell division and tissue repair The ethanol extract of propolis (30渭g/ml) was cultured in the culture medium for 72h, which could promote the mitosis of single-layer porcine embryonic kidney cells. In addition, it also enhanced the metabolism of the cells, which was manifested by the strong activation of reduced nicotinamide dinucleotide reductase (NADH2-reductase). Product Application 1. Keep eggs fresh The Propolis extract Powder extracted from alcohol can be evenly coated on poultry eggs, which can regulate the respiration in the eggs, inhibit the evaporation of water and prevent the invasion of external microorganisms, thus stabilizing the internal environment of the eggs and playing a fresh-keeping role. 2. Preservation of aquatic products Propolis ethanol extract can reduce the number of bacteria in aquatic products, and has a good antiseptic effect on fish and shrimp, which can greatly prolong the preservation time of fish and shrimp at low temperature. 3. Fruit and vegetable preservation Propolis, as a biological preservative, can be directly, indirectly or combined with cold storage to store various fruits and vegetables, and can keep the luster, color and taste of fruits and vegetables well, especially in reducing the surface water loss of fruits and vegetables and reducing the decay rate. Spraying propolis ethanol solution on vegetables can obviously delay their wilting, yellowing and spoilage, and the taste is good. The propolis extract was applied to the control of apple rot, and it was found that the control effect was far stronger than that of common chemical agents such as benzimidazole, phenytoin and carbendazim. FAQ Q1 Could I get free sample? Ans. Yes Dear, Free sample is available. But the shipping cost is bared on you. We could ship to your FEDEX account, or we arrange shipping and you pay the shipping before shipping. Q2 If I want to order in bulk, how do i start a business with you? Ans. Here is our advice, Try sample order to test quality first. If the product test result meet your demands, then place bulk order. We will quote the best price based on quantity. The bigger quatity, the better price. Q3 Whats your general payment method? Ans. Small order value by T/T. And if you perfer other payment method, we do as your required. Q4 How will you send the goods? Ans. We send via: Door delivery by DHL / UPS / FedEx/ Aramex Air Cargo Sea Cargo (LCL & FCL) Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients website:http://www.angelbiology.com/flavor-fragrance-ingredients/

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