Wholesale Galvanized Light Fixtures

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Wholesale Galvanized Light Fixtures Material characteristics-high-density die-cast aluminum, smooth surface of the casting, good appearance and internal quality, not easy to be deformed and cracked, galvanized gooseneck lights has good corrosion resistance. Glass lampshade-special curved tempered glass, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, high light transmittance, good impact resistance, can ensure that the lamp can be used in harsh environments. Product performance-small and exquisite, simple and elegant design, made of painted metal. galvanized gooseneck lights Designed for walls, with attractive lighting effects, improve safety by illuminating the walls of houses or entrance areas. High-efficiency LED technology, very energy-saving and durable, can be used indoors and outdoors. This light provides light in upward and downward directions and is ideal for travel or main entrances. Suitable power level:E Working Voltage:230V Type锛?/p>Wall Lamp Ra:80 Color temperature:3000K Color:Black/White Bulb锛?/p>LED 8.5W, lifetime 25,000 hours Material:Aluminium/Glass Dimension:Whole lamp 17.5*9*3CM Waterproof:IP54 Certificate:CE/ROHS2.0/LVD Manufacture certificate:ISO9001 Installation method-fixed with two screws, easy to install. Installation accessories are included in the product. Remarks-The product is measured manually, please allow 1-2CM errorWholesale Galvanized Light Fixtures website:http://www.sidalite-light.com/galvanized-light-fixtures/

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