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Cheap Self-Adhesive Label Drug label: The requirements are more stringent than those for food labels. There are no restrictions on the types of materials, but there are high requirements for the viscosity, low temperature resistance, environmental protection and health of the glue of each material. Drug labels are generally small in size, large in quantity, fast in production and labeling. The material must have good toughness, fast in speed, and strong friction and static electricity. Therefore, the printing ink must undergo strict friction resistance test and electrostatic removal treatment. The pressure during cutting must be controlled very accurately. A slight error in accuracy will have a great impact on labeling production. For example, the label is broken, or the label spacing is uneven and does not meet the standard. Affect labeling machine identification and tracking. Boxin label has summarized a large number of production experience of drug labels, which can successfully avoid the occurrence of the above problems.Cheap Self-Adhesive Label website:

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