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Paper Strip Nails for sale The same approach as joist hanger nails is used to link nails with a D-shaped head with a strip of paper and glue. Because our paper strips are 100 percent waterproof and suited for outdoor use, nails will stay in place regardless of the weather. Paper strip nails with a D-head are used in framing, terrace decking, fence, and other applications. You can have more in one strip by gluing nails without gaps. This form of nail connection makes working with a nailgun more easier. Most nail gun brands are compatible with paper tape D-head framing nails, which have a 34掳 angle and are compatible with most nail guns. 1. Product main image 2. Factory Picture 3. Quality Inspection 4. Packaging Display 5. Certification 6. Modes of TransportationPaper Strip Nails for sale website:

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