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Inactive Ingredients price Product Introduction PVP K30 Powder is also called polyvinylpyrrolidone K30, PVP K30 or polyvidone K30. It is a macromolecule polymer made from N-VinyPyrrolidone (NVP) through polymerization. The K number refers to the mean molecular weight of the povidone, higher K value means higher molecular weight. Povidone K30's mean molecular weight is 40000. This product is white to off white powder, odorless, tasteless, soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in acetone or ether. Its molecular formula is (C6H9NO)n, and its CAS number is 9003-39-8. Features PVP K30 Powder has a hygroscopic nature with good adhesive properties, and it has stable PH value and has the ability to form transparent films. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technical industry and so on. Certificate of Analysis ItemSpecificationTest Result AppearanceWhite to off white,hygroscopic powder or flakes.Complies PH锛?鈫?0锛?br/>3.0锝?.03.5 Water鈮?.0 2.10% Residue on ignition鈮?.1% Complies Lead鈮?0 ppm Complies Aldehydes鈮?.05% 0.02% Hydrazine鈮? ppm 锛? ppm Vinylpyrrolidinone鈮?.2% 锛?.2% 2-pyrrolidinone鈮?.3% 1.70% Peroxides(as H2O2)鈮?00 ppm 79ppm K-value27.0锝?2.429 Assay锛圢itrogen锛?/td>11.5%锝?2.8%12.10% TAMC鈮?0鲁cfu/g 20 cfu/g TYMC鈮?0虏cfu/g 10 cfu/g E.ColiNegative in 1gNegative Application Due to its adhesive properties and excellent water and alcohol solubility, povidone K30 can be widely used as, 1. Adhesives. 2. Binder for tablets, capsules and granules. 3. Coating agent. 4. Film forming agent. 5. Bioavailability enhencing agent. 6. Drug stabilizing agent. 7. Food stabilizer.Inactive Ingredients price website:

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